Thailand Prime Minister, Huawei CEO promote digital collaboration
By Zhao Yipu
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Virtual executive meeting. Photos provided to People’s Daily.

Bangkok, (People’s Daily) - Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha attended a virtual executive meeting with Huawei Technologies CEO Ren Zhengfei on Thursday morning.

Prayut expressed his appreciation for Huawei's continued support with Thailand's digital transformation and post-pandemic recovery, plus his eagerness to further strengthen cooperation with Huawei on the Thailand 4.0 strategy and digital talent cultivation.

Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in virtual meeting

During the virtual meeting, Prayut stressed the important role that digital innovation, advanced information and communications technology (ICT) would play in supporting Thailand’s economic resilience and sustainability.

“Huawei has provided profound contributions to Thailand’s fight against the pandemic and digital transformation,” he said. “I am deeply impressed by Huawei history and dedication culture.

“In the future, Thailand is eager to cooperate with Huawei in various areas including digital economy, 5G smart hospital, cloud and computing, digital power, smart logistics and data center.”

Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei Technologies, in virtual meeting

Ren expressed his gratitude for the government’s trust in Huawei and congratulated Thailand on its 5G rollout.

“Huawei and Thailand have been working together to build a strong digital infrastructure foundation,” Ren said. “In the future, we look forward to accelerating the integration of digital technologies in Thailand’s key industries, especially in port and airport scenarios.

“We have strong belief in Thailand's successful digital transformation and talent development. Our local team will work closely with Thai customers and partners to serve the country’s social and economic development with technology solutions.”

Smart port and airports are potential cooperation areas for Huawei and Thailand, Ren noted.

He introduced Huawei’s automation capabilities based on people, vehicles, goods, enterprises and places which helped build safe, efficient and intelligent world-class ports and airports.

Prayut and Ren reinforced their commitment to cultivate upskilled, digital talent in Thailand.

Both men stressed the public and private sectors must work together to build an open, shared ICT talent ecosystem for the benefit of all.

Established in 2019, the Huawei ASEAN Academy (Thailand) has trained more than 1,300 small companies and 41,000 ICT professionals.

Huawei executives have signed memorandums of understanding with more than 20 Thai universities.

In March 2021 Huawei Thailand received the Special Prime Minister Award as “digital international corporation of the year.”