Jingde, Anhui: Enchanting views of terraced fields in morning mist
People's Daily online
09:30, May 09, 2022

Photo shows vast terraced fields in the morning glow. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing) In late spring, over 10,000 mu (66,67 hectares) of terraced fields enter the spring cultivation period of storing water in Sanshan village, Jingde county, in the southern mountains of east China's Anhui Province. In the early morning, the land is covered by mist, embedded in the land are the terraces in a variety of shapes, like pieces of glass. Looking out over the scenery, the land resembles a painting, with terraces connected by footpaths and with clouds accompanying the morning glow.

Photo shows the terraces in the morning mist. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

Photo shows picturesque villages dotting the landscape. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

Photo shows the terraces with water, resembling a painting. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

Photo shows the terraces, resembling pieces of a mirror. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

Photo shows the sun shining over the terraces, and mist covering the village. ((Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

Photo shows the terraces arranged in complex patterns. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

Photo shows the mist like a light gauze. (Photo/Jiang Jianxing)

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