2021 Two Sessions
2021 Two Sessions

2021 Two Sessions

Infographic: Things you need to know about this year's Two Sessions 6 Photos

Infographic: Things you need to know about this year's Two Sessions

(Produced by Gong Han, Huang Jingjing, Bao Han and He Xi)(Sources:,, Xinhua)

Sales of rice dumplings during Lantern Festival doubled compared with last year: JDDJ

Dada Group, Chinas leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, announced on Friday that JDDJ, the on-demand retail platform of Dada, has partnered with retailers and brands to launch a special online shopping festival for the Lantern Festival, a traditional festival for family reunions.(File photo: CFP)According to JDDJ’s data, the Lantern Festival generates a spike in consumption. Rice dumplings, the traditional food of the festival, showed strong sales growth on the eve of the festival. The data on the platform from February 18 to February 25 shows that sales of rice dumplings doubled from the same period last year, and Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shanghai are the top 5 cities with the highest sales in rice dumplings on JDDJ. At the same time, sales of gift boxes for rice dumplings tripled from last year.The decision between sweet or salty fillings with rice dumplings is a hot topic among consumers across the country. On JDDJ’s platform, rice dumplings filled with black sesame, peanut and bean paste are the top 3 popular products this year, which reflects that sweet dumplings are still the first choice of most people during the Lantern Festival. Almost all cities which favor salty dumplings are in southern China, led by Shanghai, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Kunming and Hefei.During this year’s Lantern Festival, JDDJ has partnered with Sanquan, Synear, Wanchai Ferry, Yili, Mengniu, Haitian, Yihai Kerry and other national brands to jointly launch an online shopping festival, featuring rice dumplings, dumplings, wontons and seasonal delicacies, as well as a wide range of other products, including groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, maternal and baby care products, drinks, desserts, personal care and beauty products, medicine, fashion, mobile phones and other categories.

Digital retailer highlights consumption trends of 2021 Chinese New Year

Dada Group, Chinas leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, announced on Wednesday that JDDJ, the on-demand retail platform of Dada, released its consumption trends of the 2021 Chinese New Year. The trends reflect sales data on the platform from February 4 to February 16, which is a traditional holiday in China that typically drives widespread travel as people return home for family reunions.“In January, Dada Group announced that JDDJ and Dada Now would stay open during Chinese New Year in February. Through these two platforms, we are proud to maintain the highest level of safety, while ensuring trustworthy and efficient services for customers across the country”, said Philip Kuai, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dada Group. Key consumption trends in the 2021 CNY include:·Online orders placed from another city: This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many residents have chosen to stay home during the festival. Instead of going out, consumers are placing orders for the festivities online to send to family, and Dada’s one-hour delivery is streamlining the process. JDDJ’s data shows that orders that were placed from a city other than their own has doubled that of the comparable period last year, led by first-tier cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou.·Instant food to stay home: Many consumers who stayed put during this holiday in China have chosen to make a meal for themselves in a relaxed and simple way, which drove the online consumption of instant food across the country. According to JDDJ, sales of instant porridge products, functional drinks and instant rice noodles increased 5.1 times, 2.8 times, 2.4 times, respectively, compared to last year on the platform, while Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou reported the greatest increase in the sales of instant food.·Healthy style and western food: Some healthy and western-style foods have increased in popularity this year. Compared to last year, sales of Ejiao (Donkey...

Ubtech unveils 4-legged ox robots at world's most watched TV show

Ubtech Robotics displayed four four-legged ox robots on the world’s most watched TV on Thursday: the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The Ubtech Pioneering Ox intelligent dancing robot.The four Pioneering Ox robots took to the festival gala stage with some dazzling dancing moves and state-of-the-art mechanical designs.Standing 83 centimeters tall and weighing 60 kilos, the futuristic ox-looking robots all have 16 joints and a payload capability of 15 kilos. Remodeled from Ubtech’s quadruped robot prototype, the oxes can dance to music, bestride rough terrain and climb stairs. Development started on the ox robots in early 2020. They use core AI robotic technology that drives dynamic control, navigation and perception. The Ubtech Pioneering Ox can master walking over difficult terrains.With their movement capability over complicated environments, the quadruped robots add to Ubtech’s portfolio of AI robots that drive robotic research, education, commercial services and security operations. Past appearances include 540 Alpha 1S robots performing a flawless dance in 2016, 24 Jimu dog robots in 2018 and humanoid Walkers dancing in 2019.

