French PM presents new government's program to lawmakers
China Daily

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne arrives for the first weekly cabinet meeting of the new cabinet in Paris, France, on July 4, 2022. [Photo: Xinhua]

PARIS - French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented her new government's policy program to deputies in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Borne said that one of her main aims will be to "find compromises" in political life. She said that each conviction and idea must and can be debated despite "divisions".

"A new page in politics is opening and we are going to write it together," Borne told the deputies.

In the government program, Borne vowed to boost employment, support purchasing power, speed up the ecological transition and prioritize the economy, health and energy.

"We need to stop believing that the answer to every challenge is a tax. No tax increase," she stressed.

Borne also confirmed her government's intention to hold "100 percent" of French multinational electricity utility company EDF's capital to avoid depending on other countries for electricity.

"In 2026, we must start to reduce the debt, and in 2027, reduce the deficit below 3 percent," Borne said.