Munich Security Conference opens focusing global order reshuffle


A man walks past the security checking area for the 55th Munich Security Conference, in Munich, Germany, on Feb. 15, 2019. (Photo: Xinhua)

MUNICH, Germany, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) -- The 55th Munich Security Conference (MSC) kicks off here Friday, focusing on global order reshuffle.

"The world now is not only experiencing a series of smaller and bigger crises, but also facing an epochal of shift," MSC Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger said in his opening address.

Ischinger called on participants to have more trust in each other, encouraging people "talk to other" in stead of "talk about each other."

The meeting, scheduled from Friday to Sunday, attracted heads of state and government and other prestigious figures in world politics and security. It will cover issues ranging from the competition and cooperation between great powers, EU's future, the already-tainted transatlantic relations, and others.