1.2 million expected to enter, exit China daily during holiday
China Daily

Travelers are seen at Beijing Daxing International Airport on Dec 30, 2022. (Photo: VCG)

The expected average daily number of people entering and leaving China's ports during the May Day holiday will reach 1.2 million, the National Immigration Administration said on Thursday.

The figure is about double the same period last year and is about 57 percent of the same period in 2019.

Furthermore, the peak number of people entering and leaving China each day during the holiday, which begins on Friday and ends on Wednesday, may exceed 1.3 million, the NIA said.

The flow of inbound and outbound passengers at large international airports — including Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in Guangdong province — has recovered steadily, it said.

Large land ports adjacent to the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions will continue to grow. It is expected that peak passenger flow will occur on Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

The average daily customs clearance of Gongbei Port in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, is expected to reach 340,000, and that of Luohu and Futian ports in Shenzhen, Guangdong, is predicted to hit 150,000 and 130,000, respectively.

The NIA is requiring immigration authorities at all levels to make scientific traffic forecasts and release information about entry-exit passenger flow at their ports in a timely manner to provide a reference for the masses to travel.

It also asked the authorities to make proper arrangements to ensure that queues for customs clearance not exceed 30 minutes and to maintain security and order at the ports.

In addition, the NIA reminded travelers to pay close attention to changes in passenger flow and customs clearance at the ports and to keep apprised of the security, entry and epidemic prevention policies.