Autumn in the Forbidden City
Autumn is in full bloom at the Forbidden City in Beijing, where golden tiles and red walls meet ginkgo leaves. Let's take a look! (Photo: CGTN)
The Chinese writer Lao She once said, "In autumn, you must live in Beijing because the autumn of Beijing is paradise." (Photo: CGTN)
The red maples are as brilliant as the sunset, and the ginkgoes are as bright as fire. Bright yellow, orange and red, lush green, these colors collide together and have a very strong visual impact! (Photo: CGTN)
The yellow gingko and the solemn red wall are unique colors of autumn. These palaces have the feeling of traveling through time and space under the reflection of ginkgoes. (Photo: CGTN)
At the southwest corner tower, the ginkgoes add warmth to the stately Forbidden City. (Photo: CGTN)