Cherry festival delivers delicious Chilean cherries to Chinese homes

The JDDJ Chilean Cherry Online Shopping Festival was launched Sunday in partnership with more than 20 Chinese retailers including Walmart, Yonghui Superstores, CR Vanguard and Pagoda.The festival is the fruit of cooperation between China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform Dada Group’s JD Daojia (JDDJ), the Consulate General of the Republic of Chile in Shanghai and the Chilean Cherry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX).Nicolás Silva, business development manager at the trade commission of Chile in Shanghai, attended a JDDJ Chilean cherry livestreaming e-commerce event where he introduced Chilean cherries to Chinese consumers.During the livestreaming, same-day sales of Chilean cherries on JDDJ rose 133 percent from the previous Sunday, creating an online shopping trend for the Chinese New Year Festival that this year falls on February 12.Bo Yang, head of JDDJ fresh food business department, said: “Cherries are mainly imported from Chile in the Chinese market. To meet consumers’ needs, JDDJ is partnering with the Chilean consulate and ASOEX to shorten the supply chain between country of origin and distributors.“Through these efforts, we are improving the quality of cherries available in our platform, ensuring a consistent supply while maintaining lower prices.”Charif Christian Carvajal, marketing director for Europe and Asia at ASOEX, was quoted as saying: “Chilean cherries are not only a good choice for Chinese New Year gifts, but are also a very healthy fruit choice for daily life.“This partnership will allow our delicious red cherries to spread health and happiness to more consumers in China.”Carvajal noted that with the on-demand retail and delivery advantages of the JDDJ platform, consumers would be able to conveniently purchase Chilean cherries “that will arrive to their homes faster and better than ever.”Despite challenges faced by the fruit industry during the global pandemic, global exports of fresh Chilean cherries...

Mobile phones to gain increasing sales in on-demand retail: white paper

Dada Group, Chinas leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, announced that JDDJs Data Research Institute today released its 2020 white paper, "On-demand Consumption of Mobile Phones." The white paper states that as digital transformation brings new sales engines for electronics stores and establishes online service standards, mobile phones have become the category with the most potential in the field of on-demand retail, outside of fresh food and groceries. (File photo: agencies)JD Daojia, the local on-demand retail platform of Dada Group, collaborates with electronics stores to promote online purchases of mobile phones across the country. JDDJ achieved a new milestone at the end of 2020 with more than 6,000 online electronics stores and 150 partner dealers on the platform. As a result, the mobile phone category was the fastest-growing category for JDDJ in 2020.Huijian He, the Vice President of Dada Group, said, “Mobile phones offer the most promising opportunities for growth in the age of on-demand retail. With the vision of ‘Bringing People Everything on Demand’, JDDJ has expanded its presence in lower-tier cities and seeks to collaborate with more electronics stores, bringing its convenient one-hour delivery service to a growing consumer base.” The white paper notes that more than 90% of consumers choosing JDDJ are attracted by its one-hour delivery service. Consumers prefer JDDJ’s one-hour delivery rather than standard overnight or next day shipping options. To ensure the safety of high-value orders, Dada Now, the local on-demand delivery platform of Dada Group, selects specially qualified riders who have undergone training through the Dada Now smart logistics system. Additionally, the average delivery time for mobile phones in 2020 was cut by 17% compared with 2019, with the fastest order was delivered in a mere 10 minutes. The combination of speed, security and steadily improved efficiency has resulted in high customer satisfac...

