Stand with Wuhan: Fight COVID-19 with China from an Israeli perspective

Raz Galor, founder of The Foreigners Research Institute in China, has expressed his support and confidence in fighting against COVID-19 together with the Chinese people.“Most people (in Israel) are looking forward to helping (Chinese people),” Galor said when speaking about the ties between China and Israel. “That shows that there’s strong friendship between Israeli and Chinese people.”Galor has donated medical supplies to China in order to fight COVID-19 together.“It’s like helping my brother or sister when they’re sick,” Galor said, “It’s a natural thing.”“I’m extremely impressed or even shocked by the very quick, scheduled and determined action (made by China),” Galor added, expressing his confidence on winning the battle and encouraging people to face it “politely and rationally with a smile”.(Video produced by Raz Galor and Zhao Dantong, script written by Bao Han)

Fact Check in Wuhan: Foreigners staying in Wuhan amid outbreak

After the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan, many foreigners fled the city, but the ones in this video did not. Some of them became volunteers, some of them managed to live a normal life and some of them have started to work again.Click the video to listen to the stories of four foreigners who stayed in Wuhan amid the outbreak.(Video by Qiao Wai and Wang Xiangyu)

Fact Check in Wuhan: How do Wuhan people undergo nucleic acid testing?

Nucleic acid testing is an important means of identifying the presence of novel coronavirus pneumonia. In China, people can easily obtain free nucleic acid tests. Large-scale free nucleic acid testing has played a significant role in controlling the epidemic in Wuhan. How do Wuhan citizens complete nucleic acid testing? Follow People’s Daily’s correspondents in Wuhan to find out.

Fact Check in Wuhan: Are physical convenience stores only open online?

Wuhan has been locked down since January 23, and almost all Wuhan citizens have been staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. How do people buy daily necessities at convenience stores? Follow People’s Daily’s correspondent to find out.(Video produced by Wang Xiangyu and Qiao Wai)

Fact Check in Wuhan: Is food a headache for Wuhan citizens?

Wuhan has been locked down since January 23, and almost all Wuhan citizens have been staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. What is the food supply situation in Wuhan? Follow People’s Daily’s correspondent to find out.(Video produced by Qiao Wai, Wang Xiangyu and Hu Runxin)

Observer: Global health crisis can only be solved by unity, not stigmatization

Social stigma and discrimination are repeating occurrences through humanity’s history of coping with pandemics. This time is no exception.Pressure on the White House sharply mounted as the US faces grave challenges from both the COVID-19 epidemic and a volatile stock market.Scientists are still tracing the origin of the novel coronavirus, but some American politicians allege China is to blame. Their reaction was not to follow scientific opinions and map out contingency plans but to label the novel coronavirus the “Chinese Virus.”When the World Health Organization named the disease “COVID-19,” it explicitly explained that global experts intended to prevent the use of other names that may be inaccurate or stigmatizing.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned against stigma-causing language even before the virus demonstrated its destructive power in the United States.The term “Chinese Virus” only contributes to confusion and divisiveness in an uncertain time, infectious disease experts warned. An editorial in the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday urged Americans to stop using it.Another article, from Politico, also disapproved of the term. “The escalating drumbeat against China is worrying some public health experts, who say the attempts to blame Beijing for the coronavirus outbreak could harm efforts to combat the spreading contagion.” Using labels like “Chinese Virus” has done more to degrade trust than build it.“A lot of these emotional and punishment policies will over time come back to bite us,” warned Paul Haenle, a former National Security Council official under the George W Bush and Obama administrations.“Naming a disease after a place stigmatizes that place and that’s why there’s been an intentional move away from that,” said Jeremy Konyndyk, another former Obama administration official who helped lead the US response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa. “Ultimately, diseases are about biology, not geography.”“Let’s remember. C...

