Mobile app launched to improve tourist experiences


(Photo: Yunnan Net)

Government-sponsored app, Yunnan at Your Fingertips, was launched on Friday to improve tourist experiences in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Developed by Yunnan government and Tencent, the app offers products and services to travellers ranging from transportation, accommodation and ticket reservations to local delicacies and complaint services.

Users can use the live-streaming function to check tourist attractions in real time.

Zhao Jie, a tourist from Hainan Province, has tried the app. He purchased a ticket and used an autonomous tour guide.

"It's very convenient and interesting," Zhao said. "The app can even find a toilet and lead me there."

Yunnan is a popular tourism destination known for its diverse ethnic groups and beautiful landscapes. Last year, around 570 million trips were made by tourists from home and abroad to Yunnan, bringing a tourism revenue of 690 billion yuan (108 billion U.S. dollars).

However, the province has also seen a rise in tourist complaints about fraud and poor services.