China launches promotional events for intangible cultural heritage

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is set to launch a series of promotional events for intangible cultural heritage as Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on June 13 this year, draws near.Over 3,700 events are estimated to be organized across the country under the theme "healthy life,"

Decades of key projects reverse flooding history

The Yellow River wetland in Pinglu county is now a habitat of migrant birds like swans, thanks to its improved environment.While the Yellow River is praised as the mother river of China that nurtured Chinese civilization, it has also been frequently blamed as the source of disaster throughout histor

Shop fined over fake infant formula

A baby shop in Hunan was fined 2 million yuan for passing off powdered protein drinks as infant formula.A couple who ran the shop in Yongxing county of Chenzhou had claimed that the protein drink Beianmin was a formula for special medical purposes. The products involved have inspection reports issue

China leverages policy incentives, market potential for fresh steam in recovery

BEIJING — More signs have surfaced indicating China's continued economic recovery amid the large-scale resumption of business, and the country is adding momentum by pushing forward reform and market opening for sustained doubling sales volume from last year on June 1, the first day of the

Beijing injects new vitality into its Central Axis 3 Photos

Beijing injects new vitality into its Central Axis

Last April, Beijing issued the medium- and long-term plan for promoting the construction of a national cultural center, specifying that the city will advance overall protection and revitalization of its old downtown area through efforts to make the heritage sites along its Central Axis inscribed on

Training to help rural folk find jobs

The central government is stepping up efforts to enhance skills training for rural migrant workers to help stabilize the job market and win the battle against poverty.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently launched a campaign to train 7 million rural migrant workers this year a

Huangpu River waterfront brings brand new look to Shanghai’s urban scenery 3 Photos

Huangpu River waterfront brings brand new look to Shanghai’s urban scenery

The waterfront stretching 23 kilometers along the banks of Shanghai’s Huangpu River is now the favorite leisure space of Shanghai citizens. Forty years ago, this place was occupied by roaring engines of major state-owned enterprises. The narrow piece of land was the largest energy supp

Nigerien volunteers to secure Beijing, his second hometown amid COVID-19

Photo shows Ali Albade, a foreign community volunteer in Beijing. (Photos: Albade from Niger is considered “sweet and nice”by his Beijingneighbors. After spending 11 years in the Chinese capital, he has turned from an “muggle”of mandarin to a high-level speaker of Chinese, becoming a genuine part of the Beijing community.In March, the community’s neighborhood committee started recruiting foreign volunteers to facilitate the communication between foreign residents and the community during the COVID-19 epidemic. As a trilingual resident speaking Chinese, English and French, Albadesigned up immediately.On the afternoon of every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he would take temperatures, explain policies, distribute materials and spread anti-epidemic tips.He also translated the community’s notices into English and sent them to a chat group of foreigners living there, so as to keep the latter updated of the latest epidemic prevention and controlinformation.“Beijing is my home, I just did what I should do.”That’s what Albadealways said responding to compliments he received when he was on duty at the entrance of his community during the epidemic.“I’m quitefamiliar with the community and I’m gladto help the new comers from overseas,” said Albade.It’s been six years since he moved to the community after graduating from the Beijing Language and Culture University. The community, located in an area where multiple universities are situated, is home to over 30 foreign residents from 28 countries and regions.Ali Albadetakes body temperature for a resident at the entrance of his community, March 10.He taught afamily of four that had just arrived from the U.S. how to use online food delivery and grocery apps. Besides, he also left his own number on these apps for the family, in case they had problems communicating with couriers.Albadesaid the chat group anwers everything. “I rec...

