WORLD In solidarity to win battle against COVID-19 epidemic


In solidarity to win battle against COVID-19 epidemic

By Veronika S. Saraswati | People's Daily app

19:22, March 04, 2020

Editor's note: Veronika S. Saraswati is the Head of the China Unit at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Indonesia.

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Photo: Veronika S. Saraswati

Chinese society under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has shown hard work and cooperation in the strong social ties of society in overcoming the coronavirus epidemic. The health system combined with the social system in China proved to be very effective in the process of overcoming the epidemic both  in prevention and control. The scientific perspective that is the basis of development strategies and public policy making in China coupled with strong cohesiveness in Chinese society is a main success factor in overcoming this epidemic.

Scientific Perspective

The Chinese government applies a scientific perspective in overcoming the COVID-19. The basic principle in scientific perspective is objectivity in observing problems, so that authentic, non-manipulative data are obtained. Based on the objective situation about this virus epidemic, then the Chinese government obtained correct and comprehensive data about the epidemic.

Applying the right paradigm in observing this problem ultimately makes the Chinese government very precise and effective in taking methods to solve it. The Chinese government in a very quick period was able to find out the root cause of the origin of the coronavirus, and then quickly formulated policies on how to prevent its spread as well on how to set a control mechanism so that patients diagnosed could recover quickly and the virus does not spread widely. Preventive and control measures taken by the Chinese government are very fast in term of time and effective in terms of result.

Qualitative and quantitative methods in overcoming this epidemic have been taken simultaneously by the Chinese government; this is a determinant factor in successfully solving this epidemic. The combination of qualitative and quantitative steps has resulted in very effective handling methods of this problem.

Qualitative methods can be seen from the implementation of isolation policies for Chinese society, aimed to preventing the  spread of infections. Meanwhile, the quantitative step was taken by establishing  a quick initiative to build two specialized hospitals for COVID-19 patients within a very short period. Seriousness of the Chinese government can also be seen from the implementation of strict government sanctions for those who deliberately obstruct the distribution of health masks. This seems simple but in fact it can have a very serious impact if the government ignores it. There are still many other facts proving the seriousness of the Chinese government in overcoming this epidemic.  

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Strong cohesiveness in Chinese society

Strong cohesiveness in the Chinese social system coupled with hard work is also an important variable in the successful handling of the coronavirus epidemic in China. Mutual cooperation in a warm feeling as a big family of Chinese society can be seen in the provision of assistance from farmers of some villages in China producing vegetables and fruits for hospitals that are treating patients. Obedience of Chinese society in responding to the Chinese government's instructions to not leave the house and minimizing activities outside of their homes also gave an important contribution in rapidly handling the epidemic.

The Chinese people's obedience to this isolation policy is the result of full awareness of the Chinese society toward the harmful impact of violating the isolation policy. People that remind each other in order to abide  by government policies indicates strong cohesiveness within the social culture system of Chinese society. Awareness of mutual cooperation, mutual assistance to help each other by medical teams, paramedics, the media and entire Chinese society is also a significant factor in the rapid handling of the epidemic in China.

Strong cohesiveness in Chinese society also appears in the culture of mutual cooperation and mutual assistance to help each other that is done by the architects and workers who build hospitals specifically for coronavirus patients. Architects and laborers did very hard work in realizing the construction of large hospitals in a short time. The workers’ strong will to build the hospital arise from awareness and responsibility to participate in contributing to handling the epidemic. Without awareness and responsibility, the hospital construction effort will not be successful in a short time.

The combination of scientific perspectives and strong cohesiveness within Chinese society resulted in an effective health system in dealing with the epidemic. China has a very effective health system. This system is a combination of scientific paradigm construction and noble cultural values which are embraced by Chinese society. The noble culture in Chinese society manifests in strong ties in unity as one nation.

The success of the Chinese government under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping in addressing the severe problem of the COVID-19 epidemic should be an inspiration and an example to other countries in dealing with the epidemic outbreak, considering that there is an increasing number of citizens in Europe and Asia who have died from the virus, and a number of patients have been diagnosed with the COVID-19.

We strongly expect that this epidemic can be completely resolved soon so that production activities in China can return to normal, to avoid and to prevent the expansion of effects on the global economy, given that China is a major producer in the global supply chain.

(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the policy or position of the People' s Daily.)

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