Veteran Winter Olympians: Embodiments of the Olympic Spirit

As the world descended on China for the Winter Olympics Games, the spotlight always goes to gold medal favorites or rookie talents. It is also important to remember that the Olympics Games aren't just about winners, records, and medal tables. Medals may soon gather dust, while records may be quickly broken and forgotten. The golden Olympic moments that resonate through the ages barely matter, including who won or lost, but involve something more profound than results: the human instinct for participation and achieving something beyond themselves. People’s Daily Online has picked six veteran winter Olympians, unraveling the true Olympic Spirit behind their stories.Claudia Pechstein: The result of today was not so important, it was just to race and to be here. I am super proud.Decades into a decorated speed skating career, Claudia Pechstein is still achieving firsts.The 49-year-old German speed skater Claudia Pechstein became the oldest woman ever to compete at the Winter Olympic Games and the second athlete — and the only woman — to compete in eight Winter Games when she raced in the 3,000-meter speed skating event at the Beijing 2022.In the women's 3,000 meters, Pechstein competed with young athletes, some of whom are at their twenties. Although she finished more than 20 seconds behind Dutch gold medalist, Irene Schouten, who broke the record that Pechstein had held for 20 years, Pechstein raised her arms and looked relieved as she crossed the finishing line, the gesture that she would often make when she took a spot on the podium in previous Winter Games.I was not too fast, but I smiled because today I got my goal to race in my eighth Olympic Games. This was important for me, Pechstein told the Reuters.The result of today was not so important; it was just to race and to be here. I am super proud, Pechstein said.Shaun White: I wish I would've done better but I did what I could. I'm proud.American three-time gold medalist in snowboarding Sha...

18,000 volunteers serve in Beijing 2022 as ‘heroes behind scenes’

Apart from athletes who sweat in the arena, a grand sports event is hard to hold smoothly without volunteers. A total of about 18,000 volunteers are serving the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, 94 percent of whom are under the age of 35, who are being hailed as heroes behind the scenes.The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games revealed the data at a press conference on Thursday and noted that, during the Games, volunteers in Beijing accounted for 63 percent, those from Zhangjiakou accounted for 25 percent, and the other venue of Yanqing district accounted for 12 percent.These volunteers provide services in 41 areas like competitions, venue management, translation and news reports, according to the press conference.As the Winter Olympics draw to a close, Yan Jiarong, spokesperson for the committee, said that the Beijing Winter Olympics are the world's first multi-sport event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19, so the organization and operation of the Games required highly professional heroes behind the scenes.The committee pays tribute to every Winter Olympics participant, said Yan.For the first time in Olympic history, the committee set up volunteer homes at both competition and non-competition venues, according to the press conference.In volunteer homes, volunteers can rest, communicate, study and hold group activities like birthday parties and celebrations for the traditional Lantern Festival which fell on February 15.During the celebration to the festival, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach expressed his gratitude to the volunteers when he spent time with some of them.Thank you, you are wonderful, you are doing a very important job, if I wave at the closing ceremony, it will be waving at you. I salute you. Bach said on the day, media reported.Some volunteers reached by the Global Times on Thursday shared their stories during the Games.A volunteer surnamed Liu who provides...

China poised to succeed in Winter Olympics COVID-19 test

Bing Dwen Dwen, the popular mascot of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, attends the awarding ceremony of women's 500m speed skating event along with spectators and volunteers at the awarding ceremony square on February 14, 2022. Photo: XinhuaThe Beijing Winter Olympics have so far been successful in containing coronavirus within the closed-loop system, as just over 400 people tested positive as the Games draw to a close over the weekend. Such an outstanding result has won praise from IOC officials, who congratulated China on its efforts to organize such a safe event, and blunted previous foreign media reports that said welcoming the country's biggest influx of overseas arrivals could challenge China's COVID-19 prevention measures.The success in insulating the event from the virus and keeping disruption to sports events to a minimum also reflected the effectiveness and flexibility of China's overall zero-COVID policies, said epidemiologists. They believed that the COVID-19 prevention experience accumulated from this Olympics can also inspire Chinese cities to adjust their policies, as well as the further opening of the country's borders.Beijing Olympic organizers said Thursday that there were no new COVID-19 cases in the closed-loop bubble for the first time. With the games coming to a conclusion on Sunday, there have been 435 cases in the bubble since January 24, when official figures began to be released, and no cluster infection has been reported.This proves the effectiveness of the COVID-19 measures adopted within the closed loop, said Huang Chun, deputy director-general of the Office of Pandemic Prevention and Control of the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee at a Thursday conference.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) also gave high praise to the Games' pandemic prevention and control measures.I think we sometimes forget we are actually in the middle of a global pandemic. And we are hosting probably one of the most complex international competitions or e...