Last three COVID-19 patients in Wuhan discharged

The last three COVID-19 patients in Wuhan tested negative twice for coronavirus with the nucleic acid on Wednesday and were evaluated to have met the criteria to be discharged, which marked the reduction of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the city to zero.File photo by CFPAs of 24:00 of Monday, there have been no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Dongxihu District for 14 consecutive days. In accordance with the national COVID-19 regional classification criteria, Dongxihu District has been changed from a medium-risk area to a low-risk area since 0:00 on Tuesday. So far, all districts in Wuhan are low-risk areas.(Compiled by An Qi)

Chinese premier delivers speech at global vaccine summit

Photo by XinhuaChinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday that China will continue to support the core role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in coordinating vaccine research, while making its contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.Li made the remarks in a speech at a virtual global vaccine summit, which was held to raise funds for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), with a view to ensuring vaccine accessibility worldwide. In particular, funds will be directed to accelerating research, development, production and distribution of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).Leaders from more than 30 countries and heads of international organizations, including the United Nations and the WHO, attended the summit.Li said that, in dealing with the COVID-19 infection, China has put peoples lives first, effectively containing the epidemic by making arduous efforts.However, the pandemic is not over, said Li, adding that no country is immune from the virus, and that the health and safety of the various populations are closely connected.Li said that, at the opening of the 73rd session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) last month, China proposed building a global community of health for all, and put forward suggestions and measures to promote global cooperation in COVID-19 response. He added that China would continue to provide assistance, within its capacity, to help with COVID-19 response and social and economic recovery in affected countries, especially developing nations.Li said that the challenges remain severe, with vaccines representing a strong shield to defend against the virus. He pointed out that China will continue to promote clinical trials in multiple centers, and facilitate market entrance as soon as possible, once the goals of research and development have been accomplished, so as to provide the world with a safe, effective and high-quality global public good.Noting t...

Noodle restaurant switch helps artists save face

Sichuan Opera performer Yao Yao works on a mask in preparation for his team's performances. CHEN XINBO/XINHUA.KUNMING-Yao Yao and his team members were dressed in traditional Sichuan Opera costumes in a hotpot restaurant around 6 pm on May 21, ready to thrill diners with their first face-changing sh

China's eased rules for inbound flights set to facilitate travel

[Photo/Xinhua] With the COVID-19 epidemic gradually easing in China, the country's top aviation regulator announced on Thursday an increase in international flights, a move that experts said will facilitate passenger flows and help Chinese stranded abroad to come home. While internatio

Eight COVID-19 patients discharged from hospitals on Chinese mainland

BEIJING, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Eight COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovery on the Chinese mainland Thursday, the National Health Commission said Friday.File photo by CFPThere were 66 patients still being treated, the commission said in its daily report.Altogether 78,327 patients had been cured and discharged from hospitals by the end of Thursday, the report said.As of Thursday, a total of 83,027 confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported on the mainland, and 4,634 people had died of the disease.

Chinese mainland reports 5 new COVID-19 cases, 3 new asymptomatic cases

Photo:Firefighters line up to prepare for conducting disinfection at the Terminal 3 of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, central Chinas Hubei Province, April 3, 2020. /XinhuaBEIJING, June 5 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese mainland reported five new imported COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing the total number of imported cases to 1,768, the National Health Commission said Friday.Among them, four cases were reported in Shanghai and one in Sichuan Province, the commission said, adding that no new suspected cases were reported.Of all the imported cases on the mainland, 1,707 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery, and 61 remained hospitalized, the commission said.No deaths had been reported from the imported cases.

PLA holds intensive landing, naval drills in ‘warning to secessionists’

