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China's express delivery volume remains ...
China's express delivery volume remains world's highest
22:14, Oct 09, 2018
Chinese R&D funding saw double-digit inc...
Chinese R&D funding saw double-digit increase last year
China invested 1.76 trillion yuan ($254.3 billion) in research and development funding last year, a 12.3 percent increase over the previous year, the National Bureau of Statistics announced Tuesday.The per capita funding for full time R&D workers totaled 436,000 yuan, 32,000 yuan more than 2016, according to the bureau.About 66 percent of the R&D funding went to the manufacturing sector,
Numbers Today | ​Chinese pension system ...
Numbers Today | ​Chinese pension system covers 925 million people
More than 925 million people are covered by the pension system in China, according to an article published by the country's top social security organ in the Qiushi Journal, a bi-monthly periodical run by the CPC Central Committee.The number is nearly nine times that of 1992. The pension funds for enterprise retirees have been rising for 14 consecutive years, according