Indonesia reiterates strong commitment to overcoming NCP with China: ambassador
By Ji Peijuan
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Editor's note: Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia Djauhari Oratmangun sent a video message to cheer up the frontline staff in Wuhan to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), expressing Indonesia’s firm determination to stand by China's side in overcoming this outbreak.

Here's the full message:

My name is Djauhari Oratmangun, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People's Republic of China and Mongolia.

On Behalf of the Embassy, Indonesians in China and my self, I would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolence to the victims and families of the coronavirus outbreak.

We believe that China, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, will overcome this outbreak.

May I also extend my most profound appreciation, gratitude as well as support to everyone, especially the doctors, nurses and hospital staff, who are at the front line of the outbreak in the city of Wuhan and in the province of Hubei. They are all working tirelessly beyond the call of duty to serve their people and country.

This is not only a difficult time for China, but also for the world. Indonesia stands by China's side in overcoming this outbreak. We would like to extend our best support to China during this period of adversity.

Let me also take this opportunity to reiterate my strong commitment as Ambassador of Indonesia to China, to do my utmost to continuously  strengthen bilateral relations with China.

Zhong Guo Jia you!

Wu Han Jia you!