Art exhibition on nature, love illustrated by cross-cultural women unveiled in Sydney

Photo taken on March 4, 2021 shows the exhibits during an art exhibition held by the China Cultural Center in Sydney, Australia. An art exhibition featuring narratives of nature and love by cross-cultural women was unveiled in Sydney on Thursday evening. The exhibition, held by the China Cultural Ce

Sweet taste of things to come: red the color of fresh vibrant flavor

As the extraordinarily cold winter comes to an end, the first batch of fresh, early-season tomatoes are starting to hit the market.The tomato, which is in fact a fruit, is mostly classed as a vegetable because of its dominant use in savory cooking. The tomatoes that are available all year round are essential to numerous everyday recipes, but their flavor can be quite bland.In general, the tomato season starts from June and runs through the summer, though different regions have their own timings according to the local climate and weather conditions, and naturally ripe tomatoes can arrive in the market in spring.Originated in South America, tomatoes were brought to China in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and cultivated as an ornamental plant for their beautiful red color. It became popular as a vegetable in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Today, China is the largest tomato producing country in the world, with its annual exports of tomato sauce accounting for one third of the global total.The northwestern regions — the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Shaanxi Province and Gansu Province — are where the significant day-to-night temperature difference and longer hours of sunlight support the thriving growth of tomatoes.The tomato also plays a crucial role in regional cuisine. In the rural villages of Shaanxi, people would make steamed tomato sauce at the end of the tomato season to preserve the vegetable for use over the winter.Sweet tomato saladThe tomatoes are first steamed in large batches to remove the skin, then chopped up and boiled in a large wok to reduce the moisture content. The cooked sauce is seasoned with salt, and some people add chilis to boost the flavor with a hint of spiciness. The tomato sauce is then portioned and sealed in clean, dry bottles or jars, then boiled in water to finish the cooking. The tomato sauce can be preserved for three to five months.Besides the regular large tomatoes used in everyday cooking, novel ...

The 'Chinese wind' whirling through the entertainment industry

The annual China Central Televisions Spring Festival Gala of song, dance and comedy sketches draws tens of millions of viewers every Lunar New Year Eve. Its the traditional entertainment of the night and the talking point of days following.But this Year of the Ox, many TV viewers found something more entertaining. The aftermath buzz of New Years Eve has been a dance show entitled "Tang Gong Ye Yan," or "Night Banquet in a Tang Palace." It was aired on Henan Television.The show had the same sort of vibe as the Hollywood movie "Night at the Museum." Dancers looked like sculptures from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), performing among ancient paintings and relics. Augmented reality technology turned the stage into vivid displays of a royal court.The dance show attracted tens of millions of clicks online within 24 hours of airing and remains a hot topic half a month later."The dancers looked exactly the same, from costumes to make-up, as Tang beauties we usually see in paintings," said Yang Yijun, a Shanghai white-collar worker who admits to having watched the show more than 10 times. "It was quite different from what we see in costume dramas or movies. Now Im planning a holiday to Henan to visit the Henan Museum because I heard that the relics that appeared on the stage are displayed there.""Tang Gong Ye Yan" was the most popular show during this years Spring Festival in China.The dance show might be regarded as the height of guofeng, or "Chinese wind" — a buzzword of Chinese pop culture.Guofeng has stormed through movies, art, fashion and video games since two animation movies, "Monkey King: Hero is Back" and "Ne Zha," broke box-office records in China several years go.Both films were adapted from ancient Chinese mythology.An earlier survey of the music tastes of people 25 years or younger showed that traditional Chinese-style music has become one of the mo...

Interactive panda museum opens in China's Chengdu 4 Photos

Interactive panda museum opens in China's Chengdu

[Photo/Xinhua] .A giant panda-themed museum offering visitors an interactive experience opened to the public on Wednesday in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province.Visitors can access various information pertaining to giant pandas by tapping on the screen, guided by an animated pand

Shanghai exhibition offers a kaleidoscopic view of interconnected life 5 Photos

Shanghai exhibition offers a kaleidoscopic view of interconnected life

After Party.For Breadth and Immensity.Gifts.Staple Food.Tomatoes.

