This July Fourth witnesses deeply divided America: CNN

Photo taken on Nov. 19, 2021 shows the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., the United States. (Photo: Xinhua)

WASHINGTON, July 6 (Xinhua) -- As the United States was celebrating the 246th anniversary of independence, the unity for which U.S. President Joe Biden pleaded in his inaugural address seemed more elusive than ever, CNN has commented.

Given the political discord boiling way beneath the surface of Monday's national celebrations, it is hardly surprising that a staggering 85 percent of U.S. adults in an Associated Press-NORC poll released last week said things in the country are headed in the wrong direction, said the CNN report.

"The survey formalized what is obvious: for all its advantages, abundant resources, comparative prosperity and history of working to perfect its democracy, the United States is not a country at ease with itself right now. The cliche that America's best days are ahead is becoming harder to believe," the report said.