Queensland to launch emoji number plates in March
China Plus

Drivers in Queensland, Australia, will be allowed to add their favorite emoji to a personalized number plate starting next month, according to a BBC report.

Examples of personalized number plate. (Screenshot: @personalisedplatesqle via Instagram)

The emojis will cost extra and are only for decoration, rather than car identification.

The emoji will be added to the letters and numbers on the plate. The personalized plates have a price point of 340 U.S. dollars (2,270 yuan), and some think this is a nifty way for authorities to make more money.

The emojis that can be used are also limited: drivers can only pick from five positive faces: "laughing out loud," "winking face," "cool sunglasses," "heart eyes," and "smiley face". Some drivers said they'd consider adding one to their license plate if the full spectrum of emojis was available.