Huang Xiaoming wins best actor at 35th Hundred Flowers Awards

A scene in the film The Bravest features actor Huang Xiaoming as a firefighter. [Photo provided to China Daily] .His portrayal of a heroic firefighter in the disaster film, The Bravest, brought actor Huang Xiaoming best actor honors at the 35th Hundred Flowers Awards on Saturday in Zhengzhou, Cen

3D-printed head helps restore Buddha statue at world cultural heritage site

A Buddhas head has been three-dimensionally printed to restore a stone statue at the Longmen Grottoes, a world cultural heritage site, in central Chinas Henan Province.A staff member places 3D-printed Buddhas head at the Longmen Grottoes scenic area in Luoyang, central Chinas Henan Province, Sept. 23, 2020. (Photo provided to Xinhua)The printed head, which is 40 cm tall and 30 cm wide, perfectly matches the remaining part of the Buddha statue carved on the northern wall of Fengxian Temple in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), said Yang Chaojie, a researcher with the research institute of the grottoes.Located in the city of Luoyang, the Longmen Grottoes include more than 2,300 grottoes with 110,000 Buddhist figures and images, over 80 dagobas and 2,800 inscribed tablets created between the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-557) and Song Dynasty (960-1279).In the early 20th Century, the grottoes were largely damaged and looted, with many Buhhda statues carried overseas.Wen Yucheng, former head of the institute, said the Buddhas head was missing after 1923 and was later purchased by the Shanghai Museum in 1957.Restoration research in cooperation with the museum started in May 2019. Among the museums five relics items confirmed to have come from the Longmen Grottoes, the Buhhdas head was the first one that was identified with its original location in the grottoes.The locations of the other four items, all Buddha figures, have also been confirmed.Shi Jiazhen, head of the institute, said the restoration using 3D technology has provided a new choice for the missing relics to "return home."

Thailand's Chiang Mai zoo celebrates Chinese celebrity panda's 19th birthday

Giant panda Lin Hui rests on a rockery at Chiang Mai Zoo in north Thailands Chiang Mai, Sept. 13, 2016. (File photo: Xinhua)BANGKOK, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Thailands celebrity Chinese panda Lin Hui must be wondering why patrons who came to wish her a happy birthday were all wearing masks and standing at least one meter apart.Chiang Mai zoo in Thailands north on Monday celebrated the 19th birthday of giant panda Lin Hui, offering her an ice cake filled with fruit as a birthday gift.The Chinese consul general in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai zoo director and panda fans participated in the celebration at Lin Huis air-conditioned enclosure, all donned in face masks and singing birthday song to Lin Hui while observing social distancing.A nine-tiered ice cake, filled with fruit, were placed before the over-joyed panda, now weighing 125 kilograms.Lin Hui arrived in Chiang Mai on loan from China at the age of two in 2003.Lin Huis care-takers said that the panda can understand simple Thai words, especially when called upon with bamboo leaves.Meanwhile, a flower-laying memorial ceremony was held for the passing of Lin Huis late partner Chuang Chuang who passed away last year from heart failure.Chuang Chuang had also been a loan from China to Thailand since 2003.Both Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui successfully artificially bred and produced an offspring named Lin Ping in 2009.Lin Ping also became a celebrity in Thailand since then, drawing tourists from all corners of Thailand to Chiang Mai Zoo to see the new born cub.

'Leap' revives memories of China women's volleyball team

" According to IMAX China, their top-rated sound system and giant screens provide an immersive atmosphere for audiences to experience the volleyball matches and revive people's fond memories of the sport. Depicting the struggles of several generations of the Chinese team in their attempts to achieve

Top trends from Milan Fashion Week

Face masks may have been the standout accessory at Milan Fashion Week, but designers who defied the coronavirus pandemic to put on shows dispelled gloom with love letters to Italy and sunnier times.The week ended Sunday with Valentino, which had moved its catwalk from Paris this season as a show of

Production underway on Chinese TV series to commemorate 100th anniversary of CPC's founding

Promotional material for Glory and Dream Photo: Courtesy of the film crew for Glory and Dream.Shooting on Chinese TV series Glory and Dream is currently underway, with plans to have the series hit small screens in China in July 2021 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communi

Iconic hotel weathering COVID-19 pandemic

Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, a key landmark in the heart of Lujiazui acclaimed for its location, facilities and hospitality, has seen a steady recovery in business as it shifts toward domestic demand and an enhanced focus on safety and sustainability. “We are very happy with our recovery

