6th WIC kicks off online, providing immersive experience

The 6th World Intelligence Congress is being held in Tianjin City, June 24- 25. (Photo CFP)

The 6th World Intelligence Congress (WIC) began online in north China's Tianjin City on Friday under the theme "New Era of Intelligence: Digitalization Drives Growth, Intelligence wins Future."

The two-day event will discuss artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent manufacturing, the digital economy, carbon emissions reduction and related topics through 30 forums.

A total of 15 symposiums will be held during the congress, covering topics such as AI ethics, car networking, 5G+ industrial internet, intelligent media and city energy. A number of cutting-edge technologies, application achievements and industry standards will be released at the sessions co-hosted by top national departments and institutes, including the China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and China Media Group.

More than 250 enterprises and institutions will participate in an online exhibition, including 22 enterprises listed in Fortune Global 500 such as Huawei, Tencent, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, CRRC and Stryker, as well as over 30 universities and research institutions presenting their latest scientific and technological achievements.

The online event has adapted the technologies of AI, 3D, motion capture and blockchain to provide an immersive experience for participants.

During the WIC, host city Tianjin will set up an online live interactive platform for global audiences of up to 100 million, presenting the latest ideas and perspectives in intelligent technology.