Nine sea lion calves draw large crowds to Laohutan Ocean Park in NE China


(Photo: CGTN)

It was a busy couple of months in Laohutan Ocean Park in northeast China's Liaoning Province. In July and August, nine sea lion calves were born, drawing many residents and tourists to the park. 

The adorable nine calves have shiny and smooth coats and always play by the pool with their mothers, adding to their crowd appeal. 

"The first calf was born in early July and is one and a half months old now. The youngest was just born about 20 days ago. The baby sea lions can swim in water after about one and a half months," said Liu Jian, a keeper in Laohutan Ocean Park. 

To guarantee all the mothers' health, the staff at the park prepares meals and food especially for sea animals that have recently given birth. This way, they receive the multiple nutritional elements they need to recover as quickly as possible. 

The nine calves have grown even healthier under the keepers' care. The wrinkles on their skins have gradually disappeared, with their bodies becoming stronger and the hair more smoother and shinier. 

After more than a month, these cute calves can give swimming a try in the shallow areas of the pool.