Feature: Iran's winter Paralympians seek success in upcoming China games

TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Aboulfazl Khatibi, a member of Iran's para-cross-country skiing national team, hopes to shine at the Winter Paralympics in China.Khatibi and four other Iranian Paralympians have recently been training at Dizin Ski Resort, about 70 km north of Tehran, Iran's capital, to prepare for their upcoming competitions in China, where the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games is set to be held in March.According to Eisa Saveh Shemshaki, the president of Iran's Ski Association for Disabled, after four-year preparations for 2022 Paralympics, Iran succeeded in winning two quotas in cross-country skiing and three quotas in snowboard.My wish is to have a good result in Beijing, said Puriya Khaliltash, a snowboarder who aspired to compete at the Paralympics after losing a hand as a result of an accident.Khaliltash and teammate Hossein Solghani were the first two male snowboarders representing Iran to compete at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.After South Korea, I pursued my training with more seriousness and thanks to efforts by Mr. Shemshaki and our coach, we managed to secure another Paralympic berth, he said.I hope all of my teammates and other snowboarders of other countries can achieve a better result and it would be a safe and good competition, Khaliltash added, referring to his second winter Paralympic journey.Seyyed Mosayeb Seyd, head coach of Iran's national para-snowboard team, said compared to the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, this time, we are in a better condition and hope to be able to put in a better performance.We hope that given the close ties between Iran and China, good competitions would be ahead of us, and we would manage to achieve the best result, he said.Elahel Fallah, a cross-country skier with a visual impairment, said that there have certainly been many difficulties in preparation, but with effort, practice and hope, everything can be easy and we can achieve our goal.We will try to have the best performance,...

Beijing Winter Olympics showcases China's development to world: experts

BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games has provided a comprehensive presentation of China's development philosophy and achievements, as well as its ideas on international relations and people-to-people exchanges, experts said at a seminar on Thursday.At the online seminar titled Winter Olympics: Beijing Spirit and Global Implications, experts and scholars in sports, public management, economics and other fields shared their studies on the Games.Though their studies focused on different aspects of the Games, many of the experts expressed similar views of how the Games reflected China's achievements in fields such as technological development and environmental protection.A total of 212 new technologies developed in a research and development campaign launched by China's Ministry of Science and Technology have been utilized throughout the Games, said Wang Zipu, an expert with the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports.Wang added that this manifests China's sci-tech capabilities, and shows how the Olympic Games today cannot be divorced from the development and utilization of technologies.Apart from showcasing China's development, the Games also enabled the country to introduce to the world its philosophy and ideas in a more vivid and comprehensive way.The Games' motto of together for a shared future corresponds to China's aspiration of building a community with a shared future for mankind, said Muhammad Asif Noor, secretary general of the Pakistan Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum.By hosting the Games, China has helped bring the world together and promoted mutual understanding and consensus between countries and peoples, he said.The seminar was hosted by the National Academy of Development and Strategy at Renmin University of China.

