Chinese online retailer launches shopping festival for pet supplies

JDDJ, the on-demand retail platform of Dada Group, is working with New Ruipeng Group, a leading platform providing pet services in China, to jointly launch an online Pet Supplies Shopping Festival. Nearly 1,000 New Ruipeng stores on the JDDJ platform join this festival. Through JDDJs local on-demand retail service, pet owners can enjoy the convenient shopping experience of placing orders online and receiving pet supplies at home within one hour.The pet business is an important part of JDDJs omni-channel strategy. Products currently include pet food, pet toys, pet health care, pet cleaning and multiple other categories, and service covers Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and all first-tier cities in China. In the future, JDDJ will further provide more consumers in lower-tier markets with on-demand retail services for pet supplies.(File photo: agencies)In July this year, JDDJ built a cooperative partnership with New Ruipeng Group. At present, nearly 1,000 New Ruipeng stores have been integrated into the JDDJ platform.According to a Frost & Sullivan report, China’s pet supplies market has reached a scale of 100 billion RMB ($14.78 billion), of which the offline market accounts for 58.2 percent, and online market for 41.8 percent. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the online pet market is rapidly recovering and accelerating its growth.

Smartphone maker OPPO launches ColorOS 11 operating system

The world-leading smartphone brand OPPO held a global launch for its all-new ColorOS 11 on Monday via an online press conference, making history as one of the first OEMs to bring the latest Android 11 update to global users. With its “Make Life Flow” concept, ColorOS 11 maintains the beloved stock Android features while also providing the rich UI customization sought by OPPO users. Its rapid launch, which follows on the heels of Googles Android 11 announcement, is the result of a close collaboration between the two companies to realize the launch in record time.ColorOS 11 offers an unprecedented level of UI customization to help users unleash their imagination and personalize their experience. Users can essentially create their own Always-On Display, theme, and wallpaper, as well as fonts, icons, and ringtones. This latest upgrade also enhances stock Android’s Dark Mode with three color schemes and levels of contrast. Meanwhile, OPPO Relax 2.0 lets users create their own white noise mix while also offering an extensive and immersive collection of sounds from cities around the world.“ColorOS 11’s focus on UI customization is rooted in the customer’s desire for a more personalized and unique phone experience,” said Lynn Ni, OPPO ColorOS design project leader. “The ColorOS team has heeded the user feedback for greater UI customization, offering a more personalized UI that encompasses a wide range of features. In doing so, we are providing users with ample space to demonstrate their creativity and exercise control over their phones.”ColorOS 11 is equipped with robust features that improve work and life efficiency. Among them is Three-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, the first feature co-created by OPPO and Google. It captures and translates text through a simple screenshot taken with a three-finger gesture.Flexdrop, another new feature, provides a simple and intuitive solution for multi-tasking. Users can watch video and text at the same time, w...

Trade and leadership

Photo taken on Sept. 9, 2020 shows a view of the China National Convention Center, the main venue of the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), in Beijing, capital of China. The six-day CIFTIS concluded in Beijing on Wednesday. (Xinhua/Zhang Chenlin)The opening last week of the China International Fair for Trade in Services was not just a showcase of China’s new technologies and innovations, and its success in containing the spread of COVID-19, but also a valuable insight into the qualities of the country’s leadership.I read with interest the speech ofChinese President Xi Jinping, who spoke of Chinas willingness to join hands with all in this trying time, and work together with all countries to enable global trade in services to thrive, and the world economy to recover.He told how China has been deepening reform and opening up in the service sector, improving the system and mechanism for trade in services, and raising the level of development, with pilot programs for innovative development of the service trade.Of course, he had to speak about COVID-19, but told how during this pandemic, certain services have been widely used: telemedicine, e-learning, sharing platforms, collaboration systems, and cross-border e-commerce.Now compare his messages with those of other world leaders on global trade, and judge who shows greater statesmanship.On the other side of the world, US President Trump was telling the world that “the future doesn’t belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots,” and that his government’s policy will be “only America first, America first.”The International Monetary Fund has said that Trump’s policies and the escalation of US-China trade tensions is one factor which has contributed to a "significantly weakened global expansion", and has it cut its global growth forecast.Trump’s denial of COVID-19 and lack of leadership has even left many Republican supporters in despair, and his constant referral to C...