Marines assigned to a brigade of the PLA Navy Marine Corps move forward for assault after disembarking from their amphibious armored vehicle during a beach raid training exercise in the west of south Chinas Guangdong Province on August 17, 2019. (Photo: Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) has been holding frequent and intensive amphibious landing and naval drills in what analysts said are sending warnings to Taiwan secessionists.Some of the recent exercises featured amphibious tanks storming the beaches and civilian ships transporting tanks and armored vehicles across the sea. Ongoing drills may feature Chinas second aircraft carrier the Shandong, as well as other advanced warships, or even the test firing of new weapons like the JL-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile or the electromagnetic railgun.The PLA 73rd Group Army recently conducted a live-fire assessment in a location on the southeastern coast, in which 68 amphibious tanks stormed the beaches from the sea in a coordinated attack under a rough sea situation, as the tanks launched concentrated main gun shooting and released smoke to camouflage the assault, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Wednesday.In another training operation, the PLA 74th Group Army used a large civilian cargo ship to transport more than 50 tanks, armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles across the sea, according to a separate report by CCTV.The 73rd Group Army and the 74th Group Army are based in eastern and southern China, and both are believed to be the main forces which would be used in a potential landing mission on the island of Taiwan.The subjects featured in these two exercises are normal and routine, and they are basic capabilities of the PLA, a military expert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on Thursday.The PLA always stands ready to reunify Taiwan and safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and Taiwan secessionists should not un...

39 people injured in Chinese primary school knife attack

Thirty-nine people, including students and staff members, were injured in a knife attack at Wangfu County Center Primary School in Wangfu, Wuzhou, South Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on June 4, 2020. (Photo: Global Times)Thirty-nine people, including students and staff members, were injured in a knife attack at Wangfu County Center Primary School in Wangfu township, Wuzhou, South Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at around 8:30 am on Thursday morning.An emergency report issued by the local government said that eight ambulances were dispatched to the site and the injured students and staff had been transferred to local hospitals.The alleged attacker has been identified as a 50-year-old security guard at the school named Li Xiaomin. Police have detained the suspect.The publicity department of the Cangwu county government, which administers the Wangfu township, told the Global Times on Thursday morning that authorities are focusing on treating the injured victims.Cangwu government told the Global Times around noon that 37 of the victims suffered from minor injuries and two were badly injured. None of the injuries is life-threatening.Wangfu local police station told the Global Times that Wuzhou police have taken over the case and the criminal investigation into the incident is ongoing.The identity of the two badly wounded victims is not yet confirmed, and the government employee said they could not confirm whether they were the school headmaster and a student as mentioned in previous township level government notice.

Reports claiming China withheld virus info from WHO inconsistent with facts: Chinese FM

Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian is making remarks at a press briefing on April 7, 2020. (Photo: Global Times)Chinas Foreign Ministry on Wednesday refuted Western media reports claiming that China delayed releasing coronavirus data and held it from the World Health Organization (WHO), saying the reports were "seriously inconsistent" with the facts."I dont know where these internal documents come from, but I can assure you that certain reports were seriously inconsistent with facts," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a media briefing.Zhaos remarks came in response to an Associated Press (AP) report that said China delayed the release of crucial information about the novel coronavirus in January. It cited recordings of internal UN meetings and internal documents claiming the WHO publicly praised China in a bid to pull more information out of the Chinese government.Zhao listed a timeline introduced by Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at a press conference in May.On January 3, China reported the epidemic to the WHO and related countries at a time when it had not yet figured out what pathogen caused the epidemic and called it pneumonia of unknown causes.On January 7, the Chinese CDC successfully isolated the novel coronavirus, and then reported it to the WHO and other countries on January 9 after an expert review.On January 12, China shared the genetic sequence of the virus with the WHO and the world."Chinas coronavirus response is open to the world, with clear data and facts that can stand the test of time and history," Zhao said.Based on the principles of openness, transparency and responsibility, China has maintained a close communication and cooperation with the WHO and its representative office in China since the outbreak, and will continue to support the WHO in playing an important role in ...