Rural children's music dream rocks mountain school

File photo: Sohu.comIn a classroom, Long Jiao, wearing a pair of well-worn white sneakers and a blue-and-white school uniform, played the guitar on a stage made of concrete, along with her fellow schoolmates.For Long, an elementary student in a poverty-stricken area in southwest Chinas Guizhou Province, guitars and rock music were exotic and strange two years ago, but now they have become her greatest companions in sorrow and happiness.The 13-year-old attends Haiga Elementary School in Haiga Village of Liupanshui City. The school, often called "the highest elementary school in Guizhou" by locals, lies in a mountainous region at an altitude of over 2,400 meters.Graffiti reading "rock school," "music," and "rock metal" distinguish the campus from most rural schools, that often provide few extracurricular activities.Longs school boasts two rock bands and a soundproof music classroom. The performance that she put on with her band "The Unknown Teens" was broadcast live on Chinese short video platform Kuaishou, as part of the platforms campaign to draw attention to rural education."We named the band ourselves," said Long. "Because we think that our future is always unknown."Before her music teacher, Gu Ya, came to teach in the school as part of a government-led program to boost rural education in 2016, Long had never dreamed of becoming a guitarist.Gu, who lived in the school dormitory, brought with him an acoustic guitar and often played the instrument while several colleagues who love rock music sang along."The children often peeked at us from a distance. Later, they approached us to learn more about the instrument and singing," Gu recalled. "Instead of keeping the music to ourselves, we thought we might share it with them together."Gu and his colleagues started to teach the students how to play the guitar and read music after their classes. Since 2018, two all-femal...

Most Chinese students in Canada dislike online learning amid pandemic: report

A student choir performs on stage at a gala event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China at Richmond Olympic Oval in Richmond, Canada, Sept. 14, 2019. (Photo: Xinhua)Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus Nearly 70 percent of Chinese students said they greatly or somewhat dislike online learning at Canadian universities, according to the latest report by Easy Group.Less than 10 percent of students felt positively about online learning, with less than 5 percent enthusiastic, said the Disrupted Fall Semester of 2020 Survey Report.The report focused on a survey that was administered to 389 Chinese students during the summer of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The students either have been enrolled or previously intended to enroll in a Canadian university for the upcoming fall 2020 semester.The survey looked at their opinions on a number of topics, including online learning, tuition reduction and mental health.Eva Wu, the spokesperson for Easy Group, told Xinhua on Sunday that respondents to the survey represented 12 different Canadian Universities, though this representation was not evenly distributed. Easy Group is one of the largest international student education companies operating in the Canadian marketplace.Online learning posed significant difficulties and anxieties, especially among Chinese students who speak English as a second language. Wu said the opportunities for comprehensive immersion in a foreign language and culture are a significant part of the appeal of studying in a foreign country, and these advantages may be diminished, or even altogether lost, on a virtual campus.Despite their misgivings about online learning, Chinese students have for the most part chosen to remain enrolled for the coming fall semester.Just under a third of those polled will be moving to Canada to enroll as more traditional students.Meanwhile, 57.5 percent of students are enrolling at Canadian Univer...

London's Big Ben to re-appear after three years hidden from view

Photo taken on March 20, 2019 shows the east (L) and north (R) dials of the Big Ben in London, Britain. (File photo: Xinhua)LONDON, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- Londons world-famous Big Ben clock tower is about to become visible for the first time in three years after a multi-million dollar face-lift project completed a critical phase, authorities at the Houses of Parliament announced Sunday.The chiming clock in the Elizabeth Tower, one of the most photographed structures in the world, has been shrouded behind scaffolding and screens due to the intricate renovation work.Over the course of the next six weeks, the newly restored tower will slowly be revealed. An expert team of scaffolders will work to take down the metal scaffolding in the restricted space around the Tower."Three years after the structure was scaffolded, this is a significant moment in the timeline of this complex conservation project," said a spokesperson for the parliamentary estate.Lindsay Hoyle, speaker of the House of Commons, said: "Like everyone else, I have been looking forward to seeing the scaffolding come down on Elizabeth Tower, so the unveiling of the roof will be a memorable moment."Extensive work has restored both the inside and the outside of the Elizabeth Tower, including the 3,433 roof tiles and the spire with its intricate flowers, cross and orb. The conservation work addresses crucial problems in the tower, including crumbling stone and a leaky roof.The towers signature metal cross and orb, which sits 96 meters above ground level, has also been repaired, with a team of expert gilders spending weeks to ensure the ornate details match the original design from 1859.The Big Ben tower is a focal point of the culturally-protected Palace of Westminster which forms a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nixing pottery regains glory in its birthplace

