Culinary competition held in Nanjing, Jiangsu 3 Photos

Culinary competition held in Nanjing, Jiangsu


China's Shaanxi approves regulation to preserve Qinqiang Opera

XIAN, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Legislative measures will be put in place to preserve Qinqiang Opera, a genre of Chinese folk opera, in northwest Chinas Shaanxi Province.Photo: VCGA regulation on the preservation, inheritance, and development of Qinqiang Opera was approved Friday by the Standing Committee of the 13th Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Congress, the provincial legislature.According to the regulation, culture and tourism authorities at or above the county level are required to organize general surveys on the art resources of Qinqiang Opera. They should also collect, rescue, and preserve archives, oral history, and related precious objects with historical and artistic value.The classic and traditional plays on the verge of extinction should be explored, sorted out, revised, and performed, it said.To promote innovative development of the art, the regulation also encourages Qinqiang Opera troupes to strengthen cooperation with online platforms, build online and digital theaters, and produce animations, films, and television dramas suitable for online performances.The regulation will go into effect from Jan. 1, 2022.Qinqiang Opera, which thrives in Chinas northwestern areas of Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, and Xinjiang, was added to the countrys list of intangible heritage in 2006.

China's yearly box office tops 44 bln yuan, leading global markets


Wang Yi: China welcomes Danish commitment to one-China principle


Chinese Bridge Club launched in Cape Town, South Africa 2 Photos

Chinese Bridge Club launched in Cape Town, South Africa


World's oldest tea residue discovered

Charred material in a bowl found in a tomb from the early Warring States Period (475-221 BC) in Zoucheng, Shandong province, is tea residue — whats left over after boiling or brewing — according to an analysis published in Archaeology and Cultural Relics by a team from Shandong University. Residue from a bowl found in tomb No 1 at Xigang in the ancient capital of the Zhu Kingdom in Shandong province. [Photo provided to]The discovery is physical evidence of tea in the 453-410 BC period, making it the oldest tea remains in the world, the article said. A bowl found in tomb No 1 at Xigang in the ancient capital of the Zhu Kingdom in Shandong province contained tea residue. [Photo provided to]Scientific analysis of the residue was done using techniques such as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) and thermally assisted hydrolysis-methylation Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (THM-Py-GC/MS).Modern tea and tea residue were used as reference samples.

Top-grossing female director teams up with stars to 'battle' epidemic in new film

Actor Huang Bo (left) alongside actress Jia Ling and actor Zhu Yilong attended the promotional event of their forthcoming film Embrace Again in Beijing on Nov 23. (Photo provided to China Daily)With her directorial debut phenomenal hit Hi, Mom, which grossed over 5.4 billion yuan ($845.1 million) to make her the worlds highest-grossing female director, Jia Ling has become one of the most sought-after celebrities in Chinese film circles.Recently, the director-actress returned to her most familiar zone of acting, joining hands with actors Huang Bo and Zhu Yilong to recount a heartwarming tale about ordinary peoples fight against the early COVID-19 outbreak in Hubei provinces capital city Wuhan, then the most seriously hit Chinese city, in the winter of 2020.The film held a promotional event in downtown Beijing on Nov 23, gathering the cast and director Xue Xiaolu, best known for the romance franchise Finding Mr. Right. Poster of the movie Embrace Again. (Photo provide to China Daily)Jia plays a food delivery woman who sparks a flame with actor Zhu-portraying a piano teacher-- and actor Huang stars as a delivery man inspired from the real story of Wang Yong, a role model who led a team of volunteer drivers to provide free rides for doctors and nurses working at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital during the harshest period.Director Xue reveals the characters of Jia and Zhu have a bounty of romantic moments, creating a natural chemistry that made her frequently smile for the "couple" while she was monitoring the shooting behind on-set machines.Both Jia and Zhu are natives of Central Chinas Hubei province, giving them a natural advantage in speaking their dialogue - mostly in the local dialect.The film is scheduled to be released on Dec 31. Actor Huang Bo (left) and Wang Yong, a heroic delivery man who volunteered to provide rides for medical workers during the harshest pandemic outbreak time in Wuhan, Hubei province, in winter last year. (Photo pro...

