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Chinese artists bring entertainment to the masses
5,000 artistsMore than 5,000 Chinese artists in the past five years have volunteered to visit rural areas, presenting a variety of art performances and entertainment to local people, said Liao Ken, the vice-president of the China Literary and Art Volunteers’ Association.Nearly two million ordinary people have benefited from the art campaigns, and have an opportunity to see the beloved performers
Military-civilian tech cooperation reaps dividends
2,300 firmsChina is increasing the pace of developing its civil-military integration scheme. Over 2,300 private firms are authorized to apply military technologies to civilian use, compared with 500 firms five years ago.The vast improvement is helping with the fast upgrade of the industrial infrastructure and a sharp drop in cost for forging national defense.The improvement also encourages state-owned enterprises to
Numbers Today | Tech hub on border boosts China-Russia collaboration
425 companiesHundreds of high-tech firms and research organizations over the past few years have set up branches in a new zone of Harbin in northeast China, bordering Russia.The pilot zone now boasts 161 national- and provincial-level research centers and 425 strategic high-tech firms from China, and is becoming the only national zone that helps China and Russia better cooperate through