A worker carves on a piece of Nixing pottery in Qinzhou, south Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sept. 16, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)Holding a small piece of greenware and a sharp graver, Li Renping, a craft master of Nixing pottery, started his work as usual.In just three minutes, a landscape painting featuring a mountain, river and bridge were carved on the teapot."If it is a large one, the carving will take several hours," said Li, adding that after eight hours of sintering in a kiln, the painting will remain on the teapot forever.Li, 74, has been engaged in the engraving of Nixing pottery for nearly five decades. He is recognized as a national-level craft master, meaning that he has the highest degree of proficiency in the field.Nixing pottery is one of the four famous potteries in China. It is made of peculiar purple clay on both sides of the Qinjiang River in the city of Qinzhou, south Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.According to historical records, the pottery dated back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and has a history of more than 1,300 years. In June 2008, its sintering techniques were added to the national intangible cultural heritage list.Based on the art skills he learned in high school, Li was able to enter the only state-owned Nixing pottery factory in Qinzhou to begin his career in 1973. Thirty-six years later, in 2009, he became a national inheritor due to his superior skills and experience."Most of the factorys products were exported in the 1970s," said Li, noting that the pottery products were popular overseas as they were free of any chemicals and rich in iron, zinc and other mineral elements that are believed to be beneficial to the human body.However, when China initiated the reform and opening-up policy and started to embrace the market economy, the factory ran into difficulties due to lack of innovations and eventually closed.Production of Nixing pottery, again, returned to small workshops."By t...

China launches first postage stamp with NFC chip

A screenshot of China's first postage stamp with NFC chip. China's first postage stamp incorporating an NFC (near field communication) chip was introduced to the public by the China Post on Saturday during an annual award ceremony for the best national stamps.The chipped commemorative stamp titled w

Four auspicious animals in Dunhuang murals in China 5 Photos

Four auspicious animals in Dunhuang murals in China

Dunhuang is a historical city in Northwest China. It was a key hub on the route, known as the Silk Road, between China, Western Asia and the sub-continent of India in ancient times. The city is famous for its caves and murals. The exquisite murals feature various images, such as Buddhas, animals, and architecture, reflecting the communication and integration of different cultures. These photos show four auspicious animals in Chinese traditional mythology among these murals.(Photos provided to Guang Ming Daily; compiled by Huang Yuzhang)Jiu Se Lu, which means nine-color deer in Chinese, was painted during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 AD) in Mogao Cave 275. According to legend, Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was a nine-color deer in his prelife. The deer once saved a drowning man and told him not to tell others about their encounter. However, the man still reported the whereabouts of the deer to the king in order to get rewarded. The deer told the story of the man’s betrayal to the king after being tracked down. In the end, the king released the nine-color deer and punished the selfish man. Qing Niao, which means blue bird in Chinese, was painted during the Western Wei Dynasty (535-556 AD) in Mogao Cave 249. The bird was said to be a servant of Xi Wang Mu, a goddess in Chinese myths. The bird was responsible for serving food and sending message for the goddess, and was thus regarded as the messenger between human and gods. In ancient Chinese poetry, Qing Niao is also a symbol of yearning between lovers. Yi Ma, which means winged horse in Chinese, was also painted during the Western Wei Dynasty in Mogao Cave 249. It is a blue horse with two wings, flying along with gods in the sky. The image of Yi Ma embodies ancient people’s longing for the sky. As it also exists in Persian culture, it provides solid evidence for the communication between different cultures.Shou Bao Long, which means treasure guardian dragon in Chinese, was painted during the Tang Dyn...