Observer: Nobody will be left behind in the battle against coronavirus

An inspection group dispatched by China’s central government to Hubei Province, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, said all confirmed or suspected patients should be located and treated. Local authorities are to conduct thorough screenings of each patient’s close contacts and anyone else who has experienced virus-like symptoms."Every minute is a life, and medical care must not be delayed. Medical personnel must race against time and provide aid for patients in need," said the inspection group.China’s Hubei Province has remained the center of the novel coronavirus epidemic. To contain the virus, everyone in the province must contribute in the battle against this epidemic. Such efforts demand comprehensive measures and individual responsibility to prevent the outbreak from spreading. On the path to victory, nobody shall be left behind, and this is how we will win.Since the virus outbreak, the CPC Central Committee has attached great importance in safeguarding human life and health. Epidemic prevention and control efforts are a matter of life and death and cannot afford to hesitate or make the slightest delay. The policy of "ensuring every confirmed or suspected patient is located and treated without leaving anyone unprotected" reveals a general concern over patients and a respect for human life.To ensure "every confirmed or suspected patient is located and attended to without leaving anyone unprotected," we need more advanced procedures and support facilities. Every step must be solid to help doctors and patients in this battle. Whether it’s transferring people to quarantine facilities or providing supplies to medical staff, it is imperative that we work together step-by-step.Its a race against time and a fight against sickness. As the saying goes, "Speed is a soldier’s asset.” We have the confidence and ability to defeat this epidemic as long as we rise to the challenges, react faster...

Observer: Racism a bigger threat than coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in China, despite seeing countless reports on the number of infections and how hard frontline medical staff fight against the virus, it’s disheartening to witness how racism based on the epidemic is emerging in many countries. Instead of standing in solidarity, Asians and anyone who looks Chinese are stigmatized.In many countries, especially in Europe and North America, it’s common to see passengers resist sitting next to Asian passengers. Shops and malls turn down Asian customers. Asian schoolchildren who attend schools in the West are bullied or singled out by teachers and classmates. On the front page of a French newspaper, big block letters announced “Yellow Alert” next to an image of a Chinese woman wearing a face mask. In fact, Asians wearing surgical masks for the purpose of disease prevention are turning into the targets of discrimination and regarded as carrying certain types of virus. It’s even more ridiculous that Chinatowns in many countries and even Chinese restaurants are shunned and stigmatized.It’s obvious that racism is posing an even bigger threat than the coronavirus amid the outbreak as it breeds inequality, unfairness, hatred and hostility among different groups of people in an increasingly globalized world. Asians and especially Chinese are stigmatized as primitive, unhealthy, eating “dirty” food and carriers of deadly disease. Such stereotyped images are obviously biased, and it should be emphasized that such racial discrimination won’t bring any benefits to public health. On the contrary, exacerbating an even tenser racial climate is prone to cause more conflict as we see Asians beaten on the streets or more school bullying and violence taking place.Racism doesn’t kill the virus, so local governments all around the country need to base their preventive measures on a reasonable and effective grounds. With epidemic prevention and control entering a crucial period, some countries are overreacting and even go to...

Xi leads the fight against novel coronavirus outbreak

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) epidemic, the Chinese government and people have been making all-out efforts to battle its spread.PresidentXi Jinpinghas been personally directing and making arrangements. Watch what Xi has done in the fight against the virus.(Produced by Yang Yang, Zhao Dantong, Zhan Huilan and Xu Xinran; story compiled by Yang Yang)

Xi receives warm welcome during state visit to Myanmar

Chinese President XiJinpingarrived in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday for a state visit to Myanmar. It is Xis first overseas trip this year, and Xi received grand welcome and warm hospitality.

Myanmar students extend welcome to President Xi's visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday for a state visit to Myanmar. Waving national flags, Myanmar students lined up along the road in the capital city to greet the first Chinese president to pay a state visit to the Southeast Asian country in 19 years.

