Gas line explosion damages several buildings in US Wisconsin

Several buildings were damaged after a gas line exploded in Sun Prairie of US Wisconsin state on Tuesday evening, leaving two fire fighters and a policeman injured, said local police.



Initial reports said local fire fighters were responding to a gas leak situation in downtown Sun Prairie, in the suburb of state capital Madison, when a sudden explosion damaged several buildings.

Kimberly Edlund, a resident who was just one block away from the explosion, said she first smelt a "strong gas odor," and ten minutes later, the blast happened, sending flames and a plume of smoke into the air.

According to WISCTV News 3, residents in nearby houses have been ordered to evacuate and displaced people can stay overnight at local schools.

Police later told reporters that utility workers had successfully shut down the gas lines to contain the leak and prevent any further explosions.

No one has been reported missing from the area, said policeman, but the teams still need to do a "search and rescue" effort.

There was reported ongoing construction in the area. Officials with WE Energies said they have been made aware of an independent contractor hitting a natural gas main, probably causing the gas leak and the explosion.