Ethiopian Airlines to hold a press briefing for the families of the victims
By Lyu Qiang
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Ethiopian Airlines will hold a press conference at 5 pm local time Friday, at the Skylight Hotel, where the families of the ET302 victims are staying. At the conference, officials will answer questions from the families of all victims. It is reported that a minister of Ethiopia and the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines will attend.

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An Ethiopian relative of a crash victim mourns and grieves next to a floral tribute at the scene. (Photo: AP) 

At the Skylight Hotel, different interview rooms have been set up for the families from Canada, Kenya, China and other countries, where one-on-one talks have been arranged to answer questions concerning the handling of affairs of the aftermath of the crash. Ethiopia Airlines hasn’t given clear responses about the arrangements and schedules for DNA identification and how to claim the bodies of the victims. As to the issue of compensation, Ethiopian Airlines says it will make arrangements according to international standards, laws of different countries and plans of insurance companies.

The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia has set up a liaison office at the hotel to help family members coordinate communication and handle other follow-up matters.

The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday killing all 157 on board, near Bishoftu, south-east of Addis Ababa, among which 8 were Chinese.

(Compiled by Xu Zheqi and Han Xiaomeng)