UK universities' message of support for coronavirus-hit Wuhan

Chancellors, professors, administrators and students from 50 universities in the UK have come together to extend their support to coronavirus-hit Wuhan. "We are keen to offer any assistance at all to support you at this time," said professor Anthony Forster, vice-chancellor at University of Essex. One in every three non-EU students in the UK is from China. British universities "have been watching the coronavirus with concern," said Simon Bradbury, pro vice-chancellor at De Montfort University.


Retiree sends handmade slippers to courageous medical staff

Rao Meiyuan,a retiree in her 60s, gave nearly 20 pairs of handmade slippers to the epidemic prevention personnel of her residential complex and told them to send the slippers to the Yunnan medical team who came to aid Xianning in Hubei Province.Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the medical staff and frontline workers have worked for over 20 days. Rao has watched their work on TV and admires them.K nowing that a medical team from Yunnan Province came to Xianning to curb the virus, she decided to make slippers for the medical staff."The medical staff work really hard .Im over 60 years old and theres little I can do for our country. These shoes are tokens of my regard," said Rao.(Video edited by Chen Gai; text compiled by Yang Fan)


Wuhan not alone with you

The people had been sad, but rediscovered hope. Together in this land, they are still hardworking.Wuhan is not alone with you, and the dark cloud will enventually disperse.What happend now will become the past one day, and we will step into a new stage of life.(Compiled by Shan Xin)


Egyptian workers voice support for China’s fight against outbreak

Though we are oceans apart, a shared moon connects us.In this video, the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC)’s Egypt-based staff send messages of support for Chinas fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.


​Qatar Airways donated anti-epidemic materials to China via green channel

Qatar Airways donated anti-epidemic materials to China in five planes using a green channel


Gatekeeper in Wuhan: Community policeman made way for the safety of residents

Shen Shengwen, a policeman serving the Baibuting community in Wuhans Jiangan District, was busy helping local communities in the epicenter of the epidemic conduct quarantine measures.Despite complaints and quarrels among local residents against the closure of communities, he persuaded them to obey the rules for the sake of their own health. Some locals suffered the inconvenience of living alone without their families, and he came to their homes to solve the problems in their daily lives.Obstacles emerged when he came to screen low-rent residential quarters as many families who live on subsistence allowances and have disabilities may have trouble due to the recent closure. He finished his tasks one by one so that residents in this area can feel assured of their safety.As a veteran policeman who joined the fight to combat floods in Hainan and went through the quarantine period during the SARS outbreak in 2003, he had similar experiences. “But I never thought the disease would emerge and develop so severely,” Shen said.He used to think the epidemic had turned Wuhan into a cold city. But seeing PLA soldiers, nurses, doctors coming to aid Wuhan to curb the virus and all the other countries standing in solidarity, "Wuhan will get better eventually."(Video produced by Liang Peiyu, Qiao Wai,Wang Xiangyu, Huang Jingkun,Chen Gai and Zhang Tianyi; subtitles by Chen Lidan, Han Xiaomeng; story compiled by Han Xiaomeng)


China will fight epidemic battle through to victory: General director of Notimex

Sanjuana Martinez, the general director of Notimex, the Mexican state news agency, and also a council member of the Belt and Road News Network (BRNN), recorded a video to show her admiration and support of the Chinese people in the fight against COVID-19."We are deeply moved by your quick actions to fight the epidemic and we are amazed at the all-out efforts of the people and the government in China," said Martinez.She added that she believes China will fight this battle through to victory.(Produced by Liu Xuxia, Meng Xianglin,Yan Yiqiao and Zhu Yurou)


In the face of the epidemic, they chose to stay in China

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many foreign friends have chosen to stay in China. Here is what they want to say…


A day in the life of a patient at 'Fang Cang' temporary medical shelter

This video shows a day in the life of a patient infected with COVID-19 at Fang Cang temporary medical center.


UC Riverside delivers wish, support to Wuhan for fighting against COVID-19

On behalf of all staff and students, interim provost of University of California, Riverside, Thomas Smith sends his thoughts and prayers to the people of Wuhan, China who are fighting against COVID-19.