Beijing 2022 guards against doping with golden goalkeepers

The controversy over Russian skater Kamila Valievais drawing public attention to the topic of the anti-doping campaign during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Chinese officials and volunteers have been dedicated to taking watertight measures for four years to ensure not only clean Chinese competitors but clean competitions at the Games.In an exclusive interview with the Global Times on Thursday, Ling Lin, head of the doping control department of the Beijing 2022 organizing committee, disclosed the procedures for establishing the anti-doping team and the strict requirements for hiring anti-doping officers and volunteers.We have a large team, including managers, doping control officers and volunteers stationed at various venues at the Olympic Villages to ensure the smooth running of doping testing at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Ling said.Referring to Russian figure skater Valieva's positive result, she said the athlete's positive sample was collected before the Beijing Olympic Games, so the management and ruling does not depend on the Beijing organizing committee. What we can guarantee is that all our doping testing is transparent, Ling said.According to Ling, each sample they collect does not have the athlete's personal information, only a number. Inspectors only see the numbers of the samples that test positive in the lab, and that positive result is issued by the corresponding agency.Doping detection is a very rigorous work and any loopholes will have a great impact on the results of the competition and athletes as well, therefore it is particularly important for officers to strictly abide by professional standards and procedures, she said.It means all the officers and volunteers must undergo a series of selection processes and rigorous training before being dispatched to their positions at the Games.The Global Times learned that many doping control officers have medical backgrounds, as many of them are clinical doctors and nurses selected from hospita...

Overseas coaches back Team China up at Beijing 2022 Winter Games

Editor's Note:After Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming won his gold medal in big air on Tuesday, he went straight to his coach Yasuhiro Sato, giving him an enormous hug as tears streamed down Su's face. Not just the pair who are described as an embodiment of China-Japan friendship, behind Team China's success at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, there are 51 overseas coaches from 19 countries among the Olympic coaching crew of 78. Many are multi gold medalists themselves, who are now firmly dedicated to Team China by seeing its potential for winter sport success as well as falling for the charm of Chinese culture.Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming celebrates with his coach Yasuhiro Sato after winning gold in the men's big air on February 16, 2022. Photo: XinhuaYasuhiro Sato, the Japanese 'father-like' coachThe relationship between Su, China's 17-year-old men's snowboard big air Olympic champion, and his Japanese coach Yasuhiro Sato started in trust.I feel that he really believed in me, he is not like a teenager, really a great kid, Sato told media. He has a very strong sense of victory and defeat. He is very focused in training and has higher standards for himself.Four years ago, the Japanese coach was not sure about coaching in China, but later he became a father-like figure to Su. After winning gold on Tuesday, Su hung the gold medal around Sato's neck. The two burst into tears together, Sato, patting Su on his back, said, It's yours. Su replied, Nope, it's yours.The scene moved netizens in both Japan and China. Sato said that there is nothing better than to make sports a bridge of friendship between China and Japan.Su's pre-race tradition is always to hug his coach.When I hug him, I feel a very special power. It makes me more confident that I can finish the event more easily, said Su to media.Despite being a caring figure to Su, Sato is rigorous as a coach. He pays attention to the accuracy of every face and finger moves and always encourages Su, even when they...

Shcherbakova wins as ROC duo finish 1-2 in women's singles figure skating at Beijing 2022

Gold medalist Anna Shcherbakova (C) of ROC , silver medalist Alexandra Trusova (L) of ROC and bronze medalist Sakamoto Kaori of Japan attend the flower ceremony after the figure skating women single skating free skating of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Ma Ning)BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Reigning world champion Anna Shcherbakova skated a clean segment to win the women's singles figure skating at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, holding off a strong challenge from compatriot Alexandra Trusova here on Thursday evening.It has been the third straight gold in the women's singles for the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) after the ROC taking one-two at PyeongChang 2018 through Alina Zagitova and Yevgenia Medvedeva, and Adelina Sotnikova winning gold on home ice in Sochi.Performing to Ruska, The Master and Margarita, Lacrimosa, Shcherbakova produced a quad Flip-triple Toeloop combination and a quad Flip, as well as level-four spins and footwork to post a season best of 175.75 points, bringing her score to a winning total of 255.95.Another ROC figure skater Trusova came up with the highest free skate score of 177.13 on Thursday after the 17-year-old featured five quads of four different rotations, bringing her total score to 251.73 for the silver.The ROC, however, was stopped from making a clean sweep on podium as otherwise hot favorite Kamila Valieva who won the short program, failed to survive the huge pressure and fell in free skate to drop to the fourth. Japan's Kaori Sakamoto took the bronze medal on 233.13 overall with 153.29 in free skate.Trusova was the first women skater to have landed a quad Lutz in 2018 and quad Flip in 2019 in competition, while Valieva made history in the women's free skate of the team event as the first woman to land a quadruple jump at the Olympics.The 15-year-old Valieva, who was just cleared to compete on Monday, committed the major error at a quad toeloop i...