S. China's Shenzhen sees trade with B&R countries grow in Jan.- Nov. 2020

9 percent year-on-year growth in trade with the Belt and Road (B&R) countries in the first 11 months of 2020 with the trade value at 603.24 billion yuan (about 93.91 billion yuan, up 25 percent year on year during the period.

The Hainan Free Trade Port will cooperate, not compete, with Hong Kong

In the over half a year since the publication of the “Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port” on June 1, the development of the FTP has made several excellent accomplishments, creating quite a buzz in the international community. However, since the start of the FTP development, the topic of “The Hainan FTP replacing Hong Kong” has popped up again and again, and recently it has been rehashed once more by the media. This, though, is a misinterpretation of the original intention and direction of the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port.“As Hainan rises, Hong Kong diminishes” - this saying has appeared before, as early as the 2018 publication of the “The CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting the Comprehensive Deepening of Hainan’s Reform and Opening Up”, when similar ideas surfaced in Western opinion, speculating that the development of the Hainan FTP threatened Hong Kong’s position. In fact,the “Guidance Opinion” and the “Master Plan” are both quite clear that Hainan is to become a Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics, and does not target anyone, does not seek to counterbalance anyone, and does not replace anyone. The Hainan FTP instead seeks to provide beneficial experience for China in further deepening the nation’s reform and opening-up to the outside world.In fact, several experts have already performed a careful analysis of the situation, and the majority of them believe that Hong Kong and Hainan’s economies will work together, not compete, that the economies are different and have an excellent opportunity for cooperation, and they reject the narrow-minded minority opinion that Hainan poses any threat to Hong Kong.On June 8, 2020, the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China held a news conference on the current situation of the “Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port”, and a reporter raised the following question: “In the future, will Hainan function as a replacem...

How to summarize 2020 in one word?Foreign friends in Ningbo gave the answers

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 cast a shadow across the world, making it difficult for everyone to get through in a short time. We walked through the streets and focused on foreigners living in Ningbo. They differ in their nationalities, occupations and experiences, but same in choosing to stay in Ningbo and standing together as well as living memories with us.Hence we attempted to enquire: What did the year of 2020 mean to them? If one word is used to summarize Ningbo 2020, which one will that be?A special event was staged in the Ningbo Museum on December 21st, 2020. It was the Chinese and foreign cultural and creative market held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of friendly ties between Ningbo, China and Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK).At the market eighteen booths were set up to showcase wares from home and abroad. Some stalls specialized in traditional Chinese culture, for example, creative cultural products of Ningbo. There was impressionable intangible heritage delicacy dragons and phoenix sticky rice balls on offer, craftsmanship dough figurines, gold and silver embroidery, and Han-style traditional Chinese clothing. Also, foreigners living in Ningbo sold treasured foreign language books and crafts.We met Ma Shile at the market. This was already his third visit to Ningbo in December. He was so tall that he could be easily recognized in the crowd. He preferred Ningbo to his hometown Moscow. “This is a city that is as comfortable as home, and I really like it.” he said.Martin Challenor, a university academic from South Africa, walked towards us. He was a brilliant conversationalist and counted the days he had stayed in Ningbo, feeling that had already seemed a long time. “Ive been living in Ningbo for 1,193 days,” he said. His humor made our communication easy and comfortable. In his eyes, the year of 2020 hasnt undergone easy for both China and Ningbo. “The whole world is confronted with challenges, and I was in Ningbo and witn...