Coupling Day of JDDJ boosts online sales

JDDJ, the on-demand retail platform of Dada Group, has partnered with Yili, the largest dairy company in China, and Yihai Kerry, a prominent grain and oil producer, to launch the first Brands’ Coupling Day (CP Day) between September 3 and 6. During the promotion campaign, more than 670,000 viewers joined JDDJ’s live streaming platform, setting a new record for a single livestreaming event with JDDJ. On September 5, sales of Yili were 10 times that of the same day last year, while sales for Yihai Kerry were 6.3 times last years.(File photo: agencies)Compared with other marketing methods, the Brands’ CP Day has its unique strengths in the O2O industry. First, the CP Day’s joint marketing campaign improves the penetration of users and orders between brands, achieving accurate user guidance and sharing, as well as reaching more potential consumers. Second, the products complement each other based on the special consumption scenarios, satisfying consumers demand for one-stop shopping and home delivery. JDDJ resonates with CP brands and gathers the platform’s marketing and advertising resources, maximizing the influence of the campaign.Focusing on O2O channels, JDDJ has built a comprehensive marketing ecosystem for brands, which is driven by sales, marketing, branding, products and user management. In terms of marketing innovation, JDDJ has successfully created many exclusive branding campaigns, such as “Livestreaming E-Commerce service with one-hour delivery”, "Super Brand Day", "Super Fans Day", and "CP Day", and has become the preferred platform for many brands to develop O2O marketing.“Yihai Kerry aims to reach potential customers through more precise and efficient marketing methods,” said Hongmei Zhao, Vice President of Yihai Kerry Marketing. “Both JDDJ and Yili have high-quality user bases. The joint marketing campaign has expanded the marketing scenarios of products, improved the effectiveness of branding, and created more po...

2020 CIFTIS to create “Global Services, Shared Prosperity”

The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services kicked off in Beijing on Sept. (Xinhua/Xing Guangli) Xi proposed to work together to foster an open and inclusive environment for cooperation, unleash the power of innovation in driving cooperation forward, and promote mutually benefici

JDDJ cooperates with over 70 of top 100 pharmacy chains across China

The list of Top 100 Chinese Pharmacy Chains was released on Wednesday. JDDJ, the local on-demand retail platform of Dada Group, has cooperates with 72 of the Top 100 Pharmacy Chains. Among them, all Top 100 pharmacies including Guoda Drugstores, Dashenlin, LBX Pharmacy, Yixintang, Yifeng Pharmacy have been integrated into the JDDJ platform. Membership operation and omni-channel delivery are the key factors for them to establish partnerships with Dada Group.(File photo: agencies)Membership operation is one of the key growth drivers for medicine and health retailers on the JDDJ platform. Membership service can effectively enhance users awareness of pharmacies, improving user stickiness and their willingness to place orders. As of July, Nepstar is the pharmacy chain with most members on JDDJ, and the number of members increased by 3.3 times compared with last year. Besides, the number of members of Dashenlin has increased nearly four times compared with last year and the sales of its members accounts for more than 65 percent of total sales.Dada Now, the local on-demand delivery platform of Dada Group, provides Yifeng Pharmacy, Yikang Medicine, Wanjiayan, Nepstar, LBX Pharmacy, Dashenlin, Quanyuantang and other Top 100 pharmacy chains with customized omni-channel delivery services."Dedicated Delivery" of Dada Now is an upgraded service for chain retailers. The service is designed to serve chain retailers across China by providing them with customized service and products and meeting their tailored needs for omni-channel delivery. Since late July, Dada Now’s Dedicated Delivery has provided "intracity delivery" service, a customized long-distance delivery service for Quanyuantang. The scope of services has been extended from 3 to 5 km around drugstores to 15 km to meet users long-distance needs of drugs.So far, JDDJ’s health & pharmacy has covered more than 800 cities and counties across China, while thousands of pharmacies in lower...

