Observer: Solidarity, cooperation the right way to deal with COVID-19

The threats made by some US politicians to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) in the previous months finally turned real.US officials confirmed on Monday the White House submitted to the United Nations(UN)its notice to quit the UN health body by July2021. The move coincided with an alarming spike in COVID-19 cases in the US in recent weeks.The US is acting like a deserter in the battle, and standing against global anti-pandemic cooperation.Such irresponsible and hegemonic unilateralism is a total disgrace.As seen by all, some US politicians are inclined to distract public attention away from their disastrous handling of the pandemic by scapegoating the WHO.When the White House announced to defund WHO, it triggered widespread concerns. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stressed it was time for unity and for the international community to work together in solidarity to stop this virus and its shattering consequences. Guterres said the WHO must be supported, as it is absolutely critical to the world’s efforts to win the war against COVID-19.An American expert pointed out that the disaster in the US was not caused by the WHO, but the White Houses consistent ignoranceofWHOs warnings. A commentary in the New York Times called the US move a dangerous attempt to find a scapegoat for its own failings. "It is like taking away a fire department’s trucks in the middle of a blaze," the article said.However, some US politicians are still going their own way. On May 18, the White House threatened to quit the WHO if the organization "does not commit to major substantive improvements within the next 30 days." Eleven days later, it terminated ties with the UN health body.If the US government tookmore time listening to the WHO, rather than trying to destroy it, then tens of thousands of Americans wouldhave been saved today - that is the wish ofUS citizens. However, such a voice was n...

Positive energy urged between China and US

China proposed a list of interactions with the United States on specifying cooperation.State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the remark when addressing the China-US Think Tanks and Media Online Forum.The two countries should properly manage tough disputes and minimize their damage to bil

Washington should work with Beijing to accentuate the positive in relations: China Daily editorial

The bifurcation of sentiment between Beijing and Washington regarding the China-US relationship has become increasingly apparent this year. The optimism that prevailed after the two sides struck their "phase one" trade deal is now in scarce supply.While Washington is apparently intent on an all-out

Observer: Aussie think tank a political agenda puppet

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), a so-called independent think tank whose researchfocuseson promoting China as Australias "No. 1 strategic threat", is a puppet operated under a malicious political agenda.Reports from APAC News show that the ASPI, despite its claim of independence, is actually an anti-China lobby group. In addition to an annual grant of four million Australian dollars from the Australian Department of Defense, it receives funds from foreign governments (including the US and the UK), major weaponsmakers, and some technology companies.Comparedtoits firm “China threat” narrative, it is far less forthcoming about its funders and specific funding figures, while many believe that its stance against China is closely linked to its sources of funding.Former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has slammed the institute for pushing a "one-sided, pro-American view of the world", andformer Australian Ambassador to China Geoff Raby has said the ASPI is "the architect of the China threat theory in Australia." These arguments can beproventhrough disinformation fabricated by ASPI.The ASPI issued a report titled Uygurs for Saleon March, claiming that there were at least 80,000 Ugyurs transferred to factories across China between 2017 and 2019 by Xinjiang to further control them.This report on so-called "forced labor" in Xinjiang was highly controversial. Ajit Singh, a journalist, said it relies "more on sensationalism and speculation than concrete evidence",presenting "no original evidence" from workers alleged to have been forced to work. He further pointed out that it is a Cold War “PR blitz" launched by the West.“Due to the limited job opportunities in the severely-underdeveloped Southern Xinjiang area, local authorities took active measures to help the surplus labor from poor households in the area to get emplo...

US university leaders slam Trump policy on foreign students

The Trump administrations new policy of prohibiting foreign students from taking online-only courses in the US this fall has sparked immediate backlash from leading educational institutions, with some now taking legal action against it.A sign promoting social distancing of the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology on July 8, 2020 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Photo: Agencies)The guidance issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Monday terminates F1 and M1 visa programs for international students in academic and vocational studies if their schools operate under a remote-learning model this fall. Under the new rule, if these students do not transfer to schools offering at least partial in-person instruction, they would have to leave the country or face deportation.Leaders at several top universities used terms such as "cruel", "destructive", "senseless and unfair" to denounce the guidance and pledged support for international students while urging the White House to take a more flexible approach.Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Wednesday sued the Trump administration over the directive, arguing that ICEs decision not to provide an exemption for online-only courses puts them in an "untenable situation" of either proceeding with their plans to operate fully or largely online or attempt to provide in-person learning.The lawsuit stressed the challenges posed to students as they are largely unable to transfer to universities providing in-person instruction in the few weeks before the fall semester starts, and its "impossible, impracticable, prohibitively expensive" for many of the students to participate in online instruction from their home countries.Harvard is the latest institution to announce a virtual-only operating model for the fall semester, which means its approximately 5,000 international students would have to leave the country under the IC...

