PD Talk | After Chang'e-4 mission, what's next for China's lunar exploration
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In this episode of People's Daily Talk, we were very pleased to be joined by Professor Yang Yuguang from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. He is also vice chair of the Space Transportation Committee of International Astronautical Federation.

As a space scientist, he thinks the recent sci-fiction blockbuster The Wandering Earth is a very good movie, though it has some factors that are real, while some are fictional. 

He thinks China’s Chang’e-4 mission, which made humanity’s first-ever soft landing on the far side of the moon, will benefit the whole world. He says that even the US has contacted China and expressed their desire to utilize the Magpie Bridge. 

When answering questions from netizens, he said that China emphasizes a peaceful use of outer space, adding, “China develops space technology according to our own needs. It’s meaningless to be compared with other countries.” 

He also thinks that China’s space activities have their own special characteristics. For example, compared to the existing satellite navigation systems, China’s Beidou navigation system has a short message function, which is very convenient for disaster rescue missions. 

He says in the future, China’s lunar exploration will mainly focus on the moon’s South Pole, especially on the far side. 

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(Presented by Nitao, produced by Qiao Wai, Zhao Dantong, Liang Peiyu and Yan Yiqiao)