First case of coronavirus confirmed in Sweden
By Huang Yundi
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swedish hospital (afp).jpg

Ryhov County Hospital in Sweden. (Photo: AFP)

Stockholm (People’s Daily) -- According to the Swedish Health agency, the country has confirmed its first case of coronavirus.

A patient tested positive to the virus at the Ryhov County Hospital in Jönköping, central-southern Sweden.

The patient is a woman who flew to Sweden on January 24th after visiting Wuhan, China. 4 days later she developed a cough and contacted the health services in Jönköping and is currently being kept in isolation at the clinic.

"It is important to remember that individual cases are not the same thing as the infection spreading in Sweden. We currently consider this risk to be very low based on experiences from other countries," Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of the Public Health Agency's department for microbiology, said in a statement.