The latest: COVID-19 outbreak worldwide (Updated August 13)
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Globally, as of 5:05 pm CEST on Wednesday, there have been 20,162,474 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 737,417 deaths, reported to WHO.


A women walks in front of a mural, painted by workers of the Zapopan city hall as part of the program "Zapopart", as a tribute to essential workers who have cared for citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic in Zapopan, state of Jalisco, Mexico, on August 12, 2020, amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. (Photo: AFP)

Current status (data as of 5:00 pm BJT, Aug 13):

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Sources: Johns Hopkins University, national public health agencies.

The outbreak has now claimed the lives of at least 166,027 people in the US, the most of any country. The US also leads the world in the number of confirmed infections with 5,197,377, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University as of 3:27 pm BJT on Thursday.

Brazil has confirmed a total number of infections to 3,164,785. The death toll grew to 104,201.

India has confirmed a total number of infections to 2,396,637. The death toll grew to 47,033.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Russia have increased to 900,745 with 15,231 deaths.

It is followed by South Africa with 568,919 infections and 11,010 deaths, Mexico with 498,380 infections and 54,666 deaths, Peru with 489,680 cases and 21,501 deaths, Colombia with 422,519 cases and 13,837 deaths and Chile with 378,168 cases and 10,205 deaths.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Iran have increased to 333,699 with 18,988 deaths.