Time to roll out reforms that have cleared pilot free trade zone check

Yantai port, eastern China's Shandong province [Photo/WeChat account: yantaifabu].The State Council, China's Cabinet, issued a notice on Wednesday, urging local governments to implement some reforms that have successfully been carried out in the pilot free trade zones.This is the sixth batch of refo

A-share market boosts global economy

An investor checks stock prices at a brokerage in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, July 6, 2020.The major indexes at the Chinese A-share market continued their upward trend on Monday, with the Shanghai Composite Index registering its biggest oneday gain in five years to close at 3,332. Despit

Observer: The opposition bent on ‘mutual destruction’ will be abandoned by HK residents

The first batch of eligible Hong Kong permanent residents received a cash payout of HK$10,000 (about $1,298) by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government on July 6.As an important measure of a budget unveiled by the HKSAR government to support enterprises, safeguard jobs, stimulate the economy, and smoothen livelihoods, the widely anticipatedcash payoutscheme has garnered wide attention.However, the bailout policy that directly benefited Hong Kong residents had been obstructed by the opposition in the city.When voting on the second round HK$137.5 billion anti-epidemic fund launched by the HKSAR government, none of the opposition members voted in favor and they even tried to delay the passage of the budget, which includes the cash payout scheme, and impeded the implementation of the one-off relief measure.What’sworse, some opposition politicians have been determined to unscrupulouslyachieve theirpolitical purposes. They incited black-clad riotersto engagein acts of destroying subways, smashing shops, firebombing banksand beating tourists and local people.They hyped up the so-called“yellow economic circle”, caused social separation, and made trouble for innocent merchants.These behaviors revealed that some politicians were taking the people’s livelihood hostage by means ofpolitics, and dragging down Hong Kong’s economy by the “mutual destruction”activities. They are enemies of Hong Kong people and the city’s future.Due to the “mutual destruction” activities, the region lost its title as the world’s freest economy, which it has maintained for 25 consecutive years. Last year, its GDP contracted for the first time in a decade. The city’s iconic Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurants that spark memories for generations of locals closed their doors.Due to the “mutual destruction” activities, restaurants wereforced to shorten their business hours or even closed. Single mothers living in...

US withdraws from WHO amid pandemic, sabotaging own interests and reputation: experts

30, 2020 shows the headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.(Xinhua/Chen Junxia) US' confirmation that it was leaving the World Health Organization (WHO)while the international health organization and countries worldwide were dedicated to fighting a massive global p

US makes unnecessary waves in South China Sea

The USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Nimitz, and their strike groups are holding the first dual-carrier drills in the South China Sea (SCS) since 2014. The Ronald Reagan carrier strike group, according to a statement from the US Navys Seventh Fleet, "is the Navys only forward-deployed strike group and one of Americas most visible symbols of resolve."The guided-missile frigate Yulin (Hull 569) attached to a destroyer flotilla with the navy under the PLA Southern Theater Command fires its main-gun against mock ashore targets during a maritime training exercise in waters of the South China Sea in late March, 2020. The guided-missile frigates Xuchang (536) and Yulin (Hull 569) jointly execute maritime tasks on subjects including formation maneuver, live-fire operation, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operation, joint salvage, etc. (Photo:China Military)I made a prediction at the beginning of 2020, saying this year would be a turning point in the SCS with regional situation turning from "stabilizing and improving" to "turbulence." Given what has been taking place in the area, especially since May, there is concern of more political and security waves.The US Navy was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. But this didnt slow down its military operation in the SCS. Instead, it has further intensified its efforts to contain China with the SCS issue.After threatening to "increase public pressure" on China on May 20 and sending out the Nimitz and Ronald Reagan carrier strike groups for dual-drills in the Philippine Sea in late June, the US said on Thursday that it is concerned about Chinas military exercises around the Xisha Islands in the SCS. The US has urged "all parties to exercise restraint and not undertake military activities that might aggravate disputes." In a similar tone, Vietnam and the Philippines on Thursday also denounced Chinas drills in the waters.In the meantime, the US hasn...