High-quality and high-standard requirements must be implemented throughout each project

Aerial photo taken on April 4, 2020 shows the Atlantis resort in Sanya, south Chinas Hainan Province. (Photo: Xinhua)Never resort to words like “this doesn’t work” or “that’s not practicable”, but show the courage to surmount all obstacles – like those who cut paths through the mountains and build bridges across the rivers, and strive to push the progress of project construction forward.To speed up the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is a major historical mission entrusted to us by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. We must follow the timeline set by the Master Plan and complete all goals and tasks at a fast yet steady pace, with none of a second in time wasted. Our input today will turn into output tomorrow; therefore, we must see to it that high-quality and high-standard requirements are implemented throughout each project and reflected in each link of the process.First, for all projects to be built, a better eco-environment must be reflected instead of a worsened one. Without a sound eco-environment, there will be no free trade port at all. We must always firmly adhere to the philosphy that "green mountains and clear waters are equal to mountains of gold and silver” and insist on utilizing the most appealing resources to attract the most qualified investors. Should there be any impact on and damage to the environment, no matter how high a tax income the project will bring, we will never nod assent, not to allow any indiscriminate acceptance of incoming investment.Second, for all projects to be built, high quality and high standards must be reflected. Investment promotion is not a simple road-paving and project-building job, but requires overall planning and elaborate selection of projects. We must pay equal attention to speeding up tangible, hard investment and strengthening intangible, soft investment. We must keep in line with the experience drawn from the world’s highest-level free trade ports, with the requirements...

JDDJ’s Haibo omni-channel system integrated in over 1,200 stores

Dada Group, Chinas leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, announced that over 30 supermarket chains and more than 1,200 stores have used JDDJs Haibo Omni-channel System, which provides omni-channel digital solutions that integrate product management, user operation, marketing, fulfillment, and data billboards. It has been proven by supermarket chains that the Haibo system can help them with digital transformation to reduce costs and increase efficiency, while helping to rapidly increase online sales."At Dada, our key strengths are our platforms, business partners, marketing capabilities, fulfillment solutions, and use of data to enhance the customer experience. Our Haibo Omni-channel System has been used by more than 1,200 stores to enhance their online channels, which empowers retailers to expand their e-commerce presence," Yanjie Lian, Dadas General Manager for Retail Empowerment, said.As a leading supermarket chain in 2019, Zhongbai Warehouse started to adopt JDDJ’s Haibo Omni-channel System in May this year, and covers more than 150 stores in Hubei Province. Zhongbai Warehouse data shows that the 15-minute order picking rate of stores increased from 80% to 98%, and the stock-out rate dropped by 4%."At present, our daily average online order volume has exceeded 10,000 and continues to grow. Previously, our average order picking time was 13 minutes, and the cost was relatively high. We have since worked with JDDJ with two efficient picking solutions, which can support over 600 orders on a peak day in a single store. The picking time has been greatly improved and shortened to only eight minutes, which is of great value to us," said Fei He, General Manager of New Business at Zhongbai Warehouse.

Chinese stocks open higher on Monday

BEIJING, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese stocks opened higher on Monday, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index up 0.41 percent to open at 3,373.9 points.The Shenzhen Component Index opened 0.39 percent higher at 13,542.01 points.Chinese economy on solid footing despite pandemic, quality-focused strategy benefits worldThe Chinese economy has been on a solid footing while enduring the coronavirus-related lockdowns, and by focusing on the qualitative aspects of development, Chinas strategy will surely benefit the world, a U.S. expert on international affairs has said."Chinas quick victory" over the COVID-19 pandemic "put the Chinese economy in a better situation than the rest of the world," said William Jones, Washington bureau chief of the U.S. publication Executive Intelligence Review, adding that by maintaining its productive capability, China will not only benefit its own economy once the pent-up demand is released post-pandemic, but also provide "a lifeline" for countries that have "maintained the production lines in China."On China opting for a strategy that gives full play to the advantage of its huge domestic market, Jones said the fact that the export markets have shrunk during the pandemic makes Chinas choice reasonable."The Chinese market is undoubtedly the biggest national market in the world, and with rising living standards it will only get bigger," Jones said. "What is the problem with utilizing this consumer market for pushing your economy forward?"Looking beyond the current public health crisis, Jones elaborated on human creativity, which he said is the source of innovation -- something China is rightly focusing on as it stresses the importance of high-quality development."In many respects China has already become an innovation hub of the world and the direction laid out by the Chinese government will only enhance that quality," Jones said. "And with...