Chinese online grocery firm Dada marks key events of 2020

Dada Group, Chinas leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform celebrates the company’s top 10 achievements of 2020. “In a year marked by uncertainty, Dada has consistently offered consumers a safe and efficient shopping experience while achieving impressive growth and geographical expansion,” said Philip Kuai, the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Dada Group. “We look forward to continuing our momentum and building on our success in 2021 and beyond.” Key milestones in 2020 include:• Assisting the anti-virus fight: At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Dada Group launched its "Contactless Delivery" service. JDDJ partnered with retailers to launch "Daojia Fresh Market" and set up the "Daojia Secured Sourcing Alliance." Hundreds of thousands of Dada Now riders were on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, delivering critical supplies to households across China. Dada is pleased to have played a key role in supporting the safety and wellbeing of citizens around the country.• Listing on NASDAQ: On June 5, 2020, the eve of the Company’s sixth anniversary, Dada Group successfully listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, becoming the first Chinese on-demand retail Company to go public in the US Analyst reports from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Haitong International and other domestic and international investment banks have noted Dada’s strong market positioning and long-term prospects.• Expansion into lower-tier cities: Dada is committed to providing on-demand shopping and delivery services to customers across China, and both Dada Now and JDDJ are accelerating the geographic expansion of their businesses into lower-tier markets. To date, Dada Now and JDDJ cover more than 2,600 and 1,200 counties and cities, respectively. The lower-tier market has become a major growth driver for JDDJ, with sales in those cities increasing by more than 170 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of 2020.• Tec...

Video: The Chinese globalists

2020 will be remembered as a year like no other. The pandemic has largely hindered global interaction and induced a worldwide isolation, redefining the economic, social and political dynamics of contemporary societies. Globalization itself has also faced unprecedented challenges, with protectionism, populism and unilateralism surging rapidly.However, such strong headwinds didn’t stop China from further embracing the world.On Wednesday, China and Europe announced that the two sides have completed the investment agreement negotiations as scheduled, showing Chinas determination and confidence to push high-level opening-up.In November, China also signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the worlds largest free trade agreement (FTA).On top of that, in 2020, China announced a series of opening-up measures, including the construction of the Hainan free trade port and the establishment of three new free trade zones—Beijing, Hunan and Anhui—bringing the total number of free trade zones to 21.In 2020, China also held the China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing, the China International Import Expo in Shanghai and the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in Guangzhou.These three exhibitions have shown China’s determination to continue to expand opening-up, and promote the construction of an open world economy.Meanwhile, China celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and the 30th anniversary of the development and opening-up of Shanghais Pudong in 2020.During Chinas ever-growing opening-up, how have all the policies impacted ordinary people and the cities they live in?This video focuses on the lives of three ordinary people in Hainan, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and tell stories of how they have bridged China’s connection with the world.(Produced by Ni Tao, Liang Peiyu, Bai Yuanqi, He Jieqiong, Zhu Yurou, Zhao Dantong and Wang Yiran; Interns Peng Temin, Xie Fuyu and L...

Shaanxi's Development: Apples reduce poverty

Since 1999, Yanan has returned farmland to forests on a large scale. 20 years of ecological and environmental protection efforts have brought the forest coverage in Yanan from 33.5% to 52.5%, the vegetation coverage from 46% to 81.3%, and moved the vegetation area of Shaanxi 400 kilometers northward.Apple trees have driven away storms, boosted apple-related industry, and improved the livelihood of local people in Yanan, an old revolutionary site.Growing apples in Yanan started by Li Xinan in Asi Village, Luochuan County.In 1947, 28-year-old Li Xinan brought apple saplings from Henan with a donkey and a cart, then he built the first orchard in Luochuan County, only covering 6.7 mu (about 4466 square meters).The year 1951 saw his trees yield fruits. Inspired by Lis success, more and more farmers started to grow apples. From 1951 to 1955, the apple orchard in Luochuan County expanded to nearly 100 mu.Luochuan now boasts a total apple planting area of 530,000 mu, or 3.3 mu per capita, ranking first in the country. The total output of apples in Luochuan County reaches 930,000 tons, and the per capita disposable income of fruit farmers stands at 13,249 yuan. At the end of 2019, Luochuan County registered the agricultural output value of 3.665 billion yuan, of which apple output value was 3.391 billion yuan, accounting for 92.5% of the total. And Asi village is billed as "Apple Village" that integrates apple industry and tourism.Xi Zhangxi, general manager of Shaanxi Top Fruit Technology Co., Ltd. ("Top Fruit Industry") ,has been engaged in apple planting and production.In plants of Top Fruit Industry, apples are carefully selected. After intelligent measuring of appearance, sugar-acid ratio, and mold heart, apples that do not meet the standard will be eliminated. The qualified ones are distributed to various channels for packaging and selling.Top Fruit Industry has also set up unmanned vending machines near the bustli...

