China's Tencent advocates 'AI for Good' at AI Everything Summit in Dubai


(Photo: Xinhua)

China's technology group Tencent proposed the concept of "AI for Good," which reflects the company's "Technology for Good" concept in the field of AI, at the "AI Everything Summit 2019" in Dubai. 

Seng Yee Lau, senior executive vice president and chairman of Group Marketing and Global Brands at Tencent, attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech on Wednesday. 

He said that in the era of AI, the "human" behind the technology are more important. Guided by the goodness of human, "AI for Good" will help human improve the quality of life and create new possibilities for social development. 

"As technological innovation enters the deep water, AI brings convenience to human beings together with philosophical, ethical and practical risks and challenges. We need to establish correct technological values as technologies evolve rapidly," he added. 

He advocated for building an open AI ecosystem bringing together all stakeholders, including governments, tech firms, academic institutions and users, to ensure technological progress to benefit the human society by establishing positive ecosystem rules and strengthening interaction and cooperation as a whole with shared destiny. 

The first-ever AI Everything Summit kicked off in Dubai on Tuesday, organised by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Programme for Artificial Intelligence, in partnership with Smart Dubai. 

The organizers of the summit said it intends to "promote initiatives, collaborations, partnerships and breakthroughs in the field of AI," while harnessing its "positive impact for governments, businesses, social enterprises and humankind in general."