13 years on: A glimpse of great changes in 2008 Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas
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Wenchuan Earthquake Site at the Qiang Autonomous County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, July 18, 2019. Thirteen years ago, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Sichuan Province in southwestern China, causing tens of thousands of deaths and widespread damage. (Photos: CFP; compiled by Bai Yuanqi and Xie Fuyu)
The ruins of Beichuan county after the Wenchuan earthquake, captured on May 30, 2008. Located on the surface rupture zone of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the Beichuan town suffered a heavy loss and was nearly wiped out by the devastating earthquake in the dramatic fault dislocation.
An aerial view of new Beichuan county after reconstruction, captured in Mianyang city, Sichuan province on May 12, 2018. Three years after the earthquake, a brand new Beichuan town was reconstructed ex-situ, while the original damaged site was well preserved in honor of the dead countrymen.
The land next to Zipingpu Reservoir in the Dujiangyan after the earthquake, captured in Chengdu, May 15, 2008.
An aerial view of Zipingpu reservoir in the Dujiangyan, Chengdu, captured on May 12, 2018.
Ruins of Muyu High School in Qingchuan, Sichuan province, captured on August 10, 2008.
Post-earthquake reconstruction in the hardest-hit area of Qingchuan County in Guangyuan city, Sichuan province on May 4, 2011.
The new Beichuan county, in the Mianyang city, Sichuan province, May 5, 2018.