Sweden, Britain to vie for men's team curling gold at Beijing 2022

Christoffer Sundgren of Sweden competes in the curling men's semifinal against Canada at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Wang Jingqiang)BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Sweden and Britain will battle for the men's team curling gold medal with their respective semifinal victories at Beijing 2022 here on Thursday evening.After the round-robin stage, Sweden defeated Canada 5-3 while Britain saw off the United States 8-4 in the semifinals.Athletes of Sweden celebrate after winning the curling men's semifinal against Canada at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Wang Jingqiang)Canada managed to level the game 3-3 entering the eighth end, when Sweden scored one point to move ahead.With the ninth end blanked, Canada's skip Brad Gushue failed on a hit-and-roll attempt in his last shot, giving a steal of one point to Sweden. The 41-year-old thus missed out on the Olympic final which he has been striving for 16 years.I'm really disappointed, upset, frustrated...all kinds of emotions. But I'm also proud of our team. We fought hard and gave ourselves a chance to win. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, said Gushue.Canada will compete against the United States for the bronze medal on Friday.

DR Congo student unveils painting dedicated to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

KINSHASA, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- A student of the Art Academy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on Thursday unveiled a painting dedicated to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at the Chinese Embassy in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC.The painting, by incorporating several winter sport disciplines, aims at paying tribute to China's efforts in organizing successfully the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in a very difficult scenario marked by COVID-19, according to Bahati Kosi, the painter of the artwork.As a student, it was an honor for me to draw this painting to firstly salute the friendship that has existed between our two countries for decades, but above all to immortalize China's efforts to organize the Winter Olympics despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kosi told Xinhua.This painting is a beautiful way to express the congratulations of the Congolese people, in particular the Congolese youth, to a friendly country like China which has reached out to the DRC in several areas, including the education sector, said Kosi.Receiving the painting, Zhu Jing, Chinese ambassador to the DRC, welcomed the student's artwork which symbolizes the Olympic spirit and the profound friendship between the two peoples.As our two countries are celebrating the 50th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations between our two countries this year, we are very grateful for this painting and precious gift that symbolizes our common desire to move faster and together toward a better future, said Zhu.

Canada downs USA to regain crown in Olympic women's ice hockey

Athletes of Canada and the United States compete during the ice hockey women's gold medal game of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics between Canada and the United States at Wukesong Sports Centre in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Du Yu)BEIJING, Feb.17 (Xinhua) -- Canadian women's ice hockey team took down the defending champion the United States 3-2 in the final to get their fifth Olympic title at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Thursday.Canada was hungry for revenge after a 3-2 shootout defeat to the U.S. in the final of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018 and they beat the Americans 4-2 in the preliminary round in Beijing.Canadian forward Sarah Nurse scored at 7:50, which was her fifth goal in Beijing, and 30-year-old captain Marie-Philip Poulin of Canada put the puck into the net at 15:02 to widen the lead to 2-0 in the first period.Poulin became the only hockey player, female or male, to score in four Olympic gold medal games after she scored in the finals in Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018.Poulin scored her sixth goal in Beijing at 29:08, before 32-year-old American forward Hilary Knight threw the puck into the net at 36:39 to cut the deficit to 3-1, which was the 2018 Olympic gold medalist's sixth goal in Beijing.American forward Amanda Kessel scored their last goal at 59:47 in power play.The red Maple Leaf set a new scoring record of 57 goals in seven games in the Winter Olympics.Canada and the U.S. have won all the seven gold medals since the women's ice hockey tournament entered Winter Olympics programme in 1998.The Canadians won the four games in the preliminary round and rolled over Sweden and Switzerland in the quarterfinals and semifinals respectively.The Americans had a 3-1 win-loss record in the preliminary round and took down the Czech Republic and Finland in the quarterfinals and semifinals to book a rematch against Canada in the final.Sarah Fillier (R) of Canada competes during the ice hockey women's gold medal...

