Yanqing's top destinations to travel around in autumn

Jiuyan Watchtower in Yanqing. (Photo provided to China.org.cn)

Northwestern Beijing's Yanqing district rolled out travel products for tourists yesterday, through which, one can experience the golden autumn in suburbs of Beijing.

The travel recommendations include ten spots to view red leaves and ten natural oxygen bars to feel oxygen-rich landscape.

The top ten places to enjoy the rea leaves include the Great Wall at Badaling, Jiuyan Watchtower, Yanqing Baili Landscape Gallery, Yudu Mountain and the Olympic Park in Yanqing.

The top ten natural oxygen bars are five scenic spots of Beijing Expo Park, Yanqing Olympic Park, the Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park, Yanqing International Grape Expo Garden and the landscape at Jiuyan Watchtower, as well as five villages of Shixia, Pengyao, Duijiushi, Huoshaoying and Dashiyao.

To facilitate the traveling in autumn, especially the upcoming 7-day National Day holiday, Yanqing launches the shuttle bus route between Qianmen in downtown Beijing and the Great Wall at Badaling and the shuttle bus route between Qianmen and theWild Duck Lake National Wetland Park.