Paintings from Shanxi on show in Slovakian embassy 7 Photos

Paintings from Shanxi on show in Slovakian embassy

A painting shown at the exhibition.Chang Meijuan (left), representative of artists credited for the exhibited artworks introduced traditional Chinese paintings to Dusan Bella, Slovakian ambassador to China, on Tuesday.36 paintings, featuring folk art in the culturally rich Shanxi province and Chinese paintings in an elaborate style, are exhibited at the Slovakian embassy in Beijing to enhance cultural ties between China and Slovakia.36 paintings, featuring folk art in the culturally rich Shanxi province and Chinese paintings in an elaborate style, are exhibited at the Slovakian embassy in Beijing to enhance cultural ties between China and Slovakia.36 paintings, featuring folk art in the culturally rich Shanxi province and Chinese paintings in an elaborate style, are exhibited at the Slovakian embassy in Beijing to enhance cultural ties between China and Slovakia.36 paintings, featuring folk art in the culturally rich Shanxi province and Chinese paintings in an elaborate style, are exhibited at the Slovakian embassy in Beijing to enhance cultural ties between China and Slovakia.36 paintings, featuring folk art in the culturally rich Shanxi province and Chinese paintings in an elaborate style, are exhibited at the Slovakian embassy in Beijing to enhance cultural ties between China and Slovakia.

Rare Chinese bowl bought for $35 could fetch up to $500,000 at auction

A screenshot of a photo of a rare 15th century Chinese bowl that was found at a yard sale in Connecticut, US.Talk about a great bargain!A small bowl bought for $35 in a yard sale in the US turned out to be a rare Chinese ceramic from the Ming Dynasty (1384-1644) worth up to half a million dollars.The blue and white porcelain piece has steep rounded sides that narrow at the bottom, making it look like a lotus bud (lianzi) or chicken heart (jixin) – quintessential designs from the Ming era. It features floral motifs in rich cobalt blue of lotuses, peonies, chrysanthemums and pomegranate blossoms.Experts at Sothebys called the bowl "rare and exceptional" and said it bears all the hallmarks of imperial porcelain items made during the reign of Zhu Di or the Yongle Emperor (1403–1424), the third ruler of the Ming Dynasty."The style of painting, the shape of the bowl, even just the color of the blue is quite characteristic of that early, early 15th century period of porcelain," Angela McAteer, Sothebys senior vice president and head of its Chinese Works of Art Department, told the Associated Press.The smooth body and silky glaze were also dead giveaways of the pieces provenance."In every respect, this delicate bowl is a quintessential Yongle product, made for the court, showing the striking combination of superb material and painting," read a writeup on the auction houses website.The bowl was bought by an unidentified man at a yard sale last year in New Haven in the northeastern US state of Connecticut, who later sought appraisal from specialists about his find. He sent a picture to Sothebys and McAteer and Chinese ceramic expert Hang Yin had a good feeling about it."It was immediately apparent to both of us that we were looking at something really very, very special," said McAteer. Further in-person examination confirmed their inkling, although the experts admit how the bowl ended up in a junk sale or made i...

CPPCC cultivates reading culture, capitalizes on online discussions

Guo Weimin, the spokesperson for the fourth session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, briefed the Chinese and foreign media on the upcoming session and answered questions from the press.Responding to a question from a Legal Daily reporter on the establishment of online discussion groups and book

Tuning in to history 5 Photos

Tuning in to history

Musicians from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music perform at the Chinese New Year's Concert held in Vienna, Austria, using musical instruments replicated from those that appear in the murals of the Mogao Caves in Gansu province, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a complex of grottoes adorned with Buddhi

Study details panda subspecies' evolution

Can you tell the difference between the two subspecies of giant panda. A giant panda of the Sichuan subspecies at Shenyang Forest Zoo in Liaoning province.The photogenic animals are divided into Sichuan and Qinling subspecies.

China eyes high-quality development of movie industry

Chinese authorities on Tuesday stressed supporting private enterprises in the movie industry and enhancing Chinese films' global competitiveness to promote high-quality development.Addressing a work conference in Beijing on Tuesday, Wang Xiaohui, head of the State Film Administration, said the film

