Chinese ambassador puts forward 4 proposals on China-India relations

NEW DELHI, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong put forward four proposals on the development of China-India relations at a virtual event celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

File photo: CGTN

Delivering a speech on Tuesday, Sun said China and India are both major developing countries, and China-India relations are not only important for the two countries but also have a significant impact on the region and the world at large.

This year, China-India relations have made new progress and shown positive momentum, the Chinese ambassador said, urging both sides to maintain the momentum for improving bilateral relations and promote China-India relations back to the right track and ensure a long-term and steady relationship.

On the future development of China-India relations, Sun said firstly, the two sides should promote mutual understanding and trust.

China and India must stick to the important consensus reached between the leaders of the two countries and forge a new path for the neighboring countries to coexist in harmony and develop hand in hand.

The second proposal is to promote win-win cooperation, Sun said.

"We should focus on getting our own things done well, finding convergence of interests in our most important task which is development," he said. "We should help each other succeed and achieve mutual win-win through cooperation, instead of undercutting each other meaninglessly."

The third proposal is to properly handle differences and sensitive issues, Sun said.

Stressing that the two countries' common interests far outweigh differences, the ambassador urged both sides not to "seek minor gains at great cost," or let the differences define their relationship.

The fourth proposal is to strengthen coordination and collaboration, Sun said.

He noted that the "Asian Century" can only be fulfilled through joint development and mutually beneficial cooperation of China and India, as well as through strengthening solidarity and cooperation among Asian countries.

China and India should uphold the vision of peace, development, independence and inclusiveness, he said. "We should oppose geopolitical conflicts, bloc confrontation and exclusive 'small circles'. We should jointly safeguard stability and prosperity in Asia."