6 killed, including 2 children, after gas explosion in southern Poland

At least six people, including two children, were killed after a building in the southern Polish ski resort of Szczyrk collapsed late Wednesday following a gas explosion, a local police spokesperson announced Thursday.


Firefighters work at the site of a building, leveled by a gas explosion, in the ski resort town of Szczyrk, Poland, on December 5, 2019. (Photo: CGTN)

Around 100 firefighters were still scouring the debris of the house on Thursday morning in search of possible survivors.

"We're still hoping for a miracle," said the local prefect Jaroslaw Wieczorek.

Two of the bodies recovered were children and the other four were adults. Eight people were believed to have been in the house when the explosion occurred, he added.

According to the local gas distributor, PSG, the explosion had been preceded by a sudden drop in pressure in the gas pipeline, which could indicate that the pipeline had been accidentally punctured during nearby construction works.