Egypt unveils Pharaonic 'Rams Road' at Karnak Temple

President Sisi walks with Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Enany as they enter the pylon at the entrance of the Temple of Luxor. (Photo: AFP)Egypt unveiled on Thursday a road lined with hundreds of ram-headed sphinx statues dating back more than 3,000 years, in a grandiose night-time ceremony at Karnak Temple in archaeologically-rich Luxor.Dubbed the "Rams Road", the sandstone-paved path connecting the temples of Karnak and Luxor in the center of the southern Nile city was officially opened by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and a host of senior officials in a spectacular night-time ceremony.The road is nearly three kilometers long and named "The Path of God" in ancient Egyptian mythology.It is flanked on both sides by statues that were buried for centuries under desert sands before they were revived and restored for display by the countrys Egyptologists in recent years.The ram is an embodiment of the ancient Egyptian deity Amun.Karnak Temple was built around 2,000 to 4,000 years ago and is dedicated to Amun-Ra, an ancient Sun god. It covers an area of over 100 hectares.Luxor Temple was constructed some 3,400 years ago by Amenhotep III and has been used as a site of continuous religious worship from the ancient Egyptians to Christian Copts and later Muslims.Egypts tourism and antiquities ministry has vowed to make the Arab worlds most populous country a destination for tourists by boosting its reputation as "an open air museum."The tourism sector in Egypt employs two million people and generates more than 10 percent of the countrys gross domestic product.But it has taken a hit in recent years from political turbulence following the 2011 revolution, multiple terror attacks, and more recently the coronavirus pandemic.In April, a procession of floats carried the mummified remains of 22 pharaohs through Cairos streets in a parade complete with a 21-cannon salute to the newly opened National Museum of Eg...

Highlights of Chicago Thanksgiving Parade 8 Photos

Highlights of Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

Performers dance during the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)Performers dance during the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)Performers take part in the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)People take part in the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)A man jumps through a lasso during the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)Spectators react during the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)Performers dance during the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)A man dressed as Santa Claus take part in the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Chicago, the United States, on Nov. 25, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)

China's archaeology becomes more and more 'tech-ish'

Shovels, brushes and tape measures are probably what one could think of when it comes to the tools of archaeologists. However, its not a difficult thing to see modern technologies being applied in Chinas archaeological tasks nowadays.Photo shows an on-site archaeological workshop established at the excavation site of Sanxingdui, southwest Chinas Sichuan province. (Photo courtesy of the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute)At the site of archaeological excavation for Wanjiao One, an ancient Chinese merchant ship that sank off the coast of Pingtan county, southeast Chinas Fujian province, archaeologists were equipped with full-face rebreathers that put them on wireless communication with their colleagues both under and above the water.In the aquarium that houses the Nanhai No. 1 shipwreck, discovered 25 meters under the South China Sea in 1987 and salvaged 20 years later, remote sensing platforms can obtain data at millimeter level in a contactless, multi-angle and smart manner.Besides, at the Sanxingdui archaeological site in southwest Chinas Sichuan province, on-site workshops have been built to better preserve cultural relics.The application of modern technologies has enriched the philosophy, methods and content of archaeology. It is also making archaeological missions safer, more precise, and more effective, broadening and deepening Chinas archaeology cause to an unprecedented extent.Visitors watch a model of an archaeological park with a holographic projector at an archaeological site in Shangpan, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, southeast Chinas Fujian province, July 19, 2021. (Photo: Peoples Daily Online)The excavations of Sanxingdui have been carried out under the support of multiple disciplines, which mirrors the integration of modern technologies and archaeology. At the excavation site, there are many transparent glass houses that are designed to protect unearthed cultural relic...