Digitization of local retail to gain momentum in Chinese e-commerce: Dada CEO

Philip Kuai, Dada Group’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, attended and delivered remarks at the China Chain Store and Franchise Association’s (CCFA) China International Retail Innovation Summit in Shanghai on Wednesday. In his address, Kuai discussed the importance of digitization of local retail, and Dada’s role in creating a new era of local on-demand retail in China.The annual Retail Innovation Summit gathered industry leaders to discuss the future of the sector, and this years theme was “Retail Innovation: From Digital to Intelligent.” Kuai spoke on the “Face to Face with CEOs” panel, where he shared insights into Dada’s complementary platforms (JDDJ and Dada Now), as well as the company’s unique value proposition focused on offering customers increased efficiency and role in expanding innovation in the on-demand retail sector."Most retailing activities in China still happen offline, with online sales accounting for only 20%," said Kuai. "At Dada, we view the digitization of local retail as the most significant opportunity in Chinese e-commerce over the next decade. Our goal is to empower retailers and brands that we partner with by helping them digitalize their brick-and-mortar stores, while constantly developing and enhancing our on-demand delivery services for the benefit of our customers.""We are incredibly proud of the role we have played during the COVID-19 outbreak in China. Not only has Dada offered a safe and efficient way for consumers to order essential goods, such as groceries and medicine, from the comfort of their home, we have also added new riders to the Dada Now family that may have lost others jobs as a result of the pandemic. We’re grateful for all of our dedicated riders, who are truly the backbone of our mission to bring people everything on demand," Kuai added.Kuai has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dada Group since he founded the company in 2014. He is an entreprene...

Walmart stores in China integrated into JDDJ

More than 400 Walmart stores in China have been integrated into China’s e-commerce platform JDDJ, becoming the first retailer that 100% of bricks-and-mortar stores launching on JDDJ. Since Dada Group and Walmart reached a strategic cooperation partnership in 2016, Walmart has supported JDDJ’s business expansion to first- and lower-tier cities. Meanwhile, JDDJ and Dada Now will help strengthen Walmart’s omni-channel strategy and provide a more convenient shopping experience.While August 8 is the peak of the 8.8 Omni-channel Shopping Festival, Walmart set a new record of single-day sales on JDDJ. Fresh food, dairy products, and ice cream are the main items of this year’s festival, catering to the consumer demand in summer. facial tissues, energy drinks and milk have become the most popular products during the 8.8 Shopping Festival.Walmart on August 8 held a shopping livestreaming event at JDDJ’s broadcasting room. During the livestreaming, more than 300,000 consumers joined and some received their orders placed from JDDJ’s broadcasting room in only 14 minutes after the event started.During the 8.8 Shopping Festival, Dada Now will provide professional and efficient on-demand delivery services for Walmart’s omni-channel orders from the JDDJ platform, Walmart App, and Walmart’s stores on JD. Dada Now provides Walmart with customized Dedicated Delivery Service to enhance their customers shopping experience. Leveraging a hybrid "crowdsourced and stationed rider" model, Dada Now can ensure efficient delivery for Walmart during the peak time of 8.8 Shopping Festival."Dada Group and Walmart are the closest partners. Through complementary advantages and cooperation, we bring a convenient shopping experience and one-hour home delivery services to our consumers, making O2O more popular around the country. In the future, we hope to continue our collaboration with Walmart,”said Philip Kuai, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dada Group.

