Tunisia expects to receive 8 million tourists in 2018

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"The prediction is based on indicators such as the recent increase rate of hotel bookings, the recovery of some traditional markets and the opening of new major markets like Russia and China," said Elloumi during a forum organized by Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT) in Tunis.

The upturn in the tourism sector at the beginning of this year, is also explained by the exceptional performance of domestic market which holds 30 percent of all tourist overnight accommodation during the past tourist season in 2017, said the minister.

"The past tourist season has been successful, including a growth of 23 percent in the number of tourists, and a 20-percent increase in tourist overnight accommodation," said Elloumi.

Referring to the resumption of cooperation with some world-renowned tourism operators, the minister said that a series of agreements would be concluded, in the medium and long terms.

"The cooperation aims to promote Tunisia's tourism destinations and highlight the features of its products," Elloumi said.