Officials pay silent tribute to medics, patients in Wuhan

Officials have paid a silent tribute to medics and patients who lost their lives during the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak. The medical staff have been working continuously at the front lines, and they have displayed a strong sense of love and kindness, Ding Xiangyang, deputy secretary-general of the State Council, or the cabinet, said at a press conference Thursday in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak in central Chinas Hubei Province.(Produced by intern Huang Jingkun)


Say no to discrimination amid virus battle

Discrimination against Chinese people has spread around the world amid the fight against COVID-19. Raz from Y-China, an institute posting a series of short videos on Chinese social media showing how foreigners live and experience life in China, made this video to show news related to discrimination.It has interviews with the people involved, and an explanation of some of the incidents.The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the author and do not reflect the policy or position of the People Daily.(Source: Y-China; Compiled by Zhu Yurou)


A medley of support: foreigners worldwide encourage China through songs

From schoolchildren to musicians, foreigners across the world sing songs to stand in solidarity with China in the fight against COVID-19. Lets listen to the beautiful medley of the songs.(Produced by Zhao Wenyu)


Chinese vloggers show how they used the things around them to exercise

In order to exercise at home during the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese vloggers have shot videos showing how they used the things around them to exercise.Lets take a look!(Produced by Huang Jingkun, source from Kwai)


Exclusive video: What it's like to live in Beijing amid the epidemic?

Many foreigners continue to live and work in Beijing, as China has adopted stringent measures to combat the novel coronavirus. Have their lives been affected by the epidemic? How do they buy daily necessities? Are all their favorite shops and supermarkets still open as usual? Watch the video.


US students support China through mandarin song

Students at the Intercultural Montessori Language School in Chicago’s West Loop are practicing a song they plan to send to Wuhan, China, in order to support people whose lives are affected by the COVID-19.“The song is about praying for the people,” Ms. Xiang, a teacher at the school, said.Many students have been speaking Chinese since they were three years old. The song will be sent to the Consulate of China in Chicago and spread to China.Chick on the video to see more heartwarming messages through the song.(Video source via Twitter)


Chinese are not virus, COVID-19 epidemic is human tragedy: HK vlogger

Pearl Poon, a Hong Kong vlogger, posted a video on her social media account to express anger and disagreement over the discrimination many foreigners held towards the Chinese and other Asians.She shared her recent experience of traveling in Europe with her family. "Staff at the stores were unwilling to serve my parents due to their Asian looks and would not even come close to them like they are some sort of virus, coronavirus I guess," Poon said in the video.Poon added that many Asians are being harassed and abused just by their looks or even because they wear surgical masks. "People seem to have put a whole race behind this virus and its exposing all these prejudices towards Chinese people or at least anyone who looks Chinese," she noted.Despite the fact that the COVID-19 emerged in China, there is no reason to vilify all Chinese people that all Chinese are contagious, Poon said in the video. She also listed the measures that the Chinese government has taken, including building hospitals and medical facilities in a relatively short period of time and massive quarantine of millions of residents, to curb the spread of the virus."It has been a human tragedy. So please everyone, do not let your fear breed racism, intolerance, or hatred," she said. Now watch the video for more details.(Video source: Sina Weibo account of Pearl Poon; text compiled by Han Xiaomeng)


Aerial view of Wuhan: Sunshine sparkles after snow

Everything makes way for life.No fear of the cold wind and snow.No fear of the distant journey.Different occupations and different places.The same land and the same sky.Here thousands of household lights still shine.The sunset is still gorgeous.Just wait till spring blooms.Streets are full of life.Traffic flows over the bridge.Whistles blow across the river.Wewill meet here again.Wuhan, we will wait for you!Produced by Peoples Daily New Media Center 8KRAWFilmed by PaWn Daxie and Liao XiangyuPost-production by XCXCXXCCHINA、An RanScripts by Lu YouyuanPlanned by Wang YuanzongSubtitled by Yan YiqiaoTranslated by Ni TaoBGM: Prayer-One Hundred Years


Healing patients: A doctor's most important virtue

Zhang Zhongde was an emergency room doctor and became infected during the fight against SARS in 2003. After recovering, he has since been involved in many major public health incidents. In 2020, he led his traditional Chinese medicine team to Wuhan to fight the novel coronavirus epidemic.


American singer sings China's national anthem to encourage Chinese people

American singer Mary Millben sang " March of the Volunteers", Chinasnational anthemto encourage China in fight against the novel coronavirus.She expressed heartfelt sadness for China with the outbreak of the coronavirus. The spirit of the Chinese peoples fight against the disease reminds her of the lyrics in the “March of the Volunteers”,"Brave the enemys fire, March on! March on! March on!"She wishes the Chinese people can step out of the haze of the epidemic as soon as possible.(Compiled by Yan Yiqiao)


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