Nord Stream 2 pipeline no longer leaking natural gas: DEA

A small release from the Nord Stream 2 leak reaches the surface of the Baltic Sea near Bornholm, Denmark, September 28, 2022. (Photo: Swedish Coast Guard via AP)

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) said one of the two ruptured natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea appears to have stopped leaking natural gas.

The agency said on Twitter on Saturday that it had been informed by the company operating the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that pressure appears to have stabilized in the pipeline, which runs from Russia to Germany.

"This indicates that the leaking of gas in this pipeline has ceased," the DEA said.

According to Ulrich Lissek, a spokesperson for the operator of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, gas is no longer flowing out of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline following a leak this week that spewed tonnes of methaneinto the Baltic Sea.

"This can mean two things," said the spokesperson, "either the pipeline is completely empty or the pressure of the gas in the pipeline and of the water outside have reached an equilibrium."