Europe can't afford to fully ban Huawei

SONG CHEN/CHINA DAILY With the United States continuing to lobby its allies to ban Huawei from their 5G networks, European countries have become more ambivalent about partnering the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant. Washington has been putting pressure on European countries t

More reservoirs needed to reduce floods

Zhenhai Bridge, a state-level cultural relics protection site located in Tunxi district in the city of Huangshan, is destroyed by the roaring Xinan River. (Photo: cnr.cn)Due to severe rainstorms and heavy downpours, massive floods have swept across southern China almost every year. Since the start of this year, many parts of southern China have experienced frequent, intense rainfall within a short of period of time.This year the floods, caused by natural climate fluctuations and an increase in extreme weather conditions due to climate change, have been more severe than in previous years.Completely preventing floods in regions influenced by changing climate patterns may not be humanly possible. Yet by implementing efficient and effective water conservancy programs, the authorities can better control floods and minimize the loss of lives and properties.China has made remarkable achievements in building reservoirs and dams, which have not only reduced the chances of floods but also provided water and electricity for the people. Statistics show that despite the rainfall this year breaking 80-year-old records in many places, the loss of lives and properties will not be as high owing to effective management of water facilities during floods. But peoples lives and properties should be better protected.Although big dams, in recent years, have sparked huge controversies due to their ecological impact, high costs and the relocation of residents, China still doesnt have enough water conservancy facilities. In particular, the capacity of reservoirs on big rivers and the drainage system in some Chinese cities need to be further improved.The United States is similar in size to China, but its reservoirs capacity is 50 percent more compared with China. Specifically, China has the capacity to store 900 billion cubic meters of water, while for the US it is 1.3 trillion cubic meters.Thus, the amount of rainfall that can overwhelm Chinas reservoirs and cause fl...

Beijing shows that prompt targeted actions can effectively contain virus' reemergence: China Daily editorial

That Beijing reported zero confirmed locally transmitted COVID-19 cases on Monday, 26 days after a new outbreak was detected on June 11, highlights the efficient response of the municipal government.The city has reported a total of 335 confirmed locally transmitted cases in nearly four weeks, with 3

US' brattish behavior unbecoming

Fully supporting the purposes and goals of the Arms Trade Treaty, which aims to prevent irresponsible transfers of arms that result in regional instability and curb the ready availability of weapons and ammunition that enable acts of terror and violent crimes, Zhang Jun, China's permanent representa

Observer: UK’s new attempt on BNO passports hypocritical offer

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK will extend residency rights and a path to citizenship for up to 3 million people in Hong Kong, a move which was criticized as a “hypocritical”offer.History serves as a strong dose of sobriety. The British National Overseas (BNO) Passports were issued by the UK government right before Hong Kong’s handover in1997. At that time, some people in Hong Kong were uncertain about the future and wanted to come to the UK, but the UK was worried that it would increase its own employment difficulties.As a compromise, the passport is basically a travel document which allows its carriers to visit Britain visa-free for six months, but they do not have the right of abode and cannot work in the country, nor do they have access to public funds, like government benefits.Under the British government’s current plan, about 350,000 BNO passport holders, and 2.6 million others eligible, will be able to come to the UK, including the right to work and study, for five years.At this point, they will be able to apply for settled status, and after a further year, seek British citizenship.Last year, a group of Hong Kong residents holding BNO passports signed a letter calling for the UK to give BNO passport "comprehensive British citizenship", and the British government made it clear to refuse. Whyitchangedits mind in over ayear and at this specific moment is somethingworth thinking about.The Chinese Embassy in Britain expressed China’s firm opposition to this offer on Thursday. “All Chinese compatriots in Hong Kong are Chinese citizens, whether they hold a BNO passport or not,” the spokesperson said.In memoranda exchanged between the two sides, the UKdeclared it would not confer the right of abode to Chinese citizens in Hong Kong holding BNO passports. "If the British side makes unilateral changes to the relevant practice, it will breach its own position and pledges,as well as in...