Theater festival stages a comeback


China hands over books to more Nepali schools under 'Panda Book Corner' project


'The Battle at Lake Changjin' becomes new highest-grossing film in China

BEIJING, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) - As of Thursday morning, the total box office of the Chinese war epic "The Battle at Lake Changjin" has reached a whopping 5.695 billion yuan (about 890 million U.S. dollars), according to official data.(Photo: Xinhua)Surpassing the box office revenue generated by Chinas 2017 action blockbuster "Wolf Warrior 2," the domestic war epic film has become Chinas new all-time box office dominator.Hitting the theaters just before the 2021 National Day holiday, "The Battle at Lake Changjin" broke more than 30 box office records. On Oct. 3 alone, the film pocketed over 472 million yuan, setting a new daily sales record at Chinas National Day holiday box office.Set in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-1953), the movie tells the story of Chinese Peoples Volunteers (CPV) soldiers fighting bravely in freezing temperatures in a key campaign at Lake Changjin, or Chosin Reservoir.The sense of patriotism the film conveys strikes a chord with audiences. "After watching the film, Im more grateful for the happy life we have today, which didnt come easy," said a viewer from northeast Chinas Jilin Province.After a splendid run in China, it opened in a limited theatrical release in North America on Nov. 19.According to the China Movie Data Information Network, currently, the top six positions of all-time top-earners at Chinas box office are all occupied by domestic titles. Apart from the war epic film and "Wolf Warrior 2," it also includes well-received comedy "Hi Mom," "Ne Zha," the highest-grossing animated film in China, and sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth."

Zimbabwe calls for repatriation of African artifacts from Western museums

A sculpture of a bird carved from soapstone was temporarily moved from a museum at the same site to be placed back in its original position at the Great Zimbabwe monument near Masvingo on February 20, 2020. (File photo: AFP)HARARE, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday called for the restitution and repatriation of African artifacts that were expropriated from Africa during the colonial era and are currently displayed in Western museums.Mnangagwa made the remarks at the third edition of the International Conference on African Cultures, which was held here on Nov. 23-25 and attended by dignitaries from across the African continent."Our peoples heritage must be freed from the hostage of Western museums, public spaces and private institutions. Within the purviews of the rights-based discourse, Africa and its people continue to unreservedly pronounce that cultural rights are human rights too. In light of this, Africa must reunite with that which belongs to it," Mnangagwa said.Raphael Chikukwa, director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe said the looted artifacts are of great cultural and economic value, and therefore should be returned to their rightful owners.He said the return of the artifacts is essential for Africans to revisit and re-engage with the important aspects of African history the artifacts represent.Speaking on the same occasion, Zimbabwes Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Kirsty Coventry said the return of the artifact is imperative for the realization of the national identity."To us as Zimbabweans, as we strive towards Vision 2030, it is imperative that we strengthen our national identity, we need to know and fully appreciate where we come from in order to know where we are going," she said.Vision 2030 seeks to propel Zimbabwe into a middle-income economy by the year 2030.

Egypt's Luxor to reopen restored Avenue of Sphinxes 5 Photos

Egypt's Luxor to reopen restored Avenue of Sphinxes


China-US teams win opening match at World Table Tennis Championships in Houston

China-US paired teams won the opening match in the mixed doubles event at the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Texas.(Photos: World Table Tennis)In the first round of mixed doubles, China-US team Kanak Jha and Wang Manyu beat Russia team Sidorenko and Terakova 3-0. The other China-US pair Lin Gaoyuan and Lily Zhang swept Portugal team Tiago Apolónia and Shao Jieni 3-0, scoring the first win!(Compiled by Feng Zhenglin)

China to establish negative list on entertainment, issues celebrity warning list to avoid distorted values

Chinas top internet regulator said on Tuesday that it will establish a negative list to prevent celebrity-related content from promoting distorted values, including abnormal aesthetics, vulgar scandals, and content that induces fans to blindly idolize celebrities or that hypes the comeback of entertainers who have illegal and unethical records.Kris Wu (Photo: CFP)On the same day, the China Association of Performing Arts published the ninth warning list for livestreaming performances covering 88 celebrities, including Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu Yifan who has been arrested on rape charges, actress Zheng Shuang who was fined for tax fraud, and actor Zhang Zhehan who visited Japans war-linked Yasukuni Shrine and went against the Chinese publics emotions.Since the launch of the warning list in 2018, eight lists of 358 online celebrities had been issued, and all members of the association have been told to boycott the celebrities on the list. The notice released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Tuesday listed 15 measures in four areas to manage how online information about celebrities is presented - content orientation, information presentation, account management, and the mechanism of public opinion. Observers hailed the latest notice as further drawing a clear bottom line of the rule of law covering the network communication order. Celebrities should not induce fans to illegally fundraise or provoke confrontations among "fan cultures," the notice said, adding that celebrities who were recently involved in unethical and illegal behavior will be strictly prevented from reviving their careers. It also said that internet regulators will strengthen support for positive online content about celebrities and establish a negative list to ban celebrity-related content that promotes abnormal aesthetics, hypes vulgar scandals and induces fans to blindly idolize celebrities, and leads to exposing the personal information of other cel...