China pledges rural students free to become medical workers

Medical students from Tibet University pose for a group photo with their tutors and other staff members at the Peking University Shougang Hospital in Beijing, capital of China, April 24, 2020. A total of 17 medical students from Tibet University finished their 48-week clinical internship at the Peking University Shougang Hospital on Friday. (Photo: Xinhua)China vows to recruit 6,822 more students hailing only from rural areas in 2020 to become future medical staffers, by providing free five-year university education, said national education authority.Students in this project will be enrolled in majors including clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and medicines of Chinas three ethnic minorities: Mongolian, Tibetan and Dai, according to a notice theMinistry of Educationposted on its website on Wednesday.Only students and their families with permanent residences (hukou) registered in rural areas for more than three consecutive years will be eligible for the benefits, read the statement.Candidates will be selected through this years national college entrance exam, it added.This is not the first year for China to offer free education to rural medical students, an official with the ministry told the Global Times Thursday.Since the launch of this project in 2010, China has trained and educated nearly 57,000 medical students from rural regions at the countrys 113 universities, he noted. Students can get free tuition and accommodation, and enjoy living allowances during their study term.Generally, the average tuition fee of medical students at Chinas public universities is around 5,000 yuan ($702) a year, the Global Times reporter found.This project can largely help its impoverished participants alleviate financial burden in education. "So far, 35,000 rural families have been lifted out of poverty because of the medical student nurture project," the ministry official said.After five years of univer...

China offers $20m for vaccine: Li

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks via video at the Global Vaccine Summit 2020 on June 4, 2920. (Photo: Global Times)Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday delivered a speech at the virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020 to enhance global coronavirus vaccine cooperation, emphasizing that China has been cooperating closely with international partners in the development of COVID-19 vaccines and will fulfill its commitment to providing global public goods.To meet the challenges of COVID-19, the Chinese government will make a contribution of $20 million to GAVIs funding for the period 2021-2025, Li announced.Analysts said that the attendance of such a senior official suggested that China attaches great importance to world cooperation amid the pandemic and China is committed to protecting lives, which is in line with the spirit of a community of shared future for mankind.The summit was chaired by the UK this year, aiming to raise at least $7.4 billion in funding for GAVI - the global vaccine alliance - whose founding partners include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO and UNICEF.China moved from being a beneficiary to a donor of GAVI in 2015 with an initial contribution of $5 million.GAVI has worked to promote the immunization of people from lower-income countries since 2000. At the moment, GAVI is dedicated to enhancing global cooperation in developing COVID-19 vaccines and discussing fair distribution as they become available.There are 10 vaccines undergoing clinical trials and 123 candidates in the preclinical evaluation stage, according to latest WHO data on Tuesday.Among the 10 pioneers, five were developed by Chinese scientists and have entered phase II clinical trials. One vaccine co-registered by developers from China, Germany and the US is undergoing phase I trials.Chinese companies are also conducting vaccine cooperation with the UK and Canada, according to authorities.China is working around the...

Hong Kong's separate customs status has legal basis in WTO agreements: Chinese ministry

BEIJING, June 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinas commerce ministry said on Thursday that the status of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) as a separate customs territory has a legal basis in World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements, rather than it being granted by any specific WTO member alone.File photo: XinhuaGao Feng, a spokesperson with the Ministry of Commerce, made the remarks at a press conference while commenting on threats made by the United States to revoke the HKSARs special customs status.The HKSARs status as a separate customs territory is approved by the Chinese government, acknowledged by the HKSAR Basic Law, established in WTO multilateral rules and recognized by other WTO members, Gao said.Noting that the HKSARs special economic status is protected by the Basic Law and recognized and respected by countries around the world, Gao said the region has well retained a high degree of autonomy, citing growing, mutually beneficial trade and economic ties between the mainland and Hong Kong.The National Peoples Congress decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR to safeguard national security only applies to the few acts and activities that gravely endanger national security, he told the press.The decision will not affect Hong Kongs high degree of autonomy, the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong residents or the legitimate interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong, the spokesperson said.Rather, it will protect Hong Kongs business and investment environment, benefit the regions long-term prosperity and stability, and solidify the foundation of "one country, two systems," he said.For the United States, it would be a violation of WTO rules to ignore the basic norms of international relations and take unilateral actions based on its own domestic laws. It will not be in its own best interests, said Gao.China will firmly uphold the principle of "...


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