This is Shaanxi: Guanzhong Folk Custom Park

The Guanzhong (central Shaanxi) Folk Custom Park is located in Fufeng County, a legendary region of Shaanxi. Seasoned as time goes by, the park organically integrates the residential buildings, local cuisine, manual workshops and farmhouses.A vivid mock Ming-and-Qing complexSo far, Guanzhong Folk Custom Park is one of the largest complexes in Ming-Qing Dynasty style in Shaanxi Province. Here, the quaint traditional Chinese erections are symmetrical on the axis with towers at four corners, delivering a sense of formality and rigor.Distinct Guanzhong cuisineIn the manual workshops, the dried noodles pour down like a waterfall; fascinating aroma wafts from the tofu shop from time to time; there are also workshops processing oil and vinegar. Here over hundred kinds of cuisine of West-Fu (west region of Guanzhong plain) will let you feast on the charm of Guanzhong food.The largest shadow puppet museum in ShaanxiWith a history of over a thousand years, the shadow puppet is interesting and vivid. While the shadow puppet show is on, the bamboo sticks are dancing in the hands of the puppeteer. If you didnt watch your fill, feel free to give it a try on stage to experience the fascination of this ancient art.Precious stone artifactsThe park preserves a large number of stone artifacts, truly presenting the living conditions and working scenes of the agrarian period when men ploughed and women wove. Various and vivid stone artifacts here include hitching posts, stone sheep, up-horse stones, and stone troughs. They have combined the old and new, enabling visitors from cities to cherish the simplicity of Guanzhong folk customs.

This is Shaanxi: Hanyangling Ginkgo Forest

Hanyanglingisparticularly charming inlate October each yearwhen the ginkgoleaves enterthe most beautiful period of time. Coveredby more thana hundred hectares of golden ginkgowoods, Hanyanglinglooks like a glitteringroyal palacein ancient China.Despitea rich variety of autumn tints, goldenginkgoesisthe most inviting one, falling like lively elvesand finally cultivating a splendid picture.Ginkgoforest inHanyangling is said to be thelargest one of its kindaround Xian, with vast ginkgo trees planted over ten years ago. Tens of thousands of ginkgotrees grow tall and straight, whose branches and leaves sway with the soft wind, creating a romantic ambiance against the warm and tranquil sunshine in late autumn.Damsels in traditional Han Costume walk into the ginkgowoods gently and slowly, perfectly complementing with the golden settings behind them. Theginkgoforestis so vast that rowsof treesin your eyes are about to tint the sky and the end of woods is to meet the skyline. You will surely beenchanted by the ocean ofgolden trees. Besides gentleness, ginkgotrees are also of decencywith a majestic look, whosetrunks curl andbranches grow in an orderly way. You can see ancient tall ones for sure in Chinas well-known mountains and remote temples,which form a mysterious picture. They have survived many vicissitudes intact and witnessed the changes of historystill.The ginkgotree is also known as "a living sculpture of art", which can be ornamental all the year round. Ginkgotreecanbevigorously green insummer and attractively goldenin autumn, forming a wonderful and elegant image. Good weather is here, come on! Go to Hanyanglingand enjoy the beautiful view of ginkgotrees!