Monster-themed Chinese folktale to premiere on Bilibili

(Photo: CGTN)Bilibili will premiere a monster-themed cartoon collection that reflects the characteristics of Chinese culture.The cartoon collection, titled "Yao - Chinese Folktales", was the fruit of Shanghai Animation Film Studio, one of the most time-honored animation production studios in China.Ten animation directors were invited to create the original animated short film collection that involves eight "yao" (meaning "monsters") related stories originating from Chinese traditions and culture."All Yao - Chinese Folktales stem from traditional Chinese culture," says Chen Liaoyu, chief director of the collection. "But that doesnt mean that it only refers to traditional books and legendary stories. It also involves modern, even future Chinese culture," he added.Chen hopes to reflect the characteristics of Chinese culture in a natural way. The eight stories cover topics from attachment to home soil to doomsday feelings.Yao - Chinese Folktales will premiere exclusively on Bilibili.

Einstein's relativity theory manuscript sold for $13m in Paris

The manuscript jointly written by Albert Einstein and Michele Besso between 1913 and 1914 is displayed at Christies auction house in Paris, France, November 23, 2021. (Photo: CFP)A manuscript co-written by Albert Einstein on his theory of relativity was auctioned Tuesday for 11.7 million euros ($13 million).The manuscript was sold by Christies in Paris to an anonymous buyer.Christies said on its website that the 54-page working manuscript, co-written by Einstein and Michele Besso between June 1913 and early 1914 in Zurich, Switzerland, was a crucial stage in the development of the General Theory of Relativity.It is one of only two surviving manuscripts documenting the genesis of the theory, and provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the scientist, Christies added.The auction house had previously estimated the value of the manuscript at between $2.4 million and $3.5 million. The manuscript discusses Albert Einsteins theory of general relativity, building on his theory of special relativity from 1905 that was encapsulated in the famous equation E=mc2. (Photo: CFP)Einstein died in 1955 at the age of 76. He is lauded as one of the greatest theoretical physicists of all time. His theories of relativity revolutionized the field by introducing new ways of looking at the movement of objects in space and time.Einstein also made major contributions to quantum mechanics theory and won the Nobel physics prize in 1921. He then became a pop culture icon thanks to his dry witticisms, and trademark unruly hair, mustache and bushy eyebrows.In 2019, an exhibition marking the 140th anniversary of Einsteins birth was held in Shanghai, China. Handwritten pages of the General Theory of Relativity and famous equation E=mc2 were displayed.

China brings out collection on Tibetan epic of King Gesar

(Photo: CGTN)A book series on the Tibetan epic of King Gesar has been published, a Qinghai provincial center for the protection and research of the "Epic of King Gesar" said on Tuesday.The collection, consisting of five volumes totaling 1.14 million words, was compiled based on the existing versions and new discoveries from folktale stories, songs and written materials about King Gesar, said Changchub Tsering, an associate researcher at the center.The books can be regarded as supplementary research of the classic "Epic of King Gesar," and the publication is sponsored by a national project designated for protecting intangible cultural heritage, Tsering added.As the worlds oldest epic poem that is still performed today, the "Epic of King Gesar," which has over 1 million lines of verse, is longer than the worlds five other great ancient epics put together, including ancient Greek poet Homers "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" and ancient Indias "The Mahabharata."With rich Tibetan ancient folk tales, poems and proverbs, the "Epic of King Gesar" is considered not only the worlds longest folk epic but a window to the ethnic Tibetan culture, telling the story of how an 11th century Tibetan demigod king conquered his enemies and helped ordinary people.Listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009, the epic has been passed down orally by singers, herders, and farmers from provinces and regions including Qinghai, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia.


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