Turkey detains over 3,600 in nationwide operation


Turkey's police officers look on as supporterrs of Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party, CHP, gather to protest near Istanbul's Taksim Square, April 16, 2018. (Photo: AP)

ANKARA, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- More than 3,600 people were detained during a "safety and peace" operation across Turkey, the Interior Ministry announced in a written statement on Sunday.

Over 58,500 security personnel, from Turkish police, gendarmerie and coast guard units, conducted the operation in 81 provinces and detained at least 3,673 people, the statement said.

During the operation, around 575,200 people were questioned, and about 147,600 vehicles and 18,600 public workplaces were inspected by security forces.

As a result of the operation, 13 workplaces were closed, 94 missing people and 220 missing vehicles were found, and 944 vehicles were banned from traffic.

Shopping malls, entertainment centers, exhibitions, surroundings of public buildings, boulevards and streets, piers and ports, bus stations and terminal entrances were among the key spots inspected by security teams during the operation.