Greek officials, entrepreneurs praise China's commitment to free trade amid COVID-19

By holding the 3rd China International Import Expo China shows its commitment to international cooperation in trade and globalization amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Greek officials and business representatives told Xinhua here recently. China has successfully combated the virus up to now and currently

This is Shaanxi: Maweiyi in Xingping City

Maweiyi is the first courier station on the ancient Silk Road, which started from Changan to the west region. With the thriving commerce and trade, Changan, the capital of the Tang Dynasty(618-907), was by then the most prosperous city in the world, yet gradually declining after wars and mutinies.Maweiyi is always connected with the poignant love story between Li Longji (685 - 762, the longest serving emperor in the Tang Dynasty) and his cherished concubine YangYuhuan. Due to the stirred-up mutiny, such a peerless romance was buried in the loess with Yang Yuhuan hanged to death. Plain as it is, the tomb at Maweiyi stands still for thousands of years, always resonating with this tale.Over time, the Maweiyi Folk Culture Village, perfectly combining modern life and history, has developed upon the unique historical elements of the Huangshan Palace(a royal Taoist temple built in 193 BC during the Han Dynasty). Surrounded by clusters of trees and flowers, the buildings inside are arranged orderly. Also, the landscape waterfalls, sculptures, and pavilions add great cultural charm to the village.The Maweiyi today is fully permeated by folk customs, with the local architecture, decoration and culture all flavored with the folk spirit. The old artists, performing Chinese traditional opera on the theatre tower, sing out all the vicissitudes of life.There are also folk artists performing juggling and unique tricks from time to time every day, giving the tourists a solid thrill.The food here is also memorable, attracting countless tourists to stop and taste.Once awarded as "Chinas Most Beautiful Village", Maweiyi Folk Culture Village is well known for the profound history and the folk culture passed for generations.

This is Shaanxi: Red Leaf Festival at Qinling

The Qinling Mountains, stretching 1,600 kilometers like a giant dragon, start from Gansu Province in the west to Henan Province in the east. Featured scenery can be discovered in the steep hills, majestic valleys and hidden rivers.Though slightly cold in October, the Qinling Mountains is immersed in the enchanting red. Trees such as Sumac, maple, and birch are turning red after wind and frost, bringing beautiful glow to the hillsides and trails in the autumn sunlight.The Liuba County, located in the southern hinterland of the Qinling Mountains, has a forest coverage rate of 91.23%, ranking first in northwest China. It perfectly combines the natural environment with the unique cultural landscape. Every fall, the undulating mountains are covered with hundreds of trees in splendid colors.This year, the highlighted viewing spots of Liuba Red Leaf Festival are Qinling Scenic Avenue, Secret Land of Red Leaf, and Red Leaf Feasts, also with other scenic spots recommended. Lets go and check them out!The most beautiful mountain village roadThe Chaiguan RidgeAncient ginkgoTuyu RoadZhang Liang Temple (famous general in the Eastern Han Dynasty 25-220)Zibai MountainLover ValleyShizigou RanchThe Taizi RidgeJiuzi DitchWangjiagou DitchBaimiao CoveShuibai Ditch

This is Shaanxi: National Forest Park of Muwang

Muwang National Forest Park is located in Muwang state-owned forest farm in the west of Zhenan County, Shaanxi Province, with Xian in the north, Ankang in the south, and Hanzhong in the west, covering a total area of 3,616 hectares. Dominated by azaleas as well as grotesque peaks and rocks, Muwang National Forest Park presents a beautiful northern subtropical forest scenery. It is well known for its millennium fir forest, azalea trees, Beak Peak, and stone waterfalls. A total of 3 rivers, 9 streams, 18 waterfalls, 36 pools, 72 peak and 108 scenic spots can be found in the park, which is divided into three scenic areas and one natural reserve.With mild climate, abundant rainfall, and the forest coverage rate up to 98.3%, it is a natural oxygen bar. Besides, the park also boasts lush green vegetation, a vast expanse of pasture, and kinds of rare animals.A total of over 1,300 species of seed plants grow here, 30 among which are nationally protected tree species, such as yew, lanceolata, water green, and Qinling fir. At the same time, the park provides a habitat for more than 200 kinds of wild animals, including over 10 protected species such as takin, clouded leopard, golden eagle, black bear, white-crowned pheasant, giant salamander, and forest musk deer. On top of that, the National Forest Park of Muwang is also home to giant pandas.Double-headed Horse AreaDominated by its unique landform and forest, the area gets the name because of the mountain that resembles a horse with two heads.Sihaiping Scenic AreaSihaiping Scenic Area is unique for its waterfalls and towering trees.Cigou Valley AreaBeak Peak ReserveFeaturing trees and natural landscape, the reserve is also ideal for forest adventure.

