AI won't take jobs, but create more: Baidu CEO Robin Li

(ECNS) -- Artificial Intelligence (AI) won’t steal job opportunities, on the contrary, it will create more, said Robin Li Yanhong, CEO of Baidu, a Chinese tech giant.

Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu Inc., speaks during a launch event for the company's Ernie Bot in Beijing, China, on Thursday, March 16, 2023. (File photo: CFP)

Li made the remarks in his speech at the seventh World Intelligence Congress (WIC) held in Tianjin on Thursday.

Every scientific and technological revolution will make some jobs disappear and create new ones, he said.

“The replacement of carriages by cars made the coachman's job disappear, but the automobile industry, one of the world’s largest industrial systems, has created hundreds of millions of jobs,” Li explained, adding that in China there are 30 million people who engage in automobile-related work.

"The greatest danger and unsustainability facing mankind is not uncertainties brought by innovation. However, if we stop innovating, don't invent or create, and just move forward guided by inertia, we will face all kinds of unpredictable risks, which is our biggest threat.”

Baidu rolled out its large language model and ChatGPT-like product dubbed Ernie Bot in May.