Churchill wartime painting sells for $9.75m

Photo of "Tower of Koutoubia Mosque"A painting of Marrakesh by Britain’s famed wartime prime minister Winston Churchill, owned by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, smashed expectations to sell for 7 million pounds (US$9.75 million) at auction in London on Monday.Churchill, a keen artist, took inspiration from the Moroccan city and painted “The Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque” oil work during a World War II visit in 1943.He gave the finished article to fellow wartime leader, US President Franklin Roosevelt. Auction house Christie’s called the painting “Churchill’s most important work.”“Aside from its distinguished provenance, it is the only landscape he made” during the war.After frenzied bidding, much of it carried out over the phone, the gavel eventually came down at 7 million pounds, smashing the pre-sale expectations of 1.5 to 2.5 million pounds.Christie’s said the sale figure with commission was 8.2 million pounds.Two more of his paintings also went under the hammer. The three works together fetched 43 million pounds.A career army officer before entering politics, Churchill started to paint 40. His passion for the translucent light of Marrakesh, far from the political storms and drab skies of London, dates to the 1930s when most of Morocco was a French protectorate.He made six visits to the North African country over 23 years.“Here in these spacious palm groves rising from the desert the traveller can be sure of perennial sunshine ... and can contemplate with ceaseless satisfaction the stately and snow-clad panorama of the Atlas Mountains,” he wrote.

Paris fashion gala offers hope in a time of chaos

A model receives make-up during a photo shooting for Weinsanto, in Paris on Monday. (Photo: AFP)Paris fashion week opened in unique style on Monday, with students cutting the virtual ribbon for women’s ready-to-wear collections at a time of unprecedented chaos in the fashion calendar.Deserted by several heavyweight designers, and still stuck online by the pandemic, organizers turned to students from the French Institute of Fashion for a dose of hope.“People have been much more open. They want to keep fashion alive and give as many opportunities as possible to young designers,” said one of those in the opening video, Clement Picot.He drew inspiration from horror films such as “The Shining” and “American Psycho” for his contribution, full of oversized comic-book shoulders that he said were a mix of his dreams and nightmares.For youngsters like Picot, the need to stay virtual is no problem: “I will be able to watch this video all my life. It’s maybe even more personal this way.”But this fashion week, the fourth in Paris amid the pandemic, looks as disorganized as ever. Dior and Louis Vuitton pushed back their video broadcasts at the last minute, with organizers adding an extra day on March 10 to accommodate delays.Rival holding Kering which includes Saint Laurent, Balenciaga is not presenting at all.Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent’s Belgian designer announced his withdrawal from the official calendar a year ago.Others are setting their own timetables, reflecting the fact that many designers were tired of the relentless pace of the fashion calendar even before the pandemic created new logistical headaches.Hedi Slimane, artistic director of Celine unveiled his men’s collection in early February with a video showing modern knights in leather jackets parading on the ramparts of the Chateau de Chambord on the Loire.“Everything is being called into question,” said Berluti creator Kris Van Assche.

Soong memorial's main building opens again

The main building of the Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence in Shanghai reopened to the public on Tuesday.The main building of the Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence in Shanghai reopened to the public on Tuesday after being closed for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The memorial shut on January 24 last year, after the novel coronavirus outbreak. On March 20, it reopened but the main building remained closed.“The city was under stricter virus prevention and control measures at that time and we were afraid the enhanced disinfection would damage exhibits in the building, which are authentic,” said Song Shijuan, vice curator of the memorial. “Now, life in Shanghai has returned to normalcy and it’s time for us to reopen it to the public.”She said more than 400 people visited the memorial residence and the main building on Tuesday.Two visitors take photos in the Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence on Tuesday.The residence was where Soong, honorary president of the People’s Republic of China and the wife of Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Kuomintang, spent most of her life.Soong was born and grew up in Shanghai. She married Sun in 1915 and assisted him in his revolutionary efforts. After he died in 1925, she continued to play an important role in China’s social and political development.Soong moved into the residence in the spring of 1949 and lived there until her death in 1981. In October that year, it was unveiled as a memorial to Soong and it opened to the public in May 1988.The residence, covering 4,830 square meters, was built in 1920 and refurbished in 1990, 2006 and 2018.The entrance to the main building.The main building, a three-story white brick-wood structure, was originally built by a Greek shipping magnate, so it’s shaped like a boat when looked at from the front. There are shipping-related elements, such as a fish-shaped wind vane on top of the building and sailboat patterns on wind-shades.There is a hallway, a living room, a dining room and two s...