View of ancient village cluster relics in Shaanxi 10 Photos

View of ancient village cluster relics in Shaanxi

Aerial photo taken on June 29, 2020 shows a view of ancient village cluster relics in Minzhu Township of Langao County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province. The cluster relics, located in mountainous areas in Bashan Mountain, date back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). (Xinhua/Tao Ming)

Excavation complete for Shangge village tunnel of Yinchuan-Xi’an high-speed railway

An aerial photo shows the entrance of the Shangge village tunnel. (Photo/ conduct a safety check the Shangge village tunnel. (Photo/ Shangge village tunnel, the last section of the Yinchuan-Xi’an high-speed railway, was excavated on June 27, marking the completion of the main part of the railway.However, the construction team overcame the world-level geological challenges, finding creative ways to continue construction of the tunnel.The 618 km high-speed railway, with a design speed of 250 km per hour, is expected to begin service by the end of this year.The high-speed railway will reduce travel time between Yinchuan in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Xi’an in northwest China’s Shaanxi province to around three hours from the current 14 hours.

Turning an impoverished plateau village into 'Chinese Hollywood'

Zhenjiawan was built around 1265. It hosts the biggest and most complete cave dwellings in northern Shaanxi.[File photo]Fang Xiaoyan hangs up the phone and asks her husband to get ready to look for extras for a TV series to be shot in their village."The film cast and crew are coming in a few days," Fang tells husband Bai Xueming. "We need to contact the extras and prepare for reception."The couples hometown Zhenjiawan is a village on the Loess Plateau. It falls under the jurisdiction of the city of Yanan, Northwest Chinas Shaanxi province.The village, with a history of more than 700 years, is described by Chinese writer Shi Tiesheng as a place with boundless yellow mountains and endless loess ridges. It features several distinctive house caves or "yaodong," a form of earth shelter dwellings common in the Loess Plateau in northern China.The village recently came under the spotlight when the local TV station in Yanan reported about the burgeoning show business there, drawing comparison with East Chinas Hengdian, one of Chinas biggest film and television program production centers and a barometer of the cinema industry.Ancient villageZhenjiawan was built around 1265. It hosts the biggest and most complete cave dwellings in northern Shaanxi. Generations of people in Zhenjiawan have lived in the cave houses. The village has 706 registered residents.The lack of fertile land, however, has forced most young people to leave for better-paying jobs in cities. Only 126 people, who make a living by growing corn, sweet potatoes and potatoes, now live in the village.In 2016, Zhenjiawan was put on the poverty list.Beginning in 2017, with the help of authorities in Yanan, the village leased all its cave houses for restoration. Authorities decided to develop rural tourism by turning the caves into family inns.In 2018, Zhenjiawan was put on a national list of traditional villages.Meanwhile, the mountain ridges have becom...

Shaanxi delivers new stadium for China's 14th National Games

Xian Olympic Center Stadium. (Xinhua/Shao Rui)Construction of Xian Olympic Center Stadium was completed.XIAN, July 1 (Xinhua) -- A long-awaited milestone has finally been achieved for northwest Chinas Shaanxi Province with the completion of the Xian Olympic Center Stadium.The stadium, which will host the opening ceremony and track and field competitions for the countrys 14th National Games in 2021, was delivered on Wednesday as a gift for the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.Located in the Xian International Trade & Logistics Park, the new 60,000-seat stadium is nicknamed "pomegranate flower" for its unique shape.Construction of the stadium progressed despite the COVID-19 outbreak, under strict epidemic prevention and control measures including sending designated shuttle buses for workers to commute between the site and their dormitories in February and March.Hao Qing, the projects design manager, told Xinhua that his team had overcome great challenges to ensure the venue was completed on schedule, when importing materials and inviting foreign experts became difficult amid pandemic-related global travel restrictions.Among them was Italian technician Luigi Ferella, who was in charge of installing the stadiums running track. With three decades of experience in paving scarlet running tracks for sports venues across the globe, the 60-year-old Italian said that he hoped he could come back to Xian and feel the passion of the National Games in person in 2021."We have 136 lamp posts around the stadium, each of which can be a router, a video monitor, and music broadcaster or a warner," Hao said, highlighting the features of the new stadium."We will take advantage of advanced technologies including 5G wireless communication and face-recognition technologies to improve athletes performance and the audiences experience," Hao added.Among over 500 video ca...

