Egypt permits e-visa for tourists from over 180 countries

An archaeologist introduces the mural painting in an ancient tomb uncovered in the Saqqara archaeological sites southwest of Cairo, Egypt, on March 19, 2022. (Photo: Xinhua)

CAIRO, April 1 (Xinhua) -- Egypt added on Friday 78 countries to its e-visa portal for tourists, expanding the list to cover more than 180 countries in a bid to attract more visitors, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said in a statement.

On July 3, 2021, Egypt launched an online electronic service for tourists, through which they can obtain a tourist visa to Egypt.

"Egyptian government continues to encourage tourists from different nationalities to visit Egypt by facilitating the procedures for obtaining a tourist visa," said the ministry statement.

Egypt received 3.5 million tourists in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, down from a record 13.1 million in 2019.

In 2021, tourism, one of the main sources of foreign currency in Egypt, saw a steady recovery as 3.5 million tourists visited Egypt in the first six months.