A new chapter in China-Arab relations

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi co-chair the ninth ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum via video link, July 6, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua] The ninth ministerial conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation

Reservoirs key to reducing floods

A swollen river in Pingxi village, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality on July 1.Due to intermittent rainstorms and heavy downpours, severe floods have swept across southern China almost every year. Yet by implementing efficient and effective water conservancy programs, the authorities can bett

Security laws common and effective in tackling down terrorists in Western countries

Since the national security law for Hong Kong came into effect on June 30, its deterrent effect has been immediate. More people are expecting Hong Kong to return to stability so its residents can live peacefully.(File Photo: IC)However, some international politicians and media are still making double standards, chastising China for legislating to guard the security of its own land.Every sovereign country takes into account security. In European countries and the US, there are many law enforcement cases using national security laws, and the Global Times has collected the information and examples to show the facts.France: a textbook caseAfter a series of terrorist attacks, France announced a state of emergency status in November 2015.After ending the emergency, the country adopted in November 2017 a law, "Strengthening Homeland Security and the Fight Against Terrorism," which allows provincial governors approving alerting zones while holding key sports or cultural events; closing religious venues that spread extremism; and putting terrorist suspects under administrative control or supervision.In December 2017, one of Frances largest mosques in Marseille the as-Sounna mosque was closed by the government. The French media called this event a textbook case for applying the security law.The closure was caused by the mosques Imam El Hadi Doudi, who had been allegedly "provoking discrimination, hatred and violence toward an individual or group," media reported. Doudi had reportedly been calling for jihad and introducing several Muslims to join the IS.After the security law passed, the provincial government ordered to close the mosque, freeze its property and dismiss the related organizations.Doudi was then deported to Algeria, his hometown, following a lengthy legal process. Though Doudis lawyer sued to the European Court of Human Rights, the French government won against Doudis lawsuit.The local police chi...

Certain people in Hong Kong should avoid politicizing national security law

Andrew Li Kwok-nang, a former chief justice of the Court of Final Appeal of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), raised questions about the national security law for Hong Kong recently. He argued that the HKSAR chief executives power to select judges who would deal with national security cases would be detrimental to the citys judicial independence. His opinions were echoed by the Hong Kong Bar Association, some local scholars as well as some Legislative Council members. We believe Lis views do not hold water.About 100 fishing boats in Hong Kong sail on July 1 in Victoria Harbor to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of its return to the motherland and the first day of the enforcement of the National Security Law in the city. (Photo: cnsphoto)It is widely known that the HKSARs judicial independence is part of the essence of the "one country, two systems." Because of such importance, the central government has no intention to jeopardize it. Also because it is important, Hong Kong society, especially the legal circles, should have a correct understanding of it and should not over-interpret it out of political reasons or personal values.As a legal concept, judicial independence has its strict meaning. In Hong Kong, according to the Basic Law, "the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall exercise judicial power independently, free from any interference. Members of the judiciary shall be immune from legal action in the performance of their judicial functions." But who the judicial institutions should consist of is not determined alone by judicial institutions. This is the common logic of the rule of law all over the world. The chief judges in many countries are appointed by the chief executive. For instance, in the US, all federal judges are nominated by the president and then approved by congressmen and appointed by the president. The appointments of key judges in Canada and the UK follow simil...

Virus is merciless, but love and kindness shall pass on

Passengers wait for metro line one in Wuhan, Chinas Hubei province, April 22, 2020. Starting from April 22, all bus and rail transit network resumed operation in Wuhan. (Photo: Xinhua)"Lets stay, and pass on this kindness! Later generations will be good comes out of evil". Followed this call by Pastor William Mompesson over 300 years in 1666, all residents in Eyam, a pretty commuter village located 35 miles southeast of Manchester UK, decided to quarantine themselves, made the heroic choice to sacrifice their own lives to stop the spread of Black Death. A resounding heroic story of responsibility, selflessness and braveness links the 1660s with 2020s.Wuhan, a transport hub of 11 million people in Chinas Hubei province, made the same arduous and heroic choice in the year 2020 when thrust by COVID-19, a once in a century deadly pandemic of global challenges.Statistical prediction models show that thanks to the lock down, at least 80% of possible infections have been prevented, and valuable time was bought for the rest of China and the world in containing the epidemic.Yet despite the lofty sacrifice of Wuhan, and of China for the greater good, which has been widely acknowledged worldwide, there are still discordant notes and groundless accusations to vilify China.It is fair and imperative to reveal the true picture, for human history should be justified by facts, lies and disinformation shall never prevail.It is wrong to accuse China of covering up. The fact is, Chinas handling and notification of this virus is extremely transparent, speedy and responsible.As timeline shows clearly, three cases of pneumonia of unknown causes were first reported on 27th of December 2019 in Hubei Province of China. It was only two days later that relevant authorities carried out an epidemiological investigation. 4 days afterwards on 31st of December, 2019, WHO office in China was notified. The virus was separated on the 7th of January2020, and the whole geno...


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