Booming Chinese film market is still vulnerable

Two phenomenal tentpole films soared into the top five ranks of all time on the Chinese box office chart, but filmmakers are still worried about the future.A combination of posters for seven Chinese blockbusters released in time for Spring Festival 2021, including "Detective Chinatown 3," "A Writers Odyssey," "The Yinyang Masterr," "Hi, Mom," "New Gods: Nezha Reborn," "Endgame" and "Boonie Bears: The Wild Life."Chen Sichengs "Detective Chinatown 3," the latest installment in Wanda Pictures well-received "Detective Chinatown" franchise, had grossed 4.32 billion yuan ($668.56 million) by Sunday night since its Spring Festival release, making it the fifth highest-grossing film ever in Chinese film history.It surpassed the 4.25 billion yuan total generated in China by Hollywood juggernaut "Avengers: Endgame," according to box office tracking agency Beacon. The new statistics of "Detective Chinatown 3" means all top five spots of all time on the box office chart are occupied by Chinese domestic productions, a major milestone.Its rival, comedy actress Jia Lings tear-jerker directorial debut "Hi, Mom," also released during the Spring Festival 2021, took haul of 4.82 billion yuan and is currently sitting at the No. 3 on Chinas highest-grossing film chart.The 2017 action-adventure film "Wolf Warrior 2" and the 2019 animated fantasy film "Ne Zha" are currently topping the chart with total revenue of 5.69 billion yuan and 5.03 billion yuan respectively. The 2019 sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth," which made 4.69 billion yuan, fell one spot to No. 4.It is also very rare to have two tentpoles both grossing more than 4 billion yuan respectively during a certain holiday season, which also indicated moviegoers extreme enthusiasm and the infinite potential of Chinese film market, already the biggest...

CCTV airs Japanese animation after 14 years, move seen as sign of better relations

Japanese animation Cells at Work. aired on the national broadcaster China Central Television , the first Japanese show to be released by CCTV in more than a decade. The move has been hailed by Chinese comic fans and was also interpreted as a sign of improving relations between China and Japan.

Spectacular art emerges from humble wheat straw

In Chongqing's Dadukou district, a group of wheat straw artists have devoted themselves to the intangible cultural heritage. [Provided to chinadaily.Straw painting originated during the Sui Dynasty , prospered in the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, and gained popularity in the Ming (13

Chloe Zhao wins Golden Globe for best director in motion picture

File photo: APLOS ANGELES, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese female director Chloe Zhao won the Golden Globe for best director in a motion picture for her feature film "Nomadland" on Sunday night, becoming the first Chinese woman and woman of Asian descent to win the trophy in the category in history.Run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards honored the best in American television of 2020, as well as film in 2020 and early 2021.As the first major show of this Hollywood awards season, the virtual ceremony, which was postponed for nearly two months amid the COVID-19 pandemic, took place live from both New York City and Los Angeles.

Enlighten Festival held in Canberra, Australia 6 Photos

Enlighten Festival held in Canberra, Australia

A girl poses for photos with colorful lights during the Enlighten Festival in Canberra, Australia, Feb. 28, 2021. People visiting the festival this year are required to register in advance and keep social distancing.

By split screen, Fey and Poehler kick off bicoastal Globes

In this video grab issued Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, by NBC, hosts Tina Fey, left, from New York, and Amy Poehler, from Beverly Hills, Calif., speak at the Golden Globe Awards. (Photo: AP)With nominees appearing by remote video and hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on different sides of the country, a very socially distanced 78th Golden Globe Awards trudged on in the midst of the pandemic and a storm of criticism.Fey took the stage at New Yorks Rainbow Room while Poehler remained at the Globes usual home at the Beverly Hilton. In their opening remarks, they managed their typically well-timed back-and-forth despite being almost 3,000 miles from each other.“I always knew my career would end with me wandering around the Rainbow Room pretending to talk to Amy," said Fey. “I just thought it would be later.”They appeared before masked attendees but no stars. Instead, the tables were occupied by “smoking-hot first responders and essential workers,” said Fey.In a production nightmare but one thats become familiar during the pandemic, the nights first winner accepted his award while muted. Only after presenter Laura Dern apologized did Daniel Kaluuya, who won best supporting actor for his performance as Black Panther leader Fred Hampton in “Judas and the Black Messiah,” get his speech in. When he finally came through, he waged his finger at the camera and said, “Youre doing me dirty!"Pandemic improvising was only part of the damage control for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the Globes. After The Los Angeles Times revealed that there are no Black members in the 87-person voting body of the HFPA, the press association — which Ricky Gervais last year called “very, very racist” in his hoping monologue — came under mounting pressure to overhaul itself and better reflect the industry it holds sway in.This year, none of the most acclaimed Black-led films — “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” “One Night in Miami,” “Judas and the Black Mess...


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