China-Myanmar 'Paukphaw' (fraternal) friendship gaining vitality

At the invitation of Myanmars President U Win Myint, Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a two-day state visit to Myanmar on January 17 and 18, his first foreign trip of 2020.It will also be the first visit by a Chinese president to the neighboring country in 19 years.2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of China-Myanmar diplomatic relations. The visit is believed to further cement the two nations"Paukphaw" friendship. Myanmar and China call each other "paukphaw", a Myanmar word for siblings.There have been frequent high-level visits and exchanges between the two countries. This video reviews Xis recent meetings with top leaders of Myanmar, his remarks on the bilateral ties, and large cooperative infrastructural projects launched under the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Xi.(Text compiled by Huang Jingjing)

Know about Myanmar in 60 seconds

Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Myanmar from January 17 to 18at the invitation ofMyanmarsPresident U Win Myint.Bordering Southwest Chinas Yunnan Province, Myanmar established diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China in 1950.The "pauk-phaw" (fraternal) friendship between the two countriesdates back to ancient times. Pauk-phaw, inMyanmar language,means siblings from the same mother.Located in the west of Asias Indo-China Peninsula, Myanmarcovers an area of more than 677,000 squarekilometers, with a population of around 55 million and 135ethnic groups.Click on the video to find more about the country.(By Yang Lijuan, Zhao Dantong, Wang Hui, Ji Peijuan, Zhang Zhiwen and Zhao Yipu. Video edited by Wang Rong,Yu Xingxin and Huang Jingjing)

Wuhan not alone with you

The people had been sad, but rediscovered hope. Together in this land, they are still hardworking.Wuhan is not alone with you, and the dark cloud will enventually disperse.What happend now will become the past one day, and we will step into a new stage of life.(Compiled by Shan Xin)

Video: Wuhan is not a virus and Wuhan will never surrender

Wuhan, the capital city of Central China’s Hubei Province, has gained worldwide attention as the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak. There are mounting efforts from all sectors to maintain the health and safety of local citizens in Wuhan. Some of the international community has neglected the fact that Wuhan is a city tortured by this epidemic. Some Western media insist on using the phrase “Wuhan virus” to report on the outbreak. It should be stressed that Wuhan is not a virus, and the city and its citizens are victims of the epidemic.In the battle against the novel coronavirus, medical staff from all over the country volunteered to come to Hubei to fill the shortage of personnel. In the meantime, various make-shift hospitals including Huoshenshan, Leishenshan and 11 more temporary hospitals are being built to cope with the surging number of infected patients.2020 witnessed countless teary-eyed faces, as people waved goodbye to their families as they left their homes to join in the fight. But they are never alone and Wuhan will never surrender. As people from all over the world expressed their support and determination to stand with Wuhan, Wuhan will never be an isolated island. Watch the following video and join in our campaign on social media with the tag #standwithwuhan.(Video produced by Liang Peiyu, Cheng Weidan, Han Xiaomeng, Shan Xin, Zhang Luojia and Chen Gai ;story compiled by Han Xiaomeng)

Health Silk Road protect lives of all mankind

A slogan to cheer up Italy in the fight against the novel coronavirus is written on the back of the protective clothing of a Chinese medical expert. (Photo courtesy of Zhou Hua, associate chief physician of respiratory disease department of the First Affiliated Hospital of the School of Medicine wit

First China-Europe freight train leaves Wuhan, marking restoration of operation

A China-Europe freight train bound for Duisburg of Germany pulls out of the Wuhan terminal of China Railway Intermodal in Wuhan, central China"s Hubei Province, March 28, 2020.The China-Europe freight train , carrying 50 containers of goods, left the Wuhan terminal of China Railway Intermodal on Sat

27th span of Bangladesh's largest Padma Bridge installed

Photo taken on March 28, 2020 shows the construction site of the Padma Bridge on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The construction of Bangladesh"s largest Padma Bridge is still underway in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, with the 27th span of the bridge installed on Saturday. In J

Manufacturing enterprises bounce back amid the epidemic

Workers make shoes at a shoemaking factory in Xiangtang Town of Nanchang County, east China"s Jiangxi Province, Feb. Many companies here that rely on exports have resumed production. Manufacturing enterprises have regained momentum as normal operations as well as production advance and the supply c

Chinese medical team arrives in Pakistan to help fight COVID-19

Chinese medical experts and Pakistani officials pose for a group photo at the Islamabad International Airport in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, March 28, 2020. An 8-member medical expert team organized by the Chinese government arrived here on Saturday to help Pakistan fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


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