Racism critical driver of racial health inequities: University of Buffalo
China Daily

File photo: CGTN

NEW YORK -- Racism is a critical driver of racial health inequities in Buffalo, according to a piece published on the website of the University of Buffalo on Wednesday.

"Racism leads to many adverse outcomes including poverty, underdeveloped neighborhoods, failing schools, high unemployment, low property values, poor access to public transportation, absence of grocery stores, lead contamination in homes and poor access to health care," according to Timothy Murphy, the university's Community Health Equity Research Institute.

The university interviewed several faculty members for their take on racism and gun control following a mass shooting one month ago in the U.S. city of Buffalo.

A white gunman opened fire at a Buffalo supermarket last month in a shooting that killed 10 black people.

Carole Emberton, associate professor of history at the University of Buffalo, said, "at the heart of American gun culture is white anger, fear and resentment."