Cuba urges US to cease political manipulation of alleged "acoustic attacks"

HAVANA, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Cuba urged the United States to stop the political manipulation of alleged acoustic attacks reported by American diplomats in the island over a year ago, according to a release by the country's foreign ministry on Tuesday.

Cuban and American delegations met Tuesday in Washington for talks to review law enforcement cooperation.

The Cuban delegation urged the US government to "cease the political manipulation in the alleged health cases that became a pretext for the adoption of unilateral measures affecting the operation of both embassies," the ministry said.

Over 20 U.S. diplomats suffered from what Washington called "acoustic attacks" between November 2016 and August 2017. The incidents led to the partial closure of the US embassy in Havana, expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats who worked at the embassy in Washington, and a halt in issuing US visas in Havana.

Cuba has rejected the accusation, initiated an investigation, and urged the United States to present evidence of the alleged attacks.

On Tuesday, Havana's representatives stressed that after over a year of investigations by specialized Cuban and American agencies and experts, there is neither credible evidence nor scientific conclusion, to justify the actions taken by the Trump administration.

"Even the US Secretary of State has recognized that the nature of the damage suffered by the American staff has not been established, or if there is a common cause for all the cases," the Cuban ministry said.

Though denying the US accusation, Cuba reiterated its commitment to cooperating with the US authorities to clarify this situation and its willingness to guarantee the health and safety of Cubans and foreign citizens in the island nation.