Paperless boarding process helps travelers save more time


(Photo: CGTN)

Beijing's new Daxing International Airport will be open for business later this month. 

The paperless boarding process provides a seamless experience for travelers at Daxing Airport. 
Self-help services cover 80 percent of all facilities.

The security check process is also more automated, with facial recognition monitors reading the faces of passengers in three seconds, while self-help X-ray scanners can accommodate more than one passenger at a time with their luggage. 
A dynamic image system also helps match luggage with passengers for reference. 

The airport has also upgraded its facilities for disabled people. During comprehensive drills, many are also invited to experience these facilities.

The signs inside the terminal are in various languages, also very easy to find and read. They include maps that show locations and boarding gates. 

One can hardly miss the inquiry terminal, with a large touchscreen and a 24-hour hotline. 

Various technologies are also installed in the customs gates. "When passengers proceed through the intelligent inspection gate, they go through the infrared temperature detector above the gate. If their body temperature is high, it can be detected at once. In addition, we also have radioactive sources detectors," said Gao Ruifeng, Deputy Chief of Beijing Customs.

The airport also provides a luxury shopping experience, with Beijing's largest duty-free shop, catering service and VIP lounge with both open and private environment, and a business district filled with hundreds of brands. 
At the end of each waiting lounge lies the Chinese Garden on the international departure level. 
The airport is ready. It will be a gift to travelers going in and out of China as the nation celebrates its 70th anniversary.