Africa's e-commerce platform seeks partnerships with Chinese suppliers to boost revenue

Packages set for delivery are seen at the Jumia warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria, January 20, 2020. (Photo: Agencies)

NAIROBI - Africa's e-commerce platform Jumia is looking to increase partnerships with Chinese suppliers in order to boost its revenue streams, the company said on Thursday.

Sam Chappatte, CEO of Jumia Kenya, told Xinhua in Nairobi that China is an efficient producer of goods and therefore many of the world's merchandise is manufactured in the Asian nation.

"Chinese companies offer very relevant products for African consumers because they are affordable and of good quality," Chapatte said on the sidelines of the launch of the Africa Food Index.

The digital marketplace noted that its platform is an ideal partner for Chinese suppliers because it allows them to directly link to African buyers.

Chapatte said due to the stocking of reliable and affordable goods, it has emerged as one of the most popular online shopping platforms on the continent.

"We have approximately 25 percent of Kenya's internet population visiting our website on a monthly basis," he noted.

Jumia has already helped a number of Chinese brands launch their presence in Africa.

"We have the infrastructure and technology required to enable Chinese manufacturers to reach their consumers in a convenient way," he added.

Chapatte revealed that e-commerce in Africa is still at its infancy by global standards standing at less than two percent of total retail sales which is below major markets such as China.

He observed that the global COVID-19 pandemic will help to accelerate the expansion of the online retail industry in Africa.

The official said that due to government restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus, more people are turning to online services for convenience and affordability.