China calls US hypocritical for shifting blame


Photo: Pedestrians wear masks as they cross a street amid the coronavirus pandemic in Santa Monica, California, the United States, July 12, 2020. /AP

China rebutted the U.S. attacks on the Communist Party of China (CPC), saying that the U.S. politicians are trying to shift blame under cover of stressing its so-called democracy, citing how both countries have addressed their domestic outbreaks.

At a regular press briefing on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that certain U.S. politicians are not focusing on saving lives but shifting attention and tossing out blames, as inquired by reporters to respond to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's comments claiming that the CPC using the pandemic to undermine democracy.

Democracy does not only belong to the U.S., the spokesperson said.

While the U.S. has its democracy, China also has its socialist democracy, Zhao said. No matter what kind of democracy a country has, it has to complete the pandemic test.

Zhao said that under the CPC leadership, China has achieved great success in controlling the pandemic as, by Thursday, China has reported no new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases for 26 consecutive days. Meanwhile, the U.S.' confirmed cases have surpassed 6.3 million, with over 8 percent being children.

The spokesperson added that although certain people from the U.S. side chanted everyone's equal for the U.S. society, the wealthy population prioritized testing resources. He said that people who died from the pandemic are mainly the poor, the elderly, and the minority.

The Chinese spokesperson said that these U.S. politicians had better put more effort into solving their domestic problems, doing more for Americans' lives and health.