This is Shaanxi: Xiangshan Hill in Hancheng City

Beijing Xiangshan Hill, or Fragrant Hills Park, is widely known for red leaves. Guess what? There is also a Xiangshan Hill in Hancheng City in Shaanxi Province. Every autumn, serried maples all dyed through like bright flames. And red leaves turn deep crimson in the early frost, presenting a special scene.In autumn, hill on hill is all in red and wood on wood in a deep dye. Among places to admire autumn colors, I strongly recommend you Xiangshan that is located between Banqiao Town and Zhiyang Town in Hancheng. For one thing, Xiangshan Hill boasts a vast expanse of primeval forest, making your trip in wild mountain more interesting. Besides, no ticket is needed for the wonderful autumn going.After a frost, the Xiangshan Hill features endless brilliant red leaves of maples and smoke trees. And that is the best time to admire red leaves. They look like falling petals from afar, but you will see that they are actually oval via a closer look. It is said that Bai Juyi, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, once lived in Xiangshan. He was so fascinated by the scenery here that he named himself "Xiangshan Hermit", literarily meaning a man who lives at Xiangshan.Red leaves are so brilliant and breathtaking, adding a trace of liveliness to bleak autumn scene on the mountain. With a closer look at veins of a leaf blade, you will understand why red leaves are the most bewitching one among a rich variety of autumn tints.Standing high on the Xiangshan Hill, you will find scenery to rival anything you can see in Xiangshan Hill in Beijing. Go visit Xiangshan in Hancheng and feast your eyes on an ocean of red leaves!

This is Shaanxi: The Xingjiao Buddhist Temple

The Xingjiao Buddhist TempleXingjiao Temple, also known as the "Xingjiao Temple the Nation Guardian of Great Tang", is the head of the Grand Eight Temples of Fanchuan (famous Buddhist region of China in the Tang Dynasty 618-907), and it is one of the ancestral temples of the Eight Patriarchs of Chinese Buddhism. Located on the Shaoling Plain 20 kilometers south of Xian, the temple is also the burial place of Xuanzang, the famous translator and traveler of the Tang Dynasty.Xingjiao Temple consists of three buildings, namely the hall, the Tibetan scripture building and the pagoda courtyard. The Mountain Gate, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Main Hall, Dharma Hall and the Reclining Buddha Hall are all arranged on the central axis of the main courtyard, forming the main building of the temple.Shanmen/the Mountain Gate ("Shanmen" takes its literal meaning of "Mountain Gate", and it is the most important gate of aChineseChan Buddhisttemple)The gate was built with bricks in shape of a pavilion, with five Chinese characters "Hu Guo Xing Jiao Si" (Xingjiao Temple the Nation Guardian) engraved on top of its front.The Bell Tower in Xingjiao TemplePassing the Mountain Gate, you will see the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower opposite to each other in the east and west.The Main Hall (a common name for the main temple in Han Buddhist monasteries or places of worship)Within the hall, there is a gilded seated statue of Sakyamuni cast in the Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368), a bronze Amitabha statue cast in the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), and a white jade statue of Maitreya Buddha presented by Burma. Moreover, a bronze statue of Guanyin (a bodhisattva associated with compassion in East Asian) from the Tang Dynasty and a wood carved statue of Bodhisattva in the Ming Dynasty are on the west and east side respectively.The Cien (Mercy and Kindness) HallXikua Courtyard, also known as the Cien Tower Courtyard, is the place where the remai...


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