Over 7.2 m passengers use China-built metro line in Vietnam

Over 7.2 million passengers have used the China-built Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, after nearly a year of operation, local media reported.

(File photo: Xinhua)

On average, the country's first metro line sees 32,000 passengers daily, of which 70 percent use monthly tickets, local newspaper Vietnam News reported on Thursday.

The metro line helps to contribute to the city's increasing public transport capacity, which has reached over 30 percent, deputy director of Hanoi Public Transport Management Center Thai Ho Phuong said.

According to local transport expert Le Trung Hieu, following a year of official operation, the metro line has achieved four major safety goals, attracted passengers and reduced the use of private vehicles and gained experience in urban railway management and operation while clearing all doubts about urban rail lines.

There are now 65 bus stops along the metro route and 34 lines at the two ends of the railway line, the newspaper reported.

The Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line is 13.05 kilometers long and consists of 12 elevated stations and 13 trains.

While its maximum speed is 80 kilometers per hour (km/h), the trains run at 35 km/h during regular operation. The average waiting time for passengers is between six to 10 minutes.