Over 1,500 cultural relics unearthed in SW China's Yunnan

[Photo/Xinhua] .A total of 1,580 cultural relics have been discovered during an archaeological dig in Southwest China's Yunnan province, along with 128 individual structures, according to the local cultural relics and archaeology research institute Saturday.The excavation started in late May in the

Production underway on Chinese drama to commemorate 100th anniversary of founding of CPC

Shooting on Chinese TV drama Glory and Dream is currently underway, with plans to have the series hit small screens in China in July 2021 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China . The show's director Liu Jiang noted at a press conference on Monday that he

Malaysians gain Chinese cultural enrichment with touch of nature

People watch Malaysia-style martial arts during the opening ceremony of the China-Malaysia Culture and Tourism Month-Fun with Nature campaign in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sept. 26, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)The China-Malaysia Culture and Tourism Month-Fun with Nature campaign kicked off on Saturday at Malaysias National Zoo, drawing over 1,000 visitors on its first day.Running for three weeks, a series of activities will be organized every weekend including cultural performances, cultural exhibition of traditional Chinese arts and crafts as well as other activities.With multiple booths set up outside the Giant Panda Conservation Center, curious members of the public dropped by to see the displays up close, including bottle painting and paper cutting demonstrations.Among them, Ahmad Faisal Abdullah, who had come to see Yi Yi, the second giant panda born in Malaysia, with his children said the booths provided an interesting look at Chinese traditional craft."It is a good location. My kids and I are having a look before seeing Yi Yi, and this traditional cultural display is an added bonus," he said.The campaign is organized by the China Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the zoo and supported by Malaysias Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the organizer said in a statement.It included joint cultural performances by Malaysians and Chinese such as a Chinese face-changing by a Malaysian performer and a Chinese martial arts display.Zhang Jiexin, the director of the China Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur, said the event aims to promote tourism while allowing visitors and tourists to partake in enriched cultural experience while being close to nature in a fun-filled manner.The campaign will allow visitors to enrich themselves with Chinese culture, including the Mid-Autumn Festival. The event is in conjunction with "China-Malaysia Year of Culture and Tourism 2020."

Forum on World Civilizations kicks off in Confucius' home province

The sixth Nishan Forum on World Civilizations kicked off at Nishan, Qufu, in East China's Shandong province on Sept 27, 2020. It is part of the 2020 China International Confucius Cultural Festival.The province has built a number of research and cultural exchange platforms, including a Nishan World

China Internet Media Forum opens in Shanghai

The 2020 China Internet Media Forum opens in Shanghai on Sept 27, 2020.The two-day event included a main forum and four sub-forums on content, technology, industry and responsibility, gathering experts from news outlets and internet companies to offer their insights.Li Yanhong, chairman and CEO of B

China issues first stamp with NFC chip

The China Post has issued a stamp in commemoration of the 40th National Stamp Popularity Poll, the first stamp with a near-field communication (NFC) chip in the country and the first of its kind in the world.Photo: AgenciesThe data stored in the chip can be read through China Post’s app thanks to the NFC technology, which is widely used in fields such as commodity anti-counterfeiting, electronic price tags in new retail and smart dinner plates.The technology provides a new interactive experience for stamp collectors. With an embedded 120um chip, consumers can activate their mobile phone’s NFC function, open the China Post’s app, and place the phone close to the number “40” on the stamp to read data, including the chip’s identity and serial number.The chip can record each time of information reading and features functions such as anti-counterfeiting traceability and electronic anti-counterfeiting through data record analysis.The combination of internet technologies and traditional stamps not only reflects the advantages of high-end anti-counterfeiting technology, but also meets the needs of anti-counterfeiting traceability, and the application of information technologies, a major innovation in China Post’s issuance of stamps.

Design festival creates new design to bring people closer

The opening ceremony of the 10th International Design Festival in held at 751 Park in Beijing Sept 25. (Photos provided to 10th International Design Festival opened at 751 Park in Beijing Friday.This years event features almost 70 activities, larger than the past years, including forums, exhibitions, fairs as well as parenting classes, according to the organizers.They said the focus of the event will be "beyond the boundaries" to break through the barrier to reach peoples hearts via design. To highlight the distance between people amid the global epidemic, the event will also try to narrow the distance between people but in a safe manner.Unlike the previous event, this year has brought some Mexico elements into the event with some artists invited to express their love for aesthetic with Spanish words and video shows.Symphonic music plays at the opening ceremony in Beijing on Sept 25.At its opening ceremony, the organizers presented an audio-visual feast with symphonic music, creating an atmosphere of bringing people closer.The festival, which coincides with the upcoming Golden Week of the National Day holiday, will last two weeks. From Oct 1 to 3, a marketplace of with food, shopping, culture events and VR experience will be held.


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