Suzhou: Heaven above; Suzhou and Hangzhou below
By Chi Jingyi
People's Daily app

Heaven above; Suzhou and Hangzhou below.

Suzhou is located in Southeast Jiangsu Province and is celebrated for its beautiful gardens.

Traditional dwellings along Shantang river. (Photos: Chi jingyi/ People's Daily app)

Tea house by the Shantang riverside.

Tour boat on the Shantang river.

Boat sightseeing on the Shantang river, with traditional dwellings by the riverside.

Small river that encircles Tiger Hill.

Tiger Hill (虎丘, hu qiu) is the no.1 sight of Suzhou in local people's eyes and is a must for visit. Tiger Hill enjoys a history of more than 2500 years. The Wu King He Lu in the Spring and Autumn Period was buried on the hill. A white tiger appeared squatting on the hill three days after his funeral. The legend gave the hill the name "Tiger Hill".

Entrance building Duanliang in a tiger face shape. 

Decoration made of stones on the path in the shape of a frog.

The platform of Shenggong.

View of the Tiger Hill Tower from long distance.

Path to the temple in sunset. Golden devotion.

The Tiger Hill Tower is a leaning tower as the rock served as the foundation is not flat. Several maintenance has been made to stop its leaning in the past thirty years.