Japan's Takagi wins women's 1,000m speed skating gold at Beijing 2022

Takagi Miho of Japan celebrates after winning the gold medal in the speed skating women's 1,000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Li He)BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Miho Takagi of Japan added a gold to her threefold Beijing silverware as she broke the Olympic record to win the women's 1,000m speed skating competition here on Thursday.The 27-year-old clocked a winning time of one minute of 13.19 seconds, lowering the previous Olympic record of 1:13.56 set by Jorien ter Mors. Earlier, she has won silver in the 1,500m, the 500m as well as the team pursuit.Jutta Leerdam of the Netherlands seized the silver in 1:13.83, while Brittany Bowe of the United States finished third in 1:14.61.Gold medalist Takagi Miho of Japan poses for a photo holding a plate marking her Olympic record-breaking time and signed with her autograph after the flower ceremony of the speed skating women's 1,000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheng Tingting)Nadezhda Morozova of Kazakhstan competes duing the speed skating women's 1000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheng Tingting)Antoinette de Jong of the Netherlands competes during the speed skating women's 1000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheng Tingting)Ji Jingzhu of China reacts after the speed skating women's 1000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheng Tingting)Kim Hyun Yung of South Korea competes duing the speed skating women's 1000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheng Tingting)Ellia Smeding of Britain competes during the the speed skating women's 1000m at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022. (Xinhua/Cheng Tingting)Ji Jingzhu of China reacts after the speed skat...

Chinese aerials freeskiers make milestone at Beijing 2022, eyeing new heights in the future

Qi Guangpu of China celebrates after winning the men's aerials final of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou, north China's Hebei Province, Feb. 16, 2022. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyao)Writing history on home snow, China's seven-member freestyle ski aerials team boasting of world champions and world-leading athletes lives up to its name.CHONGLI, Zhangjiakou, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Collecting two golds and one silver from three events of the Olympic free ski aerials, host China has become the biggest winner in the sport at Beijing 2022.By writing down history on home snow, the seven-member freestyle ski aerials team, which is consisted of world champions and world-leading athletes, has lived up to its name and promise.FIRE-PROVED GOLDThe competitions were full of uncertainty and the road for the Chinese team to the pinnacle was definitely not smooth.Since Han Xiaopeng made the breakthrough by grabbing the men's aerials Olympic gold for China at Turin 2006, the Chinese team has been waiting for its second Olympic title for 16 years, despite being title favorites in every Winter Games.At Beijing 2022, things did not work out from the very beginning as the Chinese team suffered a blow on February 10 when they missed the newly-added mixed team title, an odds-on event for them, settling for the silver due to just one error-prone landing by four-time Olympian Jia Zongyang in the final.Then, Xu Mengtao, another four-time Olympian, made it in the women's aerials on February 14. At the age of 31, Xu won the first-ever Olympic gold for herself and also for the Chinese women's aerials squad with the world's top-notch trick of back-full-full-full.The breathtaking final witnessed five of the six finalists tried to perform the world's top-notch trick, but only Xu succeeded. With a solid standing for her winning jump, Xu held high the national flag and whooped to the cheering crowd, We win.Being trained as a gymnast from the age of four and switched to aerials skii...

Feature: China's ski doctors weave safety net for Beijing 2022 athletes

BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Can non-athletes join the Olympics alongside the world's best skiers? Chinese doctors offering medical aid, along with their foreign counterparts, say Yes.Bai, a 38-year-old anesthesiologist, is one of China's first-generation ski doctors currently rendering medical service at the Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Center to athletes participating in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.An experienced ski enthusiast himself, Bai works at the Peking University Third Hospital. He spends 30 to 40 days in ski resorts every snow season, and almost all his vacation time is spent skiing.Ski doctors must carry a medical kit weighing 15 kg during competitions so as to offer first aid to injured athletes as quickly as possible.To make this possible, Fu Yan, a doctor from Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, practiced skiing almost every day throughout the winter before the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. She fell in love with skiing in 2008 and has been hooked ever since.There is no shortcut for a ski doctor other than continuous practice, said Fu, who scored the highest among female doctors in the skiing tests conducted by the organizing committee.In one of the on-field mishaps, U.S. alpine skier Nina O'Brien slipped near the finish line during the giant slalom event on Feb. 7. Deng Kan, a neurosurgeon from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, was among the on-site medical staff.He said detailed examination and emergency treatment such as analgesia and fixation were administered. She was carried off the course on a stretcher and sent to hospital, where she was diagnosed with a compound fracture of the left leg and underwent surgery within an hour.Extending appreciation, the U.S. ski and snowboard team had tweeted: Nina would like to express her gratitude to all of the people who assisted her so quickly in the finish area at the race, and especially to the doctors and nurses at the hospital who have taken such great care...