Liuba County of Shaanxi develops tourism and guesthouse industry 5 Photos

Liuba County of Shaanxi develops tourism and guesthouse industry

A child and his mother read at a guesthouse in Liuba County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 3, 2020. Located in the southern foothills of Qinling Mountains, Liuba County of Shaanxi Province has a forest coverage rate of 91.23 percent. Taking advantage of its outstanding environmental conditions, the county has developed tourism and guesthouse industry. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)A child and her mother read at a guesthouse in Liuba County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 3, 2020. Located in the southern foothills of Qinling Mountains, Liuba County of Shaanxi Province has a forest coverage rate of 91.23 percent. Taking advantage of its outstanding environmental conditions, the county has developed tourism and guesthouse industry. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)A staff member cleans the yard of a guesthouse in Liuba County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 3, 2020. Located in the southern foothills of Qinling Mountains, Liuba County of Shaanxi Province has a forest coverage rate of 91.23 percent. Taking advantage of its outstanding environmental conditions, the county has developed tourism and guesthouse industry. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)People walk past a guesthouse in Liuba County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 3, 2020. Located in the southern foothills of Qinling Mountains, Liuba County of Shaanxi Province has a forest coverage rate of 91.23 percent. Taking advantage of its outstanding environmental conditions, the county has developed tourism and guesthouse industry. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)Tourists walk along an alley with guesthouses aside in Liuba County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 3, 2020. Located in the southern foothills of Qinling Mountains, Liuba County of Shaanxi Province has a forest coverage rate of 91.23 percent. Taking advantage of its outstanding environmental conditions, the county has developed tourism and guesthouse industry. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)

People visit Lupin flower industrial park in Shaanxi 3 Photos

People visit Lupin flower industrial park in Shaanxi

People visit the Lupin flower industrial park in Qilichuan Village, Taibai County of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 4, 2020. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)A woman visits the Lupin flower industrial park in Qilichuan Village, Taibai County of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 4, 2020. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)A woman visits the Lupin flower industrial park in Qilichuan Village, Taibai County of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, July 4, 2020. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)

Night economy concept takes hold in Shaanxi 5 Photos

Night economy concept takes hold in Shaanxi

People eat and take part in events and activities at the night market in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. [Photo by Zhang Wenhui/for]

Scenery of Longtoushan scenic area in Hanzhong, Shaanxi 4 Photos

Scenery of Longtoushan scenic area in Hanzhong, Shaanxi

Aerial photo taken on June 10, 2020 shows clouds flowing among mountains in Longtoushan scenic area in Nanzheng District of Hanzhong, northwest China's Shaanxi Province. (Xinhua/Tao Ming)

Woman, 80, gains fame with apricots

An 80-year-old woman from Taipingbu village in Xian, Shaanxi province, has become an internet celebrity by helping her grandson livestream advertising for home-grown apricots."Dear friends, please look at the apricots grown in our town," Cui Shuxia says in the broadcast as she stands before a mobile phone camera."They are very delicious and refreshing. They taste sweet but are tinged with a little bit sour flavor. They can be stored for quite a few days. And we can transport them to you through express companies no matter where you live."Let me try one for you, although Ive lost my teeth."Cui then takes a bite of an apricot. "See? Its easy to bite. Very delicious!"Cuis humor has attracted a large audience — and customers — according to Wang Erlou, the grandson. The number of subscribers to the online apricot shop has increased from 800 to 16,000. More than 8,000 boxes of apricots worth 250,000 yuan ($35,300) have been sold since his grandma became the star of the show at the end of May.Netizens left comments under Cuis livestreaming: "Grandma Cui is so cute!" "Applause to this brilliant grandma, who knows how to sell goods via livestreaming!" "Lets support Grandma Cuis business by buying her apricots!"Cuis grandson had been doing the livestreaming, but when she took over, sales skyrocketed."Once an online buyer asked my grandson when the apricots in Taipingbu could be dated back to. My grandson didnt know the answer and turned to me for help," Cui said.The answer: At least 300 years.She is a big fan of the apricots herself but didnt expect to get so much attention and affection from the customers."I married a man in this town decades ago just because I want to eat apricots often," she said.Now as the apricot season winds down, Cui has stopped livestreaming."Thank you all for liking me and our apricots," she said in her late...


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