Iran announces return to pre-pandemic working conditions from April 3

TEHRAN, March 26 (Xinhua) -- Iran's anti-COVID-19 task force announced on Saturday that working hours and school attendance will return to pre-pandemic conditions as of April 3.

File photo: AFP

From April 3, working hours at public offices and organizations will return to what they were before the outbreak of the pandemic in the country in late February 2020, and physical attendance at schools and universities will be mandatory, Abbas Shirozhan, the spokesman for the National Task Force for Fighting the Coronavirus, said in a Saturday tweet.

He stressed that starting from the date, no excuse will be accepted for refrainment from in-person attendance at educational and academic centers.

Warning against any leniency in observing the health protocols, Shirozhan said the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet.

Over the past days, the country has reported average Covid-19 daily deaths and infections of below 100 and 2,000 respectively.