Technology forms a digital bridge to reunite family at Beijing 2022

Photo taken on Feb. 10, 2022, shows Zhai Zheng posing with his wife and daughter inside Alibaba's Cloud ME booth. (Photo provided to People's Daily Online)The last time Zhai Zheng participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, he was an Olympic Family Assistant (OFA) hailing from Beijing Foreign Studies University. That was the summer of 2008, and he was commuting between venues to offer assistance to Olympic officials. With the latest Beijing Games shifting into a winter mode, Zhai Zheng has taken on a new role as well: switching from a volunteer to an official overseeing the Games' OFA program. Having become one of the few people to take part in two Beijing Games is a happy coincidence, he said.Since entering the closed loop, an epidemic control management system at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, on January 23, Zhai has focused all of his attention on executing often detailed and complicated tasks. He has been busy training and dispatching volunteers to aid people from all over the world, while stationing himself in office without a chance to spectate any sports events. With all eyes fixed on the athletes and their awe-inspiring performances, Zhai is working round the clock to perfect the overall experience enjoyed by the Olympic big family. Even during the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday that is characterized first and foremost by the family reunion, he was still preoccupied with handling a miscellany of emergencies popping up throughout the day.When Zhai was invited to partake in an activity on February 10, he didn't spend too much time pondering about just what it might be. The mysterious activity turned out to lead him into a room filled with a giant LED wall screen, on which he saw his wife and daughter's image presented on a vivid, almost lifelike screen. He would later discover that it was an orchestrated surprise and that the true-to-life image of his wife and daughter was powered by Cloud ME, a cloud-based real-time communication (RT...

Swede Naeslund breaks Canada's dominance to win women's free ski cross gold at Beijing 2022

CHONGLI, Zhangjiakou, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Sandra Naeslund from Sweden broke Canada's dominance in the women's free ski cross to win the gold at Beijing 2022 here Thursday afternoon.Canada had never conceded the event's Olympic gold before.The 25-year-old Naeslund, who finished fourth at PyeongChang 2018 but topped the World Cup rankings in the 2021-22 season, made a flash start in the four-athlete big final including Marielle Thompson from Canada, Daniela Maier from Germany and Fanny Smith from Switzerland.In the final, which had almost been postponed by the heavy snow, Naeslund led from the start to the end but the chasers closely followed her throughout the duel.I did it. It feels so great, said Naeslund after the big final.I was feeling pretty good today, and the skiing was great, but it was hard with the snow. I didn't know what speed it would be each run, so that was pretty difficult, she added.The 29-year-old Thompson, the champion at Sochi 2014, tried to overtake Naeslund several times at curves but failed and had to settle for the silver.The Olympics is such a different race every time. But the fastest girl won today and Sandra skied really well, said Thompson.I knew I was fast at the bottom and I knew I could do some single rollers rather than jumping, especially in this fresh snow, so I just stuck with it, didn't give up till the end, she added.The bronze went to the 25-year-old Olympic debutant Maier, who finished the run in the fourth place but the third finisher Smith, the bronze medalist at PyeongChang 2018, was judged a foul near the finish line later.The other three Canadian elites, PyeongChang 2018 silver medalist Brittany Phelan, Courtney Hoofos and Hannah Schmidt finished fifth to seventh from the small final.I've been skiing well all week, so not making it to the big final is really tough, said Phelan.Lots of disappointment not getting into that big final. I'll be back in 2026, she added.

