Iran president urges int'l resistance to US 'cruel sanctions'

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi (File photo: Xinhua)

TEHRAN, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday urged the international community to resist U.S. unilateral "cruel sanctions" against other countries' oil and gas industry, according to the Iranian presidency's website.

Speaking at the sixth summit of the 11-member Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Doha, Raisi noted that imposing hegemonic will and demands on other independent states through sanctions cannot be an effective strategy in today's world, as it jeopardizes the collective interests of the GECF members.

Iran, as one of the world's biggest holders of natural gas reserves, has considerable capacities for the production, transfer and export of the hydrocarbon products and seeks to play a greater role in ensuring global energy security by expanding bilateral and multilateral cooperation with neighbors and other countries, he said.

Iran's regional strategy is based on increasing gas production and exports and providing regional nations with maximum access to clean fuel, Raisi added.

The Iranian president called on the international community to support multilateral initiatives aimed at ensuring the security of sustainable energy supply and protecting the environment.

Raisi arrived in Qatar on Monday to meet with the Qatari emir and take part in the GECF summit.