The number of people taking the first HSK test in Hanoi, Vietnam reaches a new high in 2020
People's Daily online

Banners are drawn up in the campus of Hanoi University to welcome to the HSK test takers. (Photo:

The Confucius Institute of Hanoi University held the first HanyuShuipingKaoshi (HSK), a Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers, in 2020 recently with a total number of more than 1250 people taking the test, making an auspicious start of the HSK test this year.

The test is characterized by a large number of subjects and people this time, including HSK level 2 to Level 6, HSKK(Intermediate) and HSKK(Advanced). The main examiners worked from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. to ensure the successful completion of the exam.

The number of people who have applied for the exam in the Confucius Institute of Hanoi University has grown by leaps and bounds. The number this time is more than 12 times and twice of that in 2018 and 2019, respectively. This shows that the Chinese cultural fever in Vietnam is growing and the Chinese market demand has broad space for development.

Since the opening of HSK test center in 2018, the Confucius Institute of Hanoi University has trained an excellent team of invigilators. Hanoi University has provided high-quality test room and equipment for HSK test, and the Chinese Department of Hanoi University has also given tremendous support to the test work. The Confucius Institute of Hanoi University is committed to improving the management level of the test center, striving to build it into an outstanding one, so as to promote teaching and learning through the test, and better serve many Chinese learners in Vietnam.