Beijing 2022 memo | A rendezvous of sports and Chinese fashion

From Greece to China, the Olympic torch has once again found itself surrounded by an ancient civilization in the East.At the Winter Olympics, discover the beauty of Chinese culture.(Produced by Xie Runjia, Chen Lidan, Zhan Huilan, Li Bowen and Liang Yiming)

All American, Canadian free skiers into men's halfpipe final at Beijing 2022

CHONGLI, Zhangjiakou, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- All the four American men's halfpipe freeskiers, including PyeongChang 2018 champion David Wise and silver medalist Alex Ferreira, and the three Canadians eased through the event's qualification round at Beijing 2022 here on Thursday afternoon.The seven athletes got over-80 points and stood in the top eight places in the qualification in which the top 12 from the 23 competitors advance to the final on Friday.American Aaron Blunck, who finished seventh at PyeongChang 2018, topped the qualifying standings with 92.00 points earned in his second run, followed by Nico Porteous from New Zealand, the bronze medalist at PyeongChang 2018, with 90.50, and U.S. Olympic debutant Bird Irving with 89.75.I just had to get a little nervous and get those fun nerves out and have to go serious-mode on it. Game-time mode. Turn the beast on, said Blanck after the qualification.Wise and Ferreira finished fourth and seventh apiece, and Brendan Mackay, Noah Bowman and Simon Dartois, all from Canada, occupied the fifth, sixth and eighth places respectively.Miguel Porteous, also from New Zealand, finished ninth, followed by Kevin Rolland from France, Robin Briguet from Switzerland and Gus Kenworthy from Britain.On qualifying in second place for the finals together with his brother Miguel Porteous, Nico said, That's incredible to have my brother here and to be standing in the final with absolute pleasure. Just being at the Olympic Games together.China sent three skiers to the competition, but the best ranking was 14th for Mao Bingqiang with 66.26.

Bearing of Olympic torch by Uygur athlete mirrors true Xinjiang

Torch bearers Dinigeer Yilamujiang (L) and Zhao Jiawen attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games at the National Stadium in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 4, 2022. (Xinhua/Xu Zijian)After rising to all of the challenges posed by the coronavirus and US meddling, China successfully launched the Beijing Winter Olympics at the country's National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, in grand style. Beijing presented a mesmerizing spectacle for the whole world to behold as it marked the opening of the Games, with all eyes fixated on the capital of China to watch the Olympic extravaganza.The much-awaited opener was a tremendous cultural and political success for China. From a cultural perspective, the stunning ceremony showcased China’s winter culture and modern history to the world. The fabulous show was globally hailed as an audio-visual feast for its aesthetics as performances perfectly portrayed the ordinary life, culture, history, traditions, and low-carbon philosophy of China.From a political perspective, the ceremony was a huge victory for China and similarly a huge loss for the US and its allies. There is no denying that as part of their all-out war to cripple China, these American-led bloc of allies have long been trying to mar the successful organization of the Olympics by China. They unilaterally decided not to send any officials to the Olympics, and that was despite China confirming that it never invited the US delegates to attend anyways.The US has also exerted its leverage over different countries to impel them to follow suit, but the world in the end did not join the US in its so-called diplomatic boycott of the Olympics, with the Americans having eventually been sidelined over the issue in the global community. This has just gone to show how much lower the US is willing to stoop to deter its Chinese counterpart.Despite the American frowns and a wild surge of Omicron infections all over the world, a total of 32 foreign heads of...

Winter Olympics trivia: Which animal has appeared the most times as a mascot during previous Winter Olympic Games?

Since the first mascot for the Winter Olympic Games was created for the 1968 Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble, France, mascots for the Winter Games have always attracted much attention worldwide. Of all the different animals, the bear has appeared the most times as a mascot during previous Winter Games.Howdy and his sister, Hidy, who are anthropomorphized twin polar bears, were the mascots for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.A snowshoe hare Powder, a coyote Copper, and an American black bear Coal were the mascots for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, U.S. They were meant to illustrate the Olympic motto of faster, higher, stronger.Miga and Quatchi were the mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Miga is a rare white bear that only lives in the province of British Columbia. Quatchi is a sasquatch, a character adapted from a local legend. They were described as having a love for surfing and ice hockey, respectively.The Polar Bear, the Leopard and the Hare were the mascots for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The polar bear is quite a popular animal among Russians.An Asiatic black bear Bandabi was the mascot for the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in South Korea. It is a symbol of will and courage, conveying the Paralympic vision and values to the world.

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