Under the same sky: Danieli's anti-virus fighting story
China Daily

Ranking among the world's top three companies in the metallurgical equipment industry, Danieli provides a full range of technological solutions, from raw materials to finished products. Founded in 1914, this historical Italian company has already established plants and offices in 23 countries, with nearly 10,000 employees working worldwide. In 1979, Danieli entered the Chinese steel market when Mr. Luigi Danieli first met the Minister of Chinese Metallurgical Industry and since then, a long-lasting cooperation has been established.

Danieli China, headquartered in Changshu, a county-level city in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, is one of Danieli's four manufacturing centers as well as the group's most important hub for design and R&D in Asia. Motivated by passion for innovation, also inspired by group motto "Innov-Action to be a step ahead in capex and opex", Danieli China continuously take actions for higher level of quality and standards in every aspect of work. The quality of services and equipment provided have gained the approval of the world's leading steelmakers, such as Baosteel, HBIS group and many other customer companies.

Danieli Metallurgical Equipment & Service (China) Co.,Ltd. (Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn)

While customer satisfaction is taken as priority in work, Danieli also bears corporate social responsibility in mind and keeps improving in fields like environmental protection, philanthropy and ethical labor practices. The application of zero-impact concept; the EAF dust abatement with cyclone and bag filters, the cooling of the high fume temperature (with heat recovery) effectively help metal producers solve the problem of fume treatment and noise reduction. By cooperating with local government agency and social organizations, Danieli also involves in charity works and other programs that benefit the whole society. The Danieli Training Center supports customers worldwide with rich experience, knowledge, skills, strength, and technologies to approach strategic goals and to better face future challenges in the metal industry. When it comes to internal employee benefits, projects like Danieli Education, which based on learning and training within the whole group, is set to improve the professional and career development of Danieli employees from an early age. Because in Danieli corporate values, it always emphasizes on "people".

Currently when facing COVID-19, like many other companies in Changshu Economic Development Zone (CEDZ), Danieli China is also impacted and going through a difficult time under the outbreaks of the COVID-19. As a foreign company with more than 1000 employees in China, Danieli China tries best to fight against the virus and minimize the influence. Mr. Ye Jianchun, who is vice president of Danieli China, recalled the tense work of company crisis response team during Spring Festival. "We have series of tasks: purchase necessary medical supplies, set up emergency plan, prepare production resume application, carry out daily hygiene measures…" According to Mr. Ye, the difficulty that company faces in early period of epidemic is how to manage staff and ensure employees' health, while now the problem turns to be the supply chain. According to colleagues from procurement department, the most difficult time was early February. "Before February 10th it is quite difficult for us to purchase enough medical supplies, while all companies are preparing to resume work." said Danieli China procurement team responsible. What's more, the supply chain for the factory production has not 100% resumed yet. "Previously we estimated we could achieve 100% productivity by the end of March, but now it may come in the first half of April." said Mr. Ye Jianchun.

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

However, warmth always comes when spring approaches. When COVID-19 breaks out in China, other Danieli branch companies assisted Danieli China to go over shortage of masks at the first time. Danieli Russia and Danieli Austria, respectively helped to purchase 25,000pcs and 4,000 pcs of masks for Danieli China. As a Chinese saying goes, "You throw a peach to me, I give you a white jade for friendship." Moving stories does not only happen within the group, but also exist among Danieli and its partners. Danieli did its best to support China in difficult situation: donated 2000pcs of KN95 masks to local government and help enterprises in industrial park that in need. In return, after domestic condition turning better, Danieli also gets a lot of concern and help from government and its partners. China Baowu Steel Group, the largest nation's steelmaker, begins good partnership with Danieli since 1986 and last for decades. After receiving 1000 masks donated from Danieli China in February, it sent back double times of masks to support Danieli headquarter, which locates in Buttrio, Italy.

"I prefer to call it fight-and-help-all-together instead of give-and-get-back, because we are facing the same difficulty", said vice president Ye Jianchun. For example, although having difficulty itself, one supplier company spent 2 days purchasing medical equipment for Danieli. In CEDZ, a chemical company gives out alcohol disinfectant for free to nearby companies. Mr. Yang Yibing, who is associate general manager of Chizhou Gui Hang Metal Products Company, visited and delivered 5000pcs of masks to Danieli China factory from Anhui Province. What's more, Bureau of Economic Development of CEDZ gives a lot of assistance to help foreign companies like Danieli China to alleviate worries and resume production as soon as possible.

Chizhou Gui Hang Metal Products Company donated 5,000 masks to Danieli. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Up to now, 37 enterprises and organizations have donated medical supplies to Danieli Group. Despite of tight logistics resources, Danieli China have successfully delivered 43,600 pcs of masks in 6 batches to headquarter by April 1st, and some partner companies directly arrange sending donations by themselves. Now, Danieli China is still helping to raise more protective clothes and ventilators, which are in short supply in Italy.

"While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky." Danieli's anti-virus fighting story is like an epitome that shows the deep friendship between two countries. As China's ambassador to the EU Zhang Ming said, the pandemic is a mirror reflecting China-EU relations are driven by cooperation-and by combating common challenges together, the two sides can further consolidate their relationship.