UK reports another 26,750 COVID-19 cases and 61 deaths

The UK reported 26,750 new COVID-19 cases and 61 deaths, according to the government's latest daily figures released on Sunday.

The figures represent a decline from Saturday's figures which saw 29,520 new COVID-19 infections and 93 deaths recorded.

However, the number of infections is higher than those from last Sunday which saw 27,429 cases reported while the number of deaths was 39.

The death toll in the UK stands at 130,953 since the start of the pandemic while the number of cases is 6,267,437.

Meanwhile, a further 46,603 people were given a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, while 199,584 received their second dose.

The respective totals stand at 47,302,445 who have received a first dose and 40,577,198 - or 76.7 percent of adults - who have received a second dose.

Elsewhere, Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced that all 16 and 17-year-olds in England will be offered their first COVID-19 vaccine by August 23 in order to build maximum immunity before returning to school in September.

Children aged 12 to 15 who are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 or who live with adults who are at increased risk of serious illness from the virus are also being contacted by the NHS and invited for their vaccine by August 23.

(With input from agencies)