UK parliament votes against PM's Brexit motion

MAY AP.jpeg

British Prime Minister Theresa May. (File Photo: AP)

LONDON, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The British House of Commons on Thursday voted against a motion tabled by Prime Minister Theresa May reiterating its support for government Brexit approach.

MPs voted in the largely symbolic votes by 303-258 against the motion which also reiterates that MPs note the ongoing Irish backstop discussions between Britain and European Union (EU).

Conservative rebels abstained on the grounds that the motion implied a no-deal Brexit would be ruled out.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn called on the prime minister to admit her Brexit strategy has failed.

"Vote shows there is no majority for the prime minister's course of action," he said.

Analysts have said that the defeat would make it more difficult for the prime minister in talks with the European Union.

Before the votes on the motion, MPs vetoed a Scottish National Party amendment by 315-93 which requires the government to extend Article 50 by at least three months from the current exit date of March 29.

They voted against a Labor amendment calling for the government to hold another meaningful vote by Feb. 27 or